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"Der SPIEGEL wird seinen neuen Autor im Auge behalten: Während sein Bericht in diesem Heft beginnt, reist Irving schon wieder durch Deutschland, um Material für eine neue Dokumentation zusammenzutragen"
Der Spiegel, Germany's leading news magazine, in 1965

". . . a British historian, David Irving, perhaps the greatest living authority on the Nazi era . . ." Stephen Spender, New York Times Review of Books [full text]

"SUCH PEOPLE AS David Irving have an indispensable part in the historical enterprise, and we dare not disregard their views." Professor Gordon C Craig, The New York Review of Books, September 19, 1996.

"ES IST EIN GLÜCK für uns . . . einen Irving zu haben, der den Historikern zumindest neue Anstöße gibt." Professor Hans Mommsen, Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, 1978: now see his panic! Charakterschweine gibt es ja überall.

"FOR BETTER or for worse . . . the best known historians of the Nazi era are now [Daniel] Goldhagen and the British writer David Irving."-- Holocaust and Genocide Studies, vol. 11, no. 3 (Oxford University Press, in association with U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum).

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Torpedo Running

Torpedo Running, a 1985 biographical brochure.

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at Chicago
David Irving hosted a farewell dinner at the Hilton Chicago before returning to Windsor, UK

David Irving talks on the campus of Harvard University

David Irving speaking in Phoenix, Arizona

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Torpedo Running. A 1985 biographical brochure about Mr Irving (and his 1983 role in exposing the Fake Hitler Diaries scandal)

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