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Posted Sunday, March 27, 2005

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If Holocaust deniers breach the laws and are convicted, tack on an additional sentence -- 1,000 hours community service as a tour guide at Dachau, Treblinka, Buchenwald, Auschwitz or Belzek.

Ottawa, Canada, Sunday, March 27, 2005

The anatomy of horror

By Pat MacAdam
For the Ottawa Sun

I was in the Mulroney residence in Westmount last September as a guest at Mila's surprise party for Brian [Mulroney former Canadian prime minister] on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his landslide 1984 victory.

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David Irving comments:

WE MAY raise our eyebrows at the spectacle of a Canadian judge discussing a case over which he is presiding with third parties at a convivial social gathering.
   But overlooking that for a moment, this article is riddled with popular myths and ignorant misconceptions (and I am not even talking about The Holocaust).
   The jocular tone of the judge suggests that his mind was already fixed, regardless of the evidence; it reminds us of the British Judge Sir Norman Birkett, who at Nuremberg in 1946 passed caustic and witty poems about former foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop to the prosecution bench during the war crimes trial, according to the private papers of US prosecutor Robert H Jackson which I researched for my book, "Nuremberg, the Last Battle".
   Such folks bring the entire judiciary into disrespect. The words "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" should stand over their courtroom, cast in the same iron as the words "Arbeit Macht frei" hoisted over the gates at Auschwitz.
   The writer dwells briefly on the scandalous events during the American liberation of the camp at Dachau. The facts are these: In the last days of World War II American troops lined up against a wall some 500 German regular troops (not SS) who had taken over duties at the wretched camp. It was filled with dying typhus victims.
   The troops, mostly youngsters, had formally surrendered. The Americans machine gunned them to death while cameras rolled. Unlike The Holocaust, there are vivid photos of the crime, and even a 16mm colour film, taken by the Americans themselves. It ill behooved Dwight D Eisenhower to boast of the crime later; the US Seventh Army recognized it as a war crime and conducted a lengthy secret investigation of the events that day.

I WOULD willingly serve a thousand hours as a tour guide at any of the camps this ignorant Schmierfink journalist mentions, but I think I would soon be yanked off the job for the Real History that I would find myself obliged to convey.
   In fact I am banned since 1998 from setting foot in Auschwitz to consult its archives and scrutinize its remains, just as the maths experts and other tricksters are turfed out of Bellaggio's in Las Vegas.
   Tourist money-spinners like Auschwitz and the big casinos just want the gullible and the losers to come.

Dachau: I believe I am right in saying that 27,000 of the 35,000 recorded in this article died in the camp after it was liberated and came into American hands. The murderous typhus epidemic raged on out of control. Perhaps it would not have started if the German pharmaceutical factories and transportation system had not been carpet-bombed out of existence. But that is another story.

One of the 100 invited quests was Federal Court Judge Pierre Blais, a former justice minister in the Mulroney government. At the time, Pierre was presiding over the lengthy Ernst Zündel hearing.

A couple of us were chatting with Pierre and we were all very circumspect about discussing a matter that was sub judice with a judge.

Either Charlie Mayer or Bill McKnight asked Pierre:
"Does Zündel appear in court every day?"
His answer was: "Every day!"
"Does he wear his yellow construction hard hat?"
Pierre rocked back and answered: "Not in my courtroom."
Good answer!

I thought, at the time that, by not emulating Pierre Blais' common sense approach, Canada's electronic and print media created a monster. Had the media ignored Zündel from Day 1, he would have been perceived as just another nutbar who just happened to own a soapbox and a yellow construction helmet.

Right to be ignored

Holocaust naysayers such as Zündel and David Irving have earned the right to be ignored. [Website: So why keep yattering on about them?]

Sometimes I have flashes of brilliance. The hamster isn't always asleep in the wheel. My advice to judges everywhere:

If Holocaust deniers and purveyors of hate literature breach the laws of any country and are convicted, tack on an additional sentence -- 1,000 hours community service as a tour guide at Dachau, Treblinka, Buchenwald, Auschwitz or Belzek.

The word "holocaust" goes back to the time of Ptolemy. The Greeks defined it as "an offering consumed by fire." In Hebrew, it means "burnt offering."

If there was no Holocaust, where did 6 million Jews disappear to during World War II? To Billy Butlin's summer camps in England?

What happened to 700,000 Jews who entered Treblinka, near Warsaw, and never came out alive? The 600,000 Jews in Belzek, Poland? The hundreds of thousands of Jews who were gassed and burned in the satellite camps of Auschwitz?

Are the captured records of the Einsatzgruppen, mobile killing units, fiction or forgeries? They document the murder of 34,000 Jews and political prisoners in two days in Kiev.

No Holocaust?

Go to Dachau as I did in 1980 with members of Parliament Gordon Towers, Ron Stewart and Charlie Mayer. We saw concrete slabs laid out in neat Teutonic symmetry. Once, there were wooden huts atop the slabs. [Website: The Americans didn't start building "concentration camps" -- that's what their records called them -- for the Japanese-Americans, in Minnesota and elsewhere, already in May 1941?]

We saw the row of furnaces -- doors agape -- still displaying some ashes of the 35,000 who died in Dachau. In other camps, the furnaces couldn't handle the volume. So, prisoners were shot in the back of the head and bulldozed into mass graves.

I don't have the most vivid of imaginations but when I was a few feet away from a furnace I swear I could still smell the unmistakable odour of burnt flesh.

Marguerite Higgins, a war correspondent with the New York Herald Tribune, was the first to report on Dachau. She wrote that a German guard, in dress uniform, "came forward to surrender" to the Americans. He gave the Nazi salute and barked, "Heil Hitler."

Shot rang out

She continued: "An American officer looked down and around at mounds of rotting corpses, at thousands of prisoners, shrouded in their own filth. He hesitated only a moment, then spat in the Nazi's face, snapping 'Schweinhund' before ordering him taken away. Moments later a shot rang out and the American officer was informed that there was no further need for (surrender) protocol."

General Dwight Eisenhower's laconic report read:

"Approximately 32,000 prisoners were liberated; 300 SS camp guards were quickly neutralized."

Many of the guards were summarily executed along with their guard dogs.

In Berlin, our German hosts, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Helmut Kohl's CDU Party, rolled out the red carpet for us.

The mayor of Berlin hosted a sumptuous luncheon. We stood in the West German Reichstag (Parliament) and looked down on "The Wall" and the killer no-man's strip dividing east and west.

One of our stops was at Plötzenzee in central Berlin. We were led into a one-story, red brick building that looked like an abandoned mill in New Hampshire. Plötzenzee was deceptive from outside. Inside were a guillotine, gallows with meat hooks and piano wire and conventional gallows with rope nooses. [Website: The Americans don't still execute? Canada didn't?]

Plotters executed

It was there that the plotters against Hitler and important political prisoners were executed.

Outside Plötzenzee was one of the most incongruous sights I have ever seen. It was a huge amphora -- an urn. We were told that the urn contained ashes of Jews from every known death camp.

Later that night, the Canadian ambassador had us at his residence for drinks. He was Pierre Trudeau's none-too-subtle jab at Germans. He was a Jew but also an extremely qualified and gifted diplomat [Website: Oops. "But"? Surely you mean "and"?].

MP Bob Coates, the ambassador and I were chatting outside on the patio when two Prussian type juniors from the Foreign Office, handkerchiefs up their sleeves, clicked their heels and joined us.

When I had my fill of their smarmy propaganda about Germany's rich history, I asked: "Tell me, what do your history books tell your school children about the Holocaust and the death camps."

It was like the day the cake of Ivory soap sank at the factory. The ambassador tried very hard not to laugh. Bob Coates almost split his ribs trying to suppress his laughter. He said later: "J.P., you have a way with words. Your question went over like a fart in a space suit."

The German diplomats blanched, clicked their heels and walked away. No, they didn't goose step.

I thought my first foray in international diplomacy went fairly well.


Our dossier on the Ernst Zündel case 
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DES-2-03 Decision rendered on February 24, 2005, IN THE MATTER OF A CERTIFICATE signed pursuant to subsection 77(1) of the IRPA and Ernst Zündel
Web site for followers of Zündel: www.Zü
Text of ruling:

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