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Mike Reisch suggests, Friday, March 4, 2005, that judges and prosecutors in the current wave of hate-trials against revisionists should be awarded a plaque in memory of the Nazi hanging judge Roland Freisler.




I SUGGEST revisionists set up the Roland Freisler (right) Award for Judicial Excellence.

It could be handed out annually to prominent Judges and Staatsanwälte involved in high profile revisionist persecution trials. Canada's now famous Judge Pierre Blais, as well as Germany's public prosecutor Hans Heiko Klein would be outstanding nominees.

Mike Reisch

David Irving replies

AN excellent idea; I will ask an artist to design a plaque.

[Submissions of a suitable caricature nature, involving perhaps the fabled piano-wire/meathook execution scenes, but no Stars of David or other objectionable emblems, are invited: line art, 1200 dpi ]

At current rates, we may need to award more than one "Roland" per year.

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