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ZuendelErnst Zündel is a German-born former Canadian resident who has been persecuted first because of his revisionist history publishing, more recently because of a website which carries materials the German government considers to run counter to its own version of history. Until now he has never been convicted of any charge.
   He was forcibly removed from the USA in January 2003, where his wife Ingrid Rimland, an American citizen, lives; held for two years in solitary confinement without charge in a Canadian jail, on a spurious "security certificate" established in the post Sept 11 atmosphere of anti-terrorist hysteria; and deported in February 2005 after a Canadian judge held an extraordinary trial defying all known international legal procedures. Handed over to the German authorities, he has been in jail in Mannheim, Germany, ever since.
   Whatever ones views on history, the episode is a poor reflection on the German, Canadian, and US authorities, and their professed concern for free speech.]

From March 30 visits are allowed to Z. His address is Ernst Zündel, JVA, Herzogenriedstr. 111, D 68161 Mannheim, Germany. For visiting permission, write to the judge, Herr Schmelcher, c/o AG Mannheim (Haftrichter), Bismarck-Str. 14 (Schloß), D 68161 Mannheim, Germany

Update #2 on Ernst Zündel

Friday, March 25, 2005. Günter D. writes from Germany:

"I HAVE received a telephone report on a visit to Ernst, which took place yesterday in fact. The two ladies who visited him say that Ernst is in very good shape, considering the circumstances, in fact better that in Canada. He has already settled in. He has a jail cell to himself, and is permitted go outside for fresh air for an hour every day in the yard. He also has free periods. The Protestant clergyman has already paid a visit, he's not very impressed by him. He feels well looked after in every respect, and the meals are also good -- German cooking!

An official is present during the visit, yesterday's was very nice and friendly. One is not permitted to speak about any possible trial.

Attorney Rieger has not yet been to see him.

What Ernst needs are [German] postage stamps, particularly for letters to send abroad. For foreigners it is best to send him "International Reply Coupons" for air mail; these can be bought in any country's post office; he is permitted to received three in any one letter. Meanwhile he has already received painting brushes.

We can now also transfer money to his bank, particularly from a German bank account. The bank details are as follows:

JVA Mannheim / Ernst Zuendel (24.4.39) &endash;
Account No 4384755, Postbank Karlsruhe
BLZ 660 100 75.

German original:

Soeben habe ich einen Telefonbericht über den Besuch bei Ernst erhalten; der Termin war bereits gestern. - Ernst, so die beiden Damen, die ihn besucht haben, geht es den Umständen entsprechend, sehr gut, besser als in Kanada. Zudem hat er sich bereits "eingelebt". Er hat eine Einzelzelle und kann täglich eine Stunde in den Hof, um frische Luft zu schnappen. Daneben kann er auch an Freizeiten teilnehmen. - Der evangel. Pfarrer habe ihn bereits aufgesucht, begeistert von ihm sei er nicht.

Er fühlt sich in jeder Hinsicht zur Zeit gut betreut; auch das Essen schmeckt ihm: deutsche Küche!

Beim Besuch ist ein "Beamter" anwesend; der Gestrige sei sehr nett und freundlich gewesen. - Das Thema des möglichen Prozesses dürfe man nicht ansprechen.

RA Rieger war noch nicht bei ihm.

Was Ernst benötigt, sind Briefmarken, vor allem nach Übersee! Aus dem Ausland ist es das Beste, wenn man ihm den "internationalen Rückantwortschein" für Luftpostbriefe schickt, den man überall im Ausland kaufen kann; je drei in einem Brief dürfen geschickt werden. - Mittlerweile hat er bereits Malstifte erhalten.

Mittlerweile kann man ihm auch Geld überweisen, vorrangig von einem deutschen Konto. - Die Bankverbindung lautet: JVA Mannheim / Ernst Zündel (24.4.39) - Kto. 4384755, Postbank Karlsruhe, BLZ 660 100 75.



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