"There are many who believe that Irving builds some new shock to public belief into each book he writes. The other side of Irving makes him a most formidable opponent. . . . He has uncovered enormous quantities of private diaries and papers hidden from Allied investigators. And he has shown a combination of generosity and commercial acumen in their disposal."

Professor Donald Cameron Watt in The Sunday Times, August 13, 1989.

"Historian David Irving seems to produce controversy on every subject he writes about. . . . But even his opponents give Irving some admiration for his detailed research which almost always turns up some fresh collection of private papers and diaries which have long laid hidden. . . "

Mike Howard in The Argus Weekender, September 2, 1989.

"The fastidious may find Mr Irving's style vulgar. They will read on all the same, I guess, mesmerised by Mr Irving's narrative skill, by his prodigious researches, which have placed something fascinating, important, revealing or horrifying in almost every paragraph, and by his peculiar perspectives."

Colin Welch reviewing Göring in The Spectator, London, August 19, 1989.

 [Photo by David Gamble, for The Independent on Sunday]

"Irving has an extraordinary talent for digging up otherwise obscure Nazi sources.. . . He does have a real knack of penetrating the 'mind' of Nazism."

Professor Norman Stone in The New Statesman , August 18, 1989.

"The author is also a remarkable researcher who has the tenacity and ability to find unknown material in the most unlikely places, enabling him to shed new light on past heroes and enemies."

Historian James Rusbridger in Western Morning News, August 19, 1989.

"David Irving, a remarkable researcher, a brilliant discoverer of documents, and a skilful writer, tells the [Göring] story well. . . . "

Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper (Lord Dacre), in The Sunday Telegraph, August 20, 1989.

"Irving is a writer whose contempt for professional historians is well known."

George Christian in The Houston Chronicle, April 16, 1989

"Irving's research effort is awesome."

Professor Larry Thompson reviewing Göring in The Chicago Tribune, April 15, 1989.

"Irving is a historisches Trüffelschwein," said the Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archives) in a press release after he donated the Adolf Eichmann papers to them in January 1992 -- and the archives hinted darkly that he had "contacts to the political right wing" to thank for his good fortune in finding such nuggets.

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