Democratic Germany's Disgrace

THIS WEBSITE knows that the following are in need of Christian sustenance, for the brave fight that they or their loved ones put up for the cause of Free Speech and scientific inquiry. If our visitors know of others who are suffering, please contact us. [For the latest victims click here.] [Now read the German Government's 1998 Attempt to Justify its Suppression of Free Speech and their replies to Britons who have protested about this violation of free speech].

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Original Colour photograph from David Irving: Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich (picture by Walter Frentz)



Remer's widow has written to us. Read her letter.

Anneliese Remer

The widow of Otto-Ernst Remer, highly decorated German army general, who died in her arms aged 86 in exile on October 4, 1997:

RemerAnneliese Remer
Ap. De Correos 251
E 29600 Marbella (Spain)

The German government stepped in to forbid the funeral ceremony in Germany, in case the traditional soldier's lament (Ich hatt' einen Kameraden) was sung. On November 4, 1997 the German government cancelled pension payments to the general's widow.

Udo Walendy
Continued jail ordeal of German
publisher Udo Walendy

Margarete Walendy

The wife of publisher Udo Walendy, (left), who has been imprisoned by the Germans -- as the judge shamefully announced, not for what he had said, but for what he had "left unsaid."

Dipl. Pol. Margarete Walendy
Roermonder Strasse 279
Villa Brandts
41068 Mönchen Gladbach (Germany)

[A German-language dossier on the Walendy case]

More facts (in German) about the case:
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Write to him in prison:

Dipl. Pol. Udo Walendy
JVA, Gartenstr. 26
D-48147 Münster

Günter Deckert

ex-schoolmaster and father of a young family, now serving his fifth year in prison in Germany for interpreting the scientific lecture by execution technology consultant Fred Leuchter in 1990, and for chairing a lecture by British writer David Irving at Weinheim in 1991. Several Britons have protested to the German embassy about this violation of free speech. His address in prison is:

Günter Deckert - politischer Häftling -
Schönbornstrasse 32
76646 Bruchsal (Germany).

 Günter Deckert

Pray not only for the innocent victims of war, of "Innocenticide," but also for these brave souls, write to them, and send them the means to continue to survive in the face of persecution.
THIS WEBSITE also asks its visitors not to forget this elderly victim of injustice:

PriebkeErich Priebke

was a wartime German officer in Italy. Now eighty years old, he was acquitted on August 1, 1996 by an Italian court on charges relating to his minor role in the wartime Nazi shooting of hostages after communist partisans ambushed and killed a German army patrol in Rome. Priebke was put on trial again after a public outcry, and sentenced to five years' imprisonment; taking his twenty months' prisoner of war internment into account, this would have resulted in his release later this year (1998). In 1998 however he was put on trial by a military court for a third time, and given a life sentence. He has written to us: "Would you be willing to help me?"

The reputable Italian body, Associazione Uomo e Libertà, asks that people around the world protest Priebke's case, writing to

Amnesty International,
International Secretariat,
1 Easton Street,
London WC1X 8DSJ
(fax: 0044 171 956 1157).

Letters of encouragement can be sent to

Erich Priebke
Policlinico Militare di Roma,
Piazza Celimontana 50,
I-00184, Roma, Italy.


[German-language dossier on the case]

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