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March 2005

Jews and the origins of Anti-Semitism




Free speech

Bush war against Iraq

Deborah Lipstadt Trial, and Auschwitz

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler "got the A-bomb first"

Adolf Hitler Book written for Stalin "found" (again)

[Index to items on Germany's ostracism of Rolf Hochhuth over his 40-year friendship with Mr Irving: see February 2005]

Ernst Zündel, revisionist, two years in Canadian jail in solitary confinement, is deported to jail in Germany


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: See special index on Deborah Lipstadt's attemts to pressure C-Span into not showing David Irving's Atlanta lecture, March 12, 2005


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism

Anna Le Blanc says reading Prof Richard 'Skunky' Evans' book on the Lipstadt trial made her read Irving's books -- so it did him a favour
Mr A Marques of Lisbon has arguments about the 1945 Dresden death toll
A S Marques is astonished, Sunday, March 27, 2005, by the Wyman Institute "petition" of historians
Grant Wild is puzzled that "they" now admit the Chelmno gas van photos are not real
Mike Reisch suggests that judges and prosecutors in the current wave of hate-trials against revisionists should be awarded a plaque in memory of the Nazi hanging judge Roland Freisler
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