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"The Trail of the Fox"

Biography of Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel


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What did Der Spiegel (left) have to say about the book (they serialised it from Aug. 17, 1978). A special editorial praised book and author.


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Some British Reviews of David Irving, THE TRAIL OF THE FOX (Weidenfeld, London, 1977).

1. The Oxford Mail, November 29th 1977 (Arthur A Wilkinson.)

2. The Scotsman, December 5th 1977 (Booklist)

3. The Bookseller, December 3rd 1977

4. West London Observer Newspapers, January 1st 1978.

5. Liverpool Daily Post, November 26th 1977 (Ivor Wynne Jones.)

6. British Book. News, February 1978.

7. Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies Journal, June 1978.

8. The Times, November 10th 1977 (Laurence Cotterell.)

9. Books and Bookmen, April 1978 (Ian Jacob.)

10. The Bookseller, 2nd July 1978.

11. Time and Tide, December 9th 1977.

12. Country Life, January 12th 1978 (Brian Montgomery.)

13. The Sunday Telegraph, January 15th 1978 (Sir Martin Lindsay.)

14. Sunday World, January 1st 1978.

15. West London Observer, January 5th 1978.,

16. The Northern Echo, January 27th 1978 (W.V.N.)

17. The Irish Times, January 29th, 1978.

18. The Sunday Times, November 13th 1977 (Michael Howard.)

19. The Bookseller, November 19th 1977.

20. The Irish Times, November 26th 1977 (Glen Hamilton.)

21. Manchester Evening News, November 10th 1977 (John Robert-Blunn.)

22. Grimsby Evening Telegraph, November 17th 1977 (J.C.W.)

23. The Birmingham Post, November 11th 1977 (Anthony Masters.) -

24. The Glasgow Herald, November 10th 1977 (James Holburn.)

25. The Bookseller, November 12th 1977.

26. The Birmingham Post, November 18th 1977 (John Simpson.)!

27. Western Daily Press (Norman Saunders.)

28. The Scotsman, November 10th 1977 (Michael Fry.)

29. BBC External Services (Radio), November 25th

1977 (Richard O'Rorke.)

30. The Economist November 13th 1077.

31. The Daily Express, November 10th 1977 (James Macmillan.)

32. The Daily Express, October 10th 1977 (John Rydon)

33. The Observer, November 1977 (Colin Cross.)

34. The Sunday Times, November 13th 1977 (Michael Howard.)

35. Reuters, November 1977.

36. Times Literary Supplement, November 11th 1977 (Ronald Lewin.)

37. The Daily Telegraph, November 214th 1977 (Brig. W.F.K. Thompson.)

38. The Bookseller, September 10th 1977.

39. The Guardian, November 10th 1977 (Terence Prittie.)

40. The Observer, November 20th 1977 (A.J.P. Taylor.)

41. The Sunday Times, November 13th 1977

41. The Daily Mail, November 10th 1977 (Correlli Barnett.)

42. The Yorkshire Post, November 11th 1977 (Sydney Burton.)

43. British Army Review, April 1978.

44. Soldier, February 1978.

Some North American Reviews of David Irving, THE TRAIL OF THE FOX (William Morrow Inc., NY, 1977).

1. The Province (Vancouver) --

reviewed by Len Taylor, November 28th 1977.

2. The New York Times, February 9th 1978 (Thomas Lask).

3. London (Ontario) Free Press, January 14th 1978 (George Kerr, a London freelancer) .

14. The Vancouver Sun , December 9th 1977.

5. The Toronto Star, December 17th 1977 (Margaret Macmillan, teacher of Modern History).

6. Calgary North Hill News (Alberta) December 13th 1977.

7. The Toronto Sun, December 11th 1977.

8. Kitchener Waterloo Record (Ontario), November 12th 1977 (Lloyd Bibby, staff writer).

9. Winnipeg Free Press (Canada), January 18th 1978 (Jack Tracy).

10. A.L.A. Booklist, 15th October 1977.

11. The Publishers Weekly (New York), August 15th 1977.

12. Midlands Business Journal, (Omaha, Nebraska) October 28th 1977 (Victor Hass).

13. The News and Observer (North Carolina), January 1st 1978 (David Gardner).

14. The Air Force Times (Washington) November 28th 1977 (Jim Tice).

15. The Birmingham News, January, 1978

THE Trail of the Fox [Biography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel]


General: by June 1988 the book had sold 62,703 hardback copies in Germany alone, with hundreds of thousands more in paperback.

"The Trail of the Fox is superb, a tour de force. Irving has done something quite remarkable. By showing us that Rommel was human and capable of mistakes like the rest of us, he somehow adds to the man's stature. A brilliant achievement and a major work." --Jack Higgins, author of The Eagle Has Landed

"Constantly exciting. . . consistently absorbing." --Publishers Weekly

"The most detailed personal history to date. . . A compelling portrait." --Kirkus Reviews

"It is the most thrilling war book I have ever read. It yanks Rommel out of the hazy aureole of legend and flings him down before us: Hungering for medals, escaping unscathed while a shell blows his comrade's back off, restaging whole battles for propagandists. I could no more stop reading this book than the French could stop Rommel's panzers." --David Kahn, Historian, author of The Codebreakers

"Sensational, gripping and devastating. . . A biographical milestone of the first order." --Colin Forbes, author of Avalanche Express

"A fascinating study of the brilliant Rommel. It enables the reader to experience the emotions of a warrior in battle." --Mark W. Clark, General, U.S. Army (retired)

"I am tremendously impressed. . . A superb character study and a fine work." --Matthew B. Ridgway, General, U.S. Army (retired)

"Against the background of the darkest period of German history, David Irving describes my father's life in a striking and lively fashion. He has taken a tremendous amount of material, most of it unknown, and powerfully shaped it. I myself learned a lot. I am convinced this book will find many readers and be discussed everywhere." --Manfred Rommel, Lord Mayor of Stuttgart, West Germany

"A brilliant biography, almost a great one." --Christian Science Monitor

"Excellent biography." --The New Yorker

"superb narrative history, rendered with an intimacy that transcends print. The central character is drawn with a skill no novelist would disdain. . . Mr. Irving has pictured Rommel in a harsh light, but he has combined his qualities, strengths, weaknesses, and vanities in such a way that he breathes life on every page." --Thomas Lask, New York Times

"One of the finest, freshest and most vigorous military biographies to appear since the war." --The Times

"Irving has gone after this glamour-encrusted figure with the zeal of an investigative reporter, tracking down dusty letters on two continents and interviewing every principal who survived. The result is a thrilling read." --Newsweek

"Most of Irving's books are big, solid works like this. All are well written, exciting, fun to read, and all contain new information based on sensational discoveries." --Stephen Ambrose, Washington Post Book World

"The scenes, the interplay, the back drop and the issues are nothing less than Shakespearean, and they are handled in a masterful fashion by one of the bravest and most diligent of modern historians." --San Diego Union

"Constantly exciting. . . consistently absorbing." --Publisher's Weekly

"A treat." --Business Week

"Highly recommended." --Library Journal

"Mr. Irving is probably dissatisfied with this book. It is far too uncontroversial. But his fellow historians can take nothing but pleasure in a work that adds so greatly to their knowledge of the period without setting their teeth on edge. And for the general public, it is a rattling good read." --Michael Howard, the Sunday Times

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