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A Yelp from the ADL

Anti-Defamation League lawyers threaten us if we do not remove this ADL symbol from our site.

THIS WEBSITE received on May 28, 1998 a letter from Barbara S. Wahl, of Arent Fox Attorneys, Washington DC (by FedEx courier) purporting to represent the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL), complaining that we have reproduced their logo (above) as an illustration to items on this website.

She has also written to this Website's ISP (server) in Milton Keynes, Powernet UK Ltd., in an attempt to put pressure on them.

FoxmanTHIS WEBSITE COMMENTS: If the daylight of public exposure on the Internet hurts his eyes, the ADL's New-York based chief Mr. Abraham H. Foxman (left) should slink back into his hide.
We'll keep you posted...

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