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David Irving:

Letter of Thanks to my Supporters


TO A RECENT contributor to the worldwide Fighting Fund which sustains his International Campaign for Real History, author David Irving wrote these words in February.

Sunday, February 22, 1998

THESE CONTRIBUTIONS are very important - until the day comes when I (one day) publish my memoirs, you can have no idea of how essentially I depend on this assistance to carry on the fight for free speech, and for what I call Real History. But there are more than enough tell-tale signs that my campaign is gradually eroding the opposition.
The major organisations of the Traditional Enemies of free speech - the Anti-Defamation League in the United States, and the Simon Wiesenthal Centres that are mushrooming like Macdonald's hamburger joints around the world are all pointing to the war they are waging to silence me as being their main campaign fund-raising activity.
It is rather an eerie feeling, standing at the eye of the storm and watching it gathering in fury against me from every point around the horizon.

My name is in the forefront, and through no fault of my own. Louis Farrakhan, the Black Muslim leader, applies to enter Australia: the Government allows him in, to the fury of the Jewish organisations: the entire Australian press then demands to know why in that case I cannot be allowed in to lecture, on considerably more peaceful topics than Mr Farrakhan.
I was given the chance to speak to the whole of Australia by satellite television and explain the difference between the two cases - namely, one of Colour. I have the misfortune, as I put it, to be born white. Reverse discrimination rules, even in Australia. My fourth daughter, who works in Australia, is well out of it - although even she tells me that last week there was a television satire on their television, in which I was derided.
I have however used the weeks since we last wrote to good effect. I am putting the finishing touches to my long-awaited Churchill's War vol. ii, and I have - thanks to the generosity of an English friend - set up a burgeoning Website on the computer Internet where, notwithstanding bigoted governments and visa bans, I can still speak to the world. Into this site I am over the next few weeks packing thousands of pages of documents which I shall then, by direct mail, invite journalists around the world to study.
The site is still under construction, but if you or a friend has access to a computer you can watch the site grow before your very eyes at (Focal Point Publications is the publishing enterprise which I set up, with great prescience, ten years ago.) I shall of course also allow my opponents access to its pages, so that if they feel I have maligned them, or written something wrong, they can write in and I will post their replies too.

That is the difference between the kind of person I am - and the kind of gentlemen they are. Unfortunately, some of them have already vented their spite and spleen at me across the electronic ether. One man with a German (not Jewish, I hasten to add) name says that he is trying to find me so he can kill me! He will find my skin tough enough to withstand the vilest vampire's teeth.
Meanwhile my battles in the law courts here continue - that is the immense struggle for which I am collecting the funds, to provide the bare means to survive. Deborah Lipstadt's lawyers, the notorious law firm of Mishcon de Reya, finally served her list of defence documents one hour before the due date last week. Her English publishers are running out of time. The Observer newspaper and their journalist Gita Sereny are in real difficulties with their defence against my other libel action.
In another, unrelated case a few days ago, when lawyers had me before a judge in an attempt to ruin me, they tried to serve papers on me outside the courtroom door - papers they should have served months before! - and then those lawyers, including a barrister, heard the judge, at my protest, lecture them that under English law it is wholly wrong to serve papers within the Law Courts. ("You are David Irving the historian, I take it," said the judge peering benignly over his spectacles. He knew the score all right.) He made them pay the entire costs of the day, as a punishment. Most of these people are going to regret the day that they ever tangled with me.
As in any bitter dog fight, I do not emerge unscathed from these battles, and the worst ones are still to come. My family and I suffer in the strain. My work is delayed. I am labouring with my fountain pen, or hunched over my typewriter and the fpp Website, all night - until six or seven in the morning some days. I am slimming down, as I need my energy for the months to come. A three month lecture tour of the United States is looming, beginning at the end of March. More Real History - large helpings of it, - are on the way!
Yours sincerely,

David Irving
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