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Autobiography draft
updated Sunday, July 29, 2007 12:14 am
What the Real Experts Wrote about David Irving

Again: Please work on only the most recently uploaded version of each chapter. These chapters are being updated on an almost daily basis.

 1. Introduction
 2. The Ring
 6. Pure Math
 7. Burning Bright
 8. The Publisher
 9: TheTranscript of an Execution
10. The Gentle Obsession
12. The Scoop
14. Hochhuth, a Child of the Arts
15. The Pen
16. A Stranger Invades our Household
17. A Little Airplane Accident
18. Don't Drop it!
19. As Eva Said to Adolf
20. The Box on the Back Seat
21. The Eva Papers
22. In the Soup (Albert Speer)
 26. A Piece of String (now extended)

Loose fragment:

The Fair Sex
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THESE files are privileged and copyright. They are not publicly linked, and I am giving access certain friends on trust that they will not disseminate these pages to others until the book is published. Pages are not yet properly designed or typographically completed. Pagination and chapter-numbers are notional. Spellings and usages are sometimes UK and sometimes US; brief foreign texts have not yet been translated. Some bits marked (••) need special checking. The chapters will not be posted here in sequence, but as and when I feel they are worth submitting to my friends. They may yet be amended one way or another, particularly on legal advice and further editing will occur, particularly when my complete diaries are returned to me. Suggestions made by you, my editorial group, will not immediately appear, but a few days later -- if accepted!