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AY of Maryland writes of Goebbels: “The last two chapters were gripping!” – 'I just finished Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, it’s a masterpiece.' –
“I have just finished Goebbels,” writes Francis H of S
weden, “and it was a pure joy"
. JM of Huddersfield,UK, writes: “I have just read Churchill's War, Vols. I & II and enjoyed them immensely. Fabulous.”

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True Himmler David Irving’s Hitler’s War, 985 pages, is a new edition with more unpublished photographs including many in colour. “Thank you for shipping to me the absolutely beautiful edition of Hitler’s War, which arrived today”– Jim S. “I just came in from work to find my books delivered already. Thank you so much for your excellent service” says customer Barney M. – Glenn S. says: “A very impressive looking book (and heavy!) with nice photo sections."
J A writes: “After getting True Himmler, I have not been able to put it down.” Marcus Gr. wrote: “True Himmler has arrived today. Very nice picture section, esp. the rare colour photographs." David McD. wrote from Canberra: "True Himmler book arrived in excellent order. I tried the Longerich bio but found it heavy going.” Travis I. writes: “I'm on page 295 now of True Himmler and it is quite a masterpiece. Wonderful work. Congrats and thank you. Your talent is incredible” John MacM. writes: “Tightly bound, nice blue cover, colorful dust jacket,wonderful photo section! Text thus far - David’s much appreciated, old style British wit and verve - they just don’t write like this anymore." DF of Dublin, Ireland, writes: “It arrived and it looks fabulous. Two chapters in, and already I'm engrossed just as I knew I would be. Photographs look stunningly original. A book to cherish” “CP writes:“The Collector’s Edition of True Himmler arrived today ... a thing of beauty and will have pride of place upon my book shelf. Thank you very much. I have begun reading the book, afraid to rush it and end too soon...” To which, Prof. KS adds: “The very first chapter of your book on Himmler shows your incredible research ability.” JF writes: “I've just received Churchill’s War, vols. 1 and 2, many thanks, the quality is outstanding”

      Churchill’s War, Vol. III, The Sundered Dream, will be published in December 2023. Delays were caused by Adobe software. Please be patient until then. It will be worth it.



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Mustn’t criticise Jews         Anti-Semitism of top European Court judge exposed thejc

Jews immune, rules Dutch supreme court        Dutch supreme court: Israeli military immune from prosecution in Netherlands– Reuters

Another “blood libel”        Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite Pædophiles; Russia Is Saving the Children thepeoplesvoice

How dare he        This prominent Greek “neo-Nazi” is running for Mayor of Athens — from jail jta

Who woulda thunk it        Yevgeny Prigozhin, Russian warlord, presumed dead in plane crash, was of Jewish descent forward | Putin breaks silence on death of ‘traitor’news.com

Daddy was right          My Mother’s “Holocaust” Secret Changed My LifeAish          “My dear [non-Jewish] papa went on to say, “The Jews, they are all communists. They were responsible for the deaths of many of my friends. They never had real jobs, only money lenders.”

Austrian logic        Absurdes Hitler-HausKronenzeitung

Defund Israel        Cutting U.S. Aid to Israel Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enoughthenation

We demand more censorship        Federal “Nazi” symbol ban too narrow and won’t work: key Jewish groupsmh

Shoot him          Auschwitz museum bashes Elon Musk for severely curbing ‘block’ feature on Xtimesofisrael

Some historian        “Historian” Richard J. Evans: ‘Putin’s goals are very ambitious; Hitler’s had no limits’elpais

Favourite movie        Was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Adolf Hitler’s favourite film? Why did Nazi leader love the Disney classic– nationalworld

Sprouting everwhere       gA Holocaust museum is launching in Fortnite. Can video games fight anti-Semitismjpost

How to be          How to be a neo-Nazi or a White Supremacist Suspecttheoccidentalobserver

Slimy business        Zionist Agents Drove Mass Jewish Exodus From Arab Countries, According To Israeli Historian, Prof Avi Slimethelastamericanvagabond

No more flying-bombs          Deutsche gegen Marschflugkörper für Ukraine | Germany: “Far-right” rallies more than triple in early 2023 Deutsche Welle [Note: Deutsche Welle is a paid propaganda outlet of the “German” Government, I.e. USA]

Robert Kennedy, Jr          American Pravda: Why the [US] Media Fear RFK Jr., by Ron Unz – Investigating the Sounds of Silence– unz

Can Jews tell porkies?          Jewish Teen who tried to use fake IDs accuses 5-star hotel in New York of anti-Semitism– israel national news

That’s real Sippenhass            A vicious article by a left-wing Spanish daily, El País. Višnja Pavelic: The daughter of a Croatian dictator who lived as a recluse in Madrid

Imperial Legend          Ridley Scott, Hitler, and Napoleon: Chipping Away at the Imperial Legend europeanconservative

Real history          An interview with Lina Heydrich, widow of Reinhard Heydrich, murdered by the Allies in June 1942mourningtheancient

Ouch, that hurts          [Jewish] FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried headed for jail after [Jewish] US judge [Judge Lewis Kaplan] revokes bail, by Luc Cohen and Jody Godoy SMH          31-year-old former billionaire faces charges of having stolen billions of dollars in FTX customer funds to plug losses at his Alameda Research hedge fund

Goodbye NATO and good riddance        A Miserable End of the Ukraine Fiasco faces the hapless Western Allianceeuroperenaissance

“Survivor” story          [Nechama Tec] survived the “Holocaust” in Lublin [Poland] and became a scholar and symbol of Jewish resilience and resistanceforward

Illegal warfare         Syria’s Assad claims Israeli airstrikes target Syrian forces, using Iran as ‘excuse’timesofisrael

We still like him          George Orwell’s view on anti-Semitism was not Orwellian - jns

Says Aussie Foreign Minister        Australia will refer to West Bank as ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’ in policy changeforward

His Mother slept around: Just like a Jew        The Secret Jewish History of Robbie Robertson and The Bandforward        Yet another music celebrity that was a secret Jew

Russians want the Boers          ‘African village’ to be built in Russia rt          The Russians have chosen the Boers, he sturdiest immgrants they can. The project is a part of a five-year pilot program to settle thousands of migrants from South Africa.

Don’t they know that’s forbidden        Swedish book retailer [Adlibris] publishes copy praising Adolf Hitlerthelocal.se

They can shiver in the dark        Our parents shunned Volkswagen and Mercedes — is it time for Jews to give up their Teslas?forward            “.... the Tesla is paid off and almost never needs repair. It’s about symbolism. Tesla is Musk and Musk is an alt-right troll with, at best, a gaping blind spot for anti-Semitism.

The ADL reports       Anti-Semitism” and Radical Anti-Israel Bias on the Political Left in Europe adl

President Biden likes bananas           Alan Dershowitz: Trump Indictment Makes America ‘Look Like Banana Republic Land’ infowars

Adolf Hitler’s Gamble          How he Outwitted the Allies and Mussolini”YouTube

Mustn’t say that          German “anti-Semitism” czar says calling Israel “apartheid state” is antisemitichaaretz

or that          France moves to ban far-right Catholic party Civitas for antisemitism timesofisrael            after speaker at party seminar suggested Jews should not be allowed to become French citizens

We’re not guilty despite our noses          “Oppenheimer,” “Golda,” “Maestro”: Will the Real Jewish Actors Please Stand Up? LAmag

Trainwreck news          Donald Trump, Eugene Debs, and AMLO, by Ron Unz. The American Political System as Laughingstock or Trainwreck– unz

New version: Ghislaine wasn’t one of us        Ghislaine Maxwell said receiving prison benefits by touting Jewish heritagetimesofisrael           “Maxwell, whose father was Jewish, did not publicly identify as Jewish previously and is not considered Jewish under traditional Jewish law.”

Death by Jews        Syria says four soldiers killed in alleged Israeli airstrike on Damascus– timesofisrael

Serial killer          LBJ was involved in multiple criminal activities, murders (including JFK) and graft– YouTube

Bring him down          [Jewish] Jamie Seidel: Elon Musk blocks Ukraine drone strike on Russia– news.com; based on New York Times

FBI too, and MI5?          CIA moderating Wikipedia says former editor [and co-founder]rt

It helps us wise up          What effect did Zionism have on global anti-Semitism?– jpost

What kind would that be, George?            When [Jewish] George Soros Admitted Seeing Himself "As Some Kind Of God”– zerohedge

Don’t hold your breath, Ron         Ron DeSantis promises to combat anti-Semitism if elected President– wmur

Ukraine broken            MacGregor says, army is now broken; Ukrainian soldiers have been used as cannon-fodder to meet the needs of NATO and the United StatesYouTube

Jews lie only when they have to            Historian Yehuda Bauer: Israel’s own politicians add to global Holocaust distortion timesofisrael

It’s in their blood        Israeli Jew raped British woman in Greece as friends filmedjpost

The truth is painful          Australia: “The Jews are behind the Voice!”AIJAC          “.... extremist voices emanating mainly from far-right groups are similarly multiplying on social media, making racist claims that the Voice is a conspiracy concocted by Jews.”

A real hero          Holt Hartmann von Himmel: The Erich Hartmann StoryForgotten History, YouTube

Where do we stand          Why can’t the AfD work out where it stands on Europe?– spectator

A German Phenomenon          Fake Jews Bash Israel And Spread Anti-Semitism - I24NEWS

Helping the fascists          Governments in Victoria, South Australia and Canberra have in the past year pledged grants
to Croatian clubs that display pictures of Ustasha dictator Ante Pavelic

More whining          Jacob Kornbluh: Elon Musk reinstated Kanye West’s Twitter account. Jewish groups are not happy.

Problem solved          Does Ukraine really have a “neo-Nazi” problem? U.S. officials won't sayforward

Are they Black          Are Jews white? Confusion mars policies on affirmative action forward

Shouldn’t say that        “Miss Hitler” among 12 facing trial for “anti-Semitic” posts ansa.it          Twelve Italians face a possible trial for allegedly posting anti-Semitic propaganda denying the existence of the “Holocaust” and calling the “Nazi” gas-chambers “the biggest lie in history”, sources said Friday.

Calling out        Teachers who called out far-right activities at German school face threats euro news
— so, Morgenthau is slowly taking effect

That’s one smart Russian missile        Russian missile strike caused “significant damage” to Hillel International’s offices in Odessa, Ukraine on Sunday– jta

Wicked, wicked libel             Officials at the Auschwitz-Birkenau [Jewish] Memorial and Museum in Poland have criticized Fox News host Greg Gutfeld for saying that Jews survived “Nazi” concentration camps by being “useful”nbc        

It’s past time        Philip Giraldi: It’s Past Time to be Honest About Israelunz        The deliberate corruption of American democracy by a foreign state must end–

Starting WW3          Does this Admiral understand that what he is proposing, is starting WW III?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.          and the Great Unmentionables, by Ron Unz unz

Banks under pressure          German Bank Agrees to “Return” a Kandinsky to Heirs of a Jewish Familynytimes

Man of honour        Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., Newsletter Features Website That Calls for Readers to ‘Stand up for Hitler’: Report. The website contains anti-Semitic language, conspiracy theories about Jewish people, and reposts “Neo-Nazi” blogs

NKVD          Proof that the 1941 Lviv ‘Pogrom’ by NKVD Was Retaliation Against Jews For Orchestrating ‘Red Terror’ In Ukraine

The French Riots             The French Riots and the Jews tabletmag

Shocking song          Anti-feminist “influencer” releases Nick Fuentes-inspired anti-Semitic song jpost

Who’s a Jew          Nigel Planer: “My father hid that he was Jewish until his 70s” | The Secret Origin of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

That’s just like Trump     Spain’s right-wing party ahead in election tally but remains short of majority– smh

Nick Kollerstrom          Judaism as a Self-Terminating Religion unz

Treachery        The shadow of the British “Valkyrie” plot on July 20 to kill Adolf Hitler still haunts Germany– spectator

Sacklers          The Jewish Museum profiled the 19h century Version of the Sacklers– and glossed over the devastation that they caused– forward

Don’t let them think for themselves        What is Austria’s (“Nazi”) prohibition law and how is it about to change?thelocal

Perfidious Albion        Leaked files suggest hidden British hand in latest Kerch Bridge strike

How to be a Jew            At the core of ‘Oppenheimer,’ a debate about how to be Jewishforward

War crime          War Graves Commission uncovers mass grave of “Nazi” prisoners executed in cold blood by Frenchstarconnectmedia

Explaining it away        The Jewish story behind ‘Oppenheimer,’ explained– jpost.

Ukraine torment, thanks to NATO        Explosions Rock Odessa For fourth Straight Night; Putin’s Kalibr Missiles Wreak Havoc In Crimea Revenge– brighteon

Ukraine “losing”        U.S. and U.K. Mass-Media Begin admitting “Ukraine is Losing; Territorial Concessions to Russia” and “The West Can Do No More!” Ukrainians could have saved thousands of lives, millions in population that left forever, ruin and giant territorial losses, had they ignored the bullshitting Bidens and used a little common sense. They were misused as cannon fodder by the West and allowed themselves to be abused. Shame on the West and the Judasses in Kiev who, for a few shillings, went along with this mortal betrayal of a long suffering people! We hope they will learn lessons: have Ukrainians make decisions in their national interest and not trust the BS from the west again... ever! We welcome the growing realism and acceptance of the inevitable- Hal Turner

That’s okay, then          U.S. confirms Israel isn’t a “racist or apartheid state”abcnews

It’s in their blood        Jacob Daskal, leader of Brooklyn Jewish crime-control group Shomrim pleads guilty to sexually abusing teenage girl ap

Philip Giraldi        A Bit of Political Theater in Vilniusunz

Let’s find out          White House blasts RFK Jr for “anti-Semitic” conspiracy theories reuters

Perfidious Albion again          Russia Accuses the US & [NATO-ally] Britain of Attacking the Crimean Bridge – Retribution will be Fast & Powerful| Hitler, Churchill, the Holocaust, and the War in Ukraine | "A Scott Ritter Investigation: Agent Zelensky - Part 1”YouTube

US cements the myth          “Holocaust denial” to become a specific crime in the Netherlands - DutchNews            “Dutch” law is to be expanded to specifically cover denying the “Holocaust” and other war crimes, the “Dutch” caretaker cabinet has decided. A survey by an American research group [ADL] showed 12% of Dutch adults believe the “Holocaust” was a myth and a further 9% are unsure.

Because it was a free trip?          Why Jeffrey Katzenberg and Rabbi Marvin Hier Journeyed to Jerusalem With a [1919] Letter From Hitlerhollywoodreporter

Take it seriously         U.S. Democratic chair[man] slams RFK Jr’s claims that COVID was engineered to spare Jews, Chinese ny post

Wake up, USA          The US must wake up and take anti-Semitism more seriously - opinionjpost

Far Right good news          Germany's far-right makes a comeback with first electoral victoryynet

Help, screams of          Foreign Mercenaries ran screaming at the sight of one Russian tank inUkraine – europerenaissance

Funny story          ‘Funny Girl’ national tour casts non-Jewish actor as Fanny Brice, reigniting ‘Jewface’ criticism– jta

Not at offence         The extradition hearing in Edinburgh, Scotland, of a “Holocaust denier” [Vincent Reynouard] wanted by authorities in France has been pushed back until later this year.          "Holocaust denial" is rightly not an offence in the U.K. and Scotland.

More cash for a lying Jewess        Key congressional committee raising cash for anti-Semitism monitor.    “[Deborah ‘Liar’] Lipstadt, who is a noted scholar of the Holocaust, needs the money..."          Really? 'Noted Scholar'? Has she published anything? (No.)

U.S. wants Jewish spy back          [President] Biden ‘serious’ on prisoner swap for U.S. [Jewish] reporter Evan Gershkovich [who is accused by Moscow of spying, like (also Jewish) Jonathan Pollard]– theguardian

Repurposing news               Obituary: How Milan Kundera embodied the Jewish spirit forward          “Kundera was inspired by Jewish creative spirits listed in a 1984 essay, including Sigmund Freud, Edmund Husserl, Gustav Mahler, Franz Kafka, poets Julius Zeyer and Tibor Déry, and novelists Joseph Roth and Danilo Kiš. ... Repurposing a Soviet bloc anti-Semitic codeword, implying that Jews as cosmopolitans were insufficiently patriotic, Kundera saw it as a
positive virtue that Israel became a ‘little homeland finally regained’”

Real History        "Adolf Hitler's First Year in Power” YouTube          The first Year of Hitler’s rule, emphasises his achievements and the anti-German propaganda from organised Jewry outside Germany.

Isn’t good enough          Roseanne Barr Screams at Piers Morgan That Zelensky Isn’t a ‘Good’ Jewmovies.yahoo.c

More myth-mongering         "The Blitz Myth" YouTube            asserts rightly that Churchill was a war monger and had no regard for the
British people

What was he up,to?         Did Yevgeny Prigozhin Really Lead an Armed Rebellion in Russia? – or was it possibly something quite different?– unz

A Jewish hireling          Man Who Desecrated Quran in Sweden was hired by Mossad, says Iran Intelligence Ministry

Mustn’t invite him        Arizona GOP student group to host “Holocaust-denier” Nick Fuentes at upcoming conferenceforward.com

Nobody wanted them          Dark history of Canada’s response to Jewish refugees during “Holocaust” jpost

Immigrants out          Violence in France ‘most serious’ since 2005 riots, AJC [American Jewish Committee] leaders say ejpress
“People are debating whether this is indicative of a broader problem within the police or simply an isolated and unfortunate event.” [No problem with the police. Could it be that the entire French public is getting tired of “immigrants”.]

Another word          First alleged “neo-Nazi” placed under [US-inspired] special terror powersbbc [Daniel De Simone, Jewish] learns

Outlawed          What are [illegal] cluster-bombs and why is US sending them to Ukraine? bbc

Or Donald Trump          Will France”s riots benefit far-right Le Pen?news.com.au

Jews interfering with elections        Glastonbury Festival cancels screening of “The Big Lie” after [Jews complain]. Film is about how the Jews and Israel – interfering with UK Democracy – campaigned against Jeremy Corbyn, then leader of the U.K. Labour Party. Board of Deputies of British Jews says on Twitter: “We are pleased that in the wake of a letter we sent earlier today, @glastonbury have announced the cancellation of the screening of this film. Hateful conspiracy theories should have no place in our society.”– Twitter. According to Platform Films, the documentary claims Mr Corbyn was a victim of a “concerted smear campaign”, that current Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer [who has a Jewish wife] benefitted/

Behind the riots          The US [and UK] Government Is Responsible for France’s Anti-White Race Riotsunz

Slaughter history          A Slaughter of Jews in Ukraine tabletmag

End of English Christianity        Justin Welby [Archbishop of Canterbury]: Anti-Semitism is the root of all racismthejc          Jewish communities are a “gift” to the countries in which they live, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has said. “There is no question that a country with a large Jewish community will be a better country. It will flourish in almost any area you care to name,” the archbishop told a [Jewish] synagogue in London. Addressing the irrationality of anti-Semitism, he asked why Jewish communities were “seen as a problem, not as a gift.”

Greens to blame          ADL CEO [Jonathan Greenblatt]: British Green Party looking like next hub of anti-Semitism in UK politics- timesofisrael

A real warrior          How the EU anti-Semitism warrior became a defender of kosher slaughter, circumcision– timesofisrael

Israel and US Democracy        How the Israelis Meddled In the 2022 U.S. Midtermsunz

Must never quote him          Moms for Liberty chapter apologizes for quoting Hitler in its newsletterAP news

Or joke about him          Finland’s new economy minister in hot water for past Hitler joke, neo-Nazi ties

Mealy-mouthed        Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi and famous oligarch [Viktor Pinchuk] rally behind Zelenskyy, slam Putin's anti-Semitic comment – “it’s not about his nationality; it’s about Zelenskyy embodying the fight for freedom.”– yahoo

Money doesn’t talk          J P Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon avoids more questioning over Jeffrey Epstein nypost

Uproar on plane     Ryanair says flight attendant ‘mistakenly’ called destination ‘Palestine’ on flight to Tel Avivforward

Getting worried          "German" expert calls for stricter government ban on influential Russian Web site RT, "sounds alarm over RT's outreach". (Note: the RT Website cannot be reached from many European areas, it is banned by the "independent" BBC, which seemingly lost its independence in recent months) | BBC: Ryanair apologises for 'Tel Aviv in Palestine' flight row. Simon Wiesenthal Center demands apologies. “How would Ryanair react if their flight attendant on a flight to Dublin announced multiple times that passengers would soon be arriving in the UK?” (Actually Dublin was part of the UK until 1922, when Mr Churchill gave it up.

Not gay at all          A family that moved from Germany to Russia seeks the legal benefitseuroperenaissancee.  “The first wake-up call for me was in 2012 when I saw that an active policy to introduce LGBT values began at the school level.”

Another denier        Israeli diaspora minister denies that insults toward US official were directed at [Deborah “Liar”] Lipstadt– forward

They need cash          “Germany” okays $4.3 billion purchase of Israel’s Arrow 3 anti-missile system timesofisrael | “Germany” agrees to pay $1.4 billion in annual Holocaust reparations as survivors age– forward

We’re never safe          Even Jews Who Fled Safely Behind Soviet Lines Prior To WWII To Receive Millions In Holocaust Reparations From Germanychristiansfortruth

Election News          Kari Lake Attorney: Maricopa County's Chain of Custody Docs Show 18,000 Illegal Ballots Were Injected The Day After The Polls Closed In 2020The Gateway Pundit

Sloppy work        Despite James Comey Assurances, Vast Bulk of Weiner Laptop Emails Were Never Examined– RealClearInvestigations Hillary’s unchecked/insecure emails, as well as other emails such as Anthony Weiner’s weener pics,…NOT investigated as claimed by FBI

But Julius and Ethel were guilty        Donald Trump is accused of violating the Espionage Act — so were the Rosenbergs– forward

He was a criminal          Israeli Soldiers Shoot Dead Palestinian Two-Year-Old – While Blinken tells AIPAC of Team Biden's “iron clad” support
for Israel

Jewish involvement        Is Mel Gibson Making a Documentary on Child Sex Trafficking? What We Know– newsweek

Special honour        Intl. Special Envoys honored for defending Jews worldwide– jpost

Jew arrested for murder       Portland Anne Frank-impersonating drag queen trans activist arrested for murder in Virginia,USAthepostmillennial

Free speech in danger        [President] Biden launches new plan to censor criticism of Israel electronicintifada

Too many or too few        Peter Cohen May: “Nazi” symbols breakthrough in Australiaaustralianjewishnews.     Does that mean more, or less?ooops             Black Lives Matter's national organization will go bankrupt after plunging $8.5 million into the red while simultaneously handing multiple staff seven-figure salaries.

Who’s afraid of the wolf               French Minister of the Interior tells [U.S. President] Biden regime that ‘Islamist terrorism,’ not ‘white supremacism,’ is the biggest threat in Europe

Taken in again        White House plan to combat “anti-Semitism” needs to take on centuries of hatred, discrimination and even lynching in America, Pamela S Nadelltheconversation               an interesting article, but like the ADL completely fooled by Jewish Leo Frank’s murder of a Gentile child | “Holocaust Denial” Report Rates All Social Media Platforms Poorly jpost          The report’s introduction points out that even though the “Holocaust” is one of the most well-documented atrocities in history [like the guilt of child-rapist and -killer, Leo Frank, also?] | ADL scam        Ron Unz: The Leo Frank Case and the Origins of the ADL unz

Truth in making        "What Fake Democracies Look Like” YouTube

New owner        Adolf Hitler [Birth] house in Austria to be used for police human-rights training bbc            For decades the “Austrian” government rented the house from its former
owner, Gerlinde Pommer, in an attempt to stop “far-right tourism”

Say Sorry        A Deloitte employee was forced to issue apology after listing the “charismatic qualities” about “Nazi” leader Adolf Hitler in a bizarre LinkedIn post[Jewish]- by Max Aitchison

WW3 news          Top Israeli general says “action” is on horizon over Iran nuclear work

Bend over        Wikipedia disciplines editors in “Holocaust”-distortion disputejpost

Try less monitors        Anti-Semitic, “Holocaust-denying”, and Israel-hating content on social media jumped 180% over the past year, an online anti-Semitism monitor reports

What a surprise         Descendants of “Holocaust survivors” struggle for Czech citizenship          It seems that some Jews evaded the rules twice, and are now finding out the cost

Yet another Jewish spy        Fiddler on the Roof star Chaim Topol was actually a Mossad agent who went on daring missions around the world


True Himmler

(Photo left) The same everywhere, even during a Pandemic. Hasidic Jews in Stamford Hill, U.K., a Jewish area, block the street as they dance to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. Richard Ferrer, the editor of Jewish News, told The Sunday Times: “These things are ordained by God and the very essence of life itself”


* ASSHOL: “Association of Spurious Survivors of the “Holocaust” and Other Liars” | * AWPOW: Are we powerful or what | * HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR: somebody to whom nothing happened on the way the bank, like Hadassah Liebermann etc.


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David Irving finds
a crucial decoded document on Dresden's huge 1945 death toll

NOW AVAILABLE:The Memoirs of the Chief of Hitler's High Command


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