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David Irving: Index to “A Radical’s Diary”


2013 listed in reverse sequence

David Irving, a Radical’s Diary, December 25, 2013: My ten-thousand mile speaking tour of the USA begins badly when I fly from London to Atlanta via Toronto – and Canada deports me yet again! Then a thief in Key West, USA, makes off with my computer. Police think it no coincidence. An infuriatingly incommunicative girl in Charlotte – and ‘Try saying that with your mouth full of spaghetti’.

September 30, 2013: we tour Hitler’s bunker headquarters in East Prussia and two of the four “Operation Reinhardt” sites.

David Irving (center) pauses yesterday for a photo of his international group outside the entrance to the Hitler's gigantic fortified bunker 2013

David Irving paused for a photo with his multi-national group outside the entrance to Adolf Hitler's gigantic fortified bunker at the Wolf's Layer in East Prussia, now in Poland. [Express interest in joining his 2014 tour. Next year's tour will include all four sinister "Operation Reinhard" sites]

Saturday, July 13, 2013 David Irving, A Radical's Diary: Elephant trekking; Far East bug takes Jessica down and worries me sick; MI6 and the Sarin nonsense; I am not an historian; Wikipedia's tilt; a grave in the Outback; the Dresden decode; a State Farm advert; what happened to Germany's Sarin gas, and why was Emmett Till's father executed in 1945? The Fred Leuchter report; and, return of a Prodigal Fifty

Friday, April 26, 2013: Jessica discovers Asia; Himmler shapes up; the smears and violence continue; Hitler's staff and childhood; a perplexing avalanche of fans and eulogies; shocking deaths of friends; is there no difference in Hebrew between semen and excrement? iconic photos I have found; Robert Harris, Jeremy Paxman, and I; strange nocturnal calls from the Pacific north-west; our Wolf's Lair tour is filling; now Germany pirates my Hitler's War; the Curse of Irving strikes again; where dreams go

Thursday, February 14, 2013: Australia again refuses me a visa; candid photos taken by Hitler's adjutant; we recall the 1983 fake Hitler Diaries scandal for German TV; our disgust at an unBritish posthumous lynching – Jimmy Saville; the hatred of the gun-worshippers; a thirty-thousand dollar check fails, and a father's sorrow trumps ours


December 31, 2012: A warning to rioters; laying a wreath at Auschwitz; how Hess died; what will become of hacker Jeremy Hammond; an ignorant German diplomat in Ottawa; old friends in New Zealand; America's flags at half mast, and a crazed Gun Lobby pours hate on me; further desecration of Hitler-parents' grave; the historian and the hod-carrier, and who stole my Hitler sketch?

Sunday, December 2, 2012: My US speaking tour concludes with violent scenes. To spray or not to spray? We research enemy identities and tactics. Snow. "Free" Germany fines me $10K for two days' research on their soil (an East German historian has denounced me). On waitresses and other women. Big companies are still stealing my books

Friday, November 9, 2012: The Hell that is Vegas; my rudeness loses friends; we secretly view the Rommel film, but a Stuttgart court disbelieves I own my own book about him; Barnes & Noble are also pirating my books; Red violence in the Pacific north-west USA; Europe forces Germany to lift the ban on me, but it seems Germany has fined me ten thousand dollars under its Freedom of Movement laws - for a two-day visit in 2010; encounters with two scamsters, one at a gas station; on 'recreational drugs' and 'experimenting'

Wednesday, October 24, 2012: Our speaking tour continues into Texas, California; the Portland enemy huffs, puffs; Jae's friends ask where she is - we don't rightly know; "Rommel" film company refuses to show script despite our court order; we start proceedings against Germany SWR TV channel; Hitler's missing Jul 1944 uniform; the Phoenix gang fails to find me

October 1, 2012: Thwarting our enemies; through the Tunnel to speak in Belgium; the US tour begins; posting a bond in Potsdam takes us right down to the wire; Picasso's Guernica; our US tour begins

September 7, 2012 : Torrent of fan-mail mystifies me; a fan doubts Wikipedia's impartiality; the Piranha returns; driving back to England, and Knickebein; opaque roadsigns in Basque country; revelations about Himmler, dandelions, and the Nuremberg Laws; Fegelein, Eichmann, and Hitler's missing tunic. In John Laing's concrete gang

August 23, 2012: Finns shocked by a Black Mannerheim; an old encounter with Sir Michael Edwards of British Leyland; Berlin vs. Marbella; the mixed delights of parenting teenage girls; the 1942 Dieppe raid; and why we forgive Julian Assenge and Wikileaks for publishing our hacked emails

August 15, 2012 ; Stung by jelly fish - and the boss of MI6; fixing a broken car window; wealth no substitute for character; a nosebleed in Madrid; Goebbels' love-letters and early diaries are found

August 7, 2012 Writers clash with Deborah Lipstadt and her hired historian "Skunky" Evans, and how much the one paid the other; Jessica goes to Denmark; John Keegan, another non-conformist historian; Nietzsche on memory and conscience, and the "Rommel" screenwriter boasts of plagiarism

July 29, 2012: An Ancient-Brit's mono-ethnic view as Blacks take over our banks and our self-denigrating Olympics opening ceremony. Germany tries to prosecute me all over again. Our boxes of books are still on the lam. The murder of our former bookstore manager. I remind an Indian of what they owe to our Empire. End of a forty year search for Eva Braun's papers?

July 17, 2012: The young are asking for Real History; Gerald Gable's friends have sanitised the Wikipedia entry on this Jewish burglar; my advert for a new driver brings some queer results; my missing books have turned up; uh, no, then haven't

July 1, 2012: A computer malfunction wipes out my New York meeting. My US tour on "Himmler" ends. In London, Blacks mug my daughter. Allen Dulles, unintended nemesis of the Hitler traitors. I acquire 50,000 pages of Himmler files captured by the KGB

June 16, 2012: The US tour continues; despite several attempts, the thugs hired by the traditional enemy fail to land a glove on me

June 1, 2012: The US tour continues; we report a shyster lawyer; the Speer 'memoirs'; Mount Rushmore; Himmler's daughter and adjutant; three books in the pipeline; the weak US codes & cyphers; our own security

May 12, 2012: Search for missing books; the big US tour begins; Facebook wars; replies to students around the world; more on the American hotel-breakfast ordeal

Saturday, April 28, 2012: Mail tampering by friend and foe; a pretentious fake-Asian chef annoys yet again; Facebook revived; my "Uprising" files are lost; fans write from Israel and Russia; and, telling the truth to an eighth-grader

Tuesday, April 10, 2012: when 10,000 died in two shipwrecks in 1945; how Ernst Röhm died; racism and building the Panama Canal; Jaenelle Antas and the missing autographs; Günter Grass puts his foot in it; and the stores are full of Happy Passover cards

Friday, March 30, 2012: An Austrian priest has dismantled the grave of Hitler's parents (but a tree still marks the spot)   

Sunday, March 25, 2012: Libel tourism, setting up our US tour, Germany's permanent ban, more on the Dresden deathroll, theft of a historic Röhm putsch album, replies to hate-mail, US Immigration ordeal, and The Piranha's surprise reincarnation

Monday, February 27, 2012 : Night of the Long Knives; my Black secretary contacts me after 30 years; Beatrice posts an art gallery of my mother; Bente and the Bentley; our London talk on Churchill

Saturday, February 11, 2012: how many died in the 1945 Dresden firestorm; we unlock our storage units in Indy; Karl Wolff's treachery; still no David Irving eBooks, why not?

Thursday, February 3, 2000: that "Nazi" smear has its advantages; a rare document - the Dragon's Teeth of Hitler's Party; I educate an Australian about "Skunky" Evans and historians; we call for prosecution of German TV over violation of my copyright

Jan 24, 1942: damaged bookstore and I are both recovering; an unfortunate remark about a carpentry shop; more stolen Himmler items, and Hitler art; a Jewish politician talks about my "crimes"

Jan 17, 2012: One hip in the grave; morphine on Göring's birthday; death of top lawyer David Hirst and memories of a sinister libel cabal; questions answered about Dresden and Auschwitz

Jan 10, 2012: We learn to walk, get more books from the printers, and feel generally sorry for ourselves

Jan 2, 2012: our bookstore recovers; our coming tour of the Nazi HQs in East Prussia; "Goebbels" returns; short shrift with scammers; after 30 years, Establishment's outrage that I got the Churchill diaries is revealed


2011 listed in reverse sequence

Dec 24, 2011: British politician in Nazi uniform at a stag party; the gibbering gentlemen of the Journaille; the Madagascar Plan

Secrets of the Oxford Interviews; surgery will shut me down for three months; bad enough, but then our best girl opts for a new life Down Under

MI6 chief has Libyans' blood on his hands, says relative; the helpful Holocaust archives; Key West beckons - but a bike is gone

Turkey fails to pay; in Washington I find unknown Moscow documents on Himmler, and I deliver an amphibious talk on Churchill & FDR

Goebbels book proofs; and the Death of Ghaddafi: "I have always felt that after wars the largest statue should be erected to the Unknown Civilian"

UK defence minister's resignation; and a sinister Auschwitz document

A visit to a stately home in Yorkshire to look at wartime diaries, and the Amanda Knox case: Several lessons for young White and off-White women here: don't screw around with Blacks, and if screw around you must, don't do it in Italy

Right: Jaenelle, our tour group leader, penetrating
into the ruins of Hitler's East Prussian bunkers



We take a tour group round Majdanek, Auschwitz, and Hitler's headquarters in East Prussia, and ask an official guide at Auschwitz an awkward question: When was this building actually erected? Radical's Diary: A postscript to the Polish tour: things get ugly at Warsaw airport

writing about Himmler; cops who pull over blondes; no race riots, but fireworks in Budapest


Britain's Nights of Broken Glass: race riots, looting, and burning: Scotland Yard and MI5 were not plugged in (British regime, uh Government, uses force to crush protestors) | Daily Telegraph blogger: These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact?

on the death of oldest brother, John
< Left: John at the Palace for an investiture

return from Madrid; enduring France; and a visit from a Very Important Dog

Previous Radical's Diary: "My conclusion is therefore that the intercepted Hermann Höfle signal is an authentic document . . . and that it is a pivotal document in the history of where the real Holocaust operations were taking place."

Scotland Yard investigates hacking by The Guardian too. "There should be no confusion. Rupert Murdoch is no comedian - he is a very dangerous man indeed" - Memoirs extract

We visited Sobibor in 2007 - museum wasn't open then either (this September we inspect more death camps and Nazi HQs: a few places left)

as Obama attacks a sovereign country

on the first leg of his US speaking tour, and trouble brewing

On the theft of his books from an Illinois warehouse; on getting foreign publishers to pay their debts; on Himmler; and on Ian Hislop, Alan Rusbridger, and Julian Assange; and on David Leigh: "I hear that he is Jewish. I can think of no comment that would not seem superfluous here"

2010 listed in reverse sequence

We regret to announce the death of Germany's leading Real Historian, our friend Fritz Tobias (right), at 98, on New Year's Day | Spiegel | Radical's Diary: We visited him in June last year in Hanover, for one last time| Sven Kellerhoff in Die Welt praises Tobias (and smears David Irving) | Far-Left Vorwärts spews hatred (in German) about both >>

on a bad bike crash, on getting foreign publishers to pay, on Wikipedia straightening its act, on Himmler's death, and on the demise of two Jews - mega-fraudster, would-be giga-murderer

 Mount Jaenelle erupts in Indianpolis; fake documents on the Internet; an iguana poops on a Key West patio; and we do the same on Professor Longerich

talks at the Univ of Colorado, and at two or three soirees in the southern states | and in Clearwater, Florida: an audience member describes

he speaks in Southampton, and muses on a visit to Stonehenge - "I can only hope they didn't have to drag those huge slabs up here along the A.303"

He revisits, um, Germany to see old friends and inspect the location of Himmler's death in 1945|

David Irving: A Radical's Diary: On detecting a serious fake document on the Holocaust; and speaking in Belgium

Terre BlancheBlacks murder Eugene Ter Blanche, South African Afrikaner leader Eugene Ter Blanche, murdered by Blacks in South Africa; and the small, small world of London's legal eagles | The Guardian gloats over his death: "White diehard was part killer thug, part buffoon" - uh, it was the thugs who killed him, not the other way round, gentlemen

A wealthy friend tells us he has died; we reprint The Morgenthau Plan; the Brighton scum try to stop Mr Irving speaking

British police question Superbabe J. at Heathrow under the Anti-Terror Act - because she's obviously not a terrorist; Zündel is finally a free man; and some Himmler shorthand is transcribed

Previous Radical's Diary: a Nigerian scammer adopts familiar tactics to extort cash; a Hitler snapshot turns up; and Superbabe is back

David Irving's Radical's Diary: History of an expert's attempt to correct an evil Wikipedia entry maintained and guarded by "religious zealots"

La Repubblica: David Irving in Udine - The Mayor Protests - The city is outraged (Italian and English) | Messagero (Italian): Irving isolato in albergo, sinistra in piazza | David Irving: A Radical's Diary

UK Foreign Secretary David Milliband believes Terrorism can be justifiable | David Irving: A Radical's Diary comments on this | and on Peter Hain at the graveside of a baby-killing terrorist in South Africa

David Irving, A Radical's Diary | Daily Telegraph says The public gallery was packed with supporters who cheered as Toben was led out of the dock

History of an expert's attempt to correct an evil Wikipedia entry maintained and guarded by "religious zealots"

BBC World Service and Italian television come to ask about the Holocaust and the traditional enemies of free speech, and Hitler relics too: Some strands of hair probably even have his DNA -- and what mischief one could do with that | BBC World Service broadcast:

A skunk is named for Prof Richard Evans; editing Göring, and how Wikipedia gets hijacked; an Australian's recipe for terrorists; the Pigmobile's last ride; Anne Frank and no end; and the tenth anniversary of the Lipstadt Trial



His US tour ends with disaster for the enemy, as police arrest their eight thugs attacking in a Chicago restaurant | How Uberbabe J. (right) trapped them| Enemy spin: "David Irving talk disrupted" - their rapporteurs are evidently, um, incapacitated | Daily Mail story

Mr Irving's tour proceeds through the south-eastern USA | and in New York the traditional enemy resorts to ungentlemanly methods to silence him, and fails [illustrations will be posted later] | A report on David Irving's talk in Clearwater, Florida

a stabbing at West Palm Beach, and the death of Hitler's adjutant Fritz Darges | Palm Beach State Attorney to get Neo-Nazi stabbing case - note file photo of a Nazi dagger

how they do it; the traditional enemies of Free Speech pressure Black chief of American Express to cancel Mr Irving's merchant account; fond reminiscences on Alan Clark

he speaks in Houston, thwarting the traditional enemy; humors a local journalist next day, and helps a Black down-and-out | Will David Irving speak in Jackson or not?

David Irving in Udine - The Mayor Protests - The city is outraged (Italian and English) | Messagero (Italian): Irving isolato in albergo, sinistra in piazza | David Irving: A Radical's Diary

David Frum takes a cowardly swipe at David Irving on CNN and Mr Irving replies

A Radical's Diary -- work on Himmler biography produces new facts, documents; the Rudolf Hess case, and Andrew Roberts | Mr Irving writes to The Guardian, London: "The Nuggets of Andrew Roberts" | Johann Hari: Roberts praises the Amritsar massacre of innocent civilians as "necessary"

describes his recent 2009 tour of the western United States: "The traditional enemies failed to lay a glove on me" - Part I | Part 2 | Part 3 | A video clip of Mr Irving's Chicago speech - "Decodes prove that over 100,000 died in 1945 Dresden air raid"

the traditional enemy attempts to silence his US tour, and so far fails; but odd things start to happen, all the same

David Irving addresses a crowded meeting in London, and runs into a neighbour's all-night birthday rave on his return

Daily Mail had to pay up when confronted with Ryan Kisiel's lies and forgery. More facts emerge about the death of Rudolf Hess

At our Windsor garden party Adolf Hitler's walking stick makes a showing; and a guest displays surprising knowledge about the death of Rudolf Hess

Daily Telegraph says The public gallery was packed with supporters who cheered as Toben was led out of the dock

Enemy agents shadowed Irving on planes to Norway and back | SOS Rasisme spionerte på David Irving | Norway's Red agents spied on Irving [in English] | SOS-Rasisme chickened out of Oslo TV debate [in English]

In the face of real violence, Mr Irving flew to Oslo to speak, but police advised against | London University and the 1959 Carnival Times scandalTony Blair dresses to please his friends

David Irving writes on Britain's disgraced Parliamentarians: "A real British Parliament must now cleanse its green-leather benches of the fraudsters, phoney Britons, embezzlers, shysters, and freaks, wipe all its surfaces with anti-bacterial disinfectant, and toss the bulk of its Members into prison where they belong" | Ten British ministers may be gone within days, gasps one MP | and where are former prime minister Tony Blair's accounts (right)? Vanished, it seems

Joanna Lumley and the Gurkhas - are they really wanted here? The real swine fever in ParliamentFake Hitler painting

The Hitler art fake that has fooled the world's media; and he finds a crucial decode confirming his facts on Dresden's huge 1945 death toll [on which see this Russian documentary: pt. 1 | 2 | 3 ]

He watches Hitchcock's North by Northwest again and finds the word HOLOCAUST used in an unfamiliar way: its real meaning

An odd Eton episode | The Bishop comes home; and, Mr Irving may offer Hitler's body parts for sale [on which see Daily Mail's libellous spin]| German Historical Institute in London throws him out of the socialising after "neutral expert" Professor Peter Longerich talks about Himmler | Now see The Times's version: "Irving misses the irony and a glass of wine" | and the London Evening Standard

Speaking in Spain - Picture report | Actualidad: dos conferencias en España (in Spanish)

Peter Longerich now agrees that Heinrich Himmler did not inform Hitler what he was up to. As for Madoff: "It almost hurts to write these words, but the laughter ringing round the world just won't stop"

Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans talks at the LSE; and a [one-eighth] Black president takes over the USA

British TV channel pulls plug on Celebrity Big Brother appearance

Windsor report: On when the judges were overheard plotting to destroy him. He is invited to speak at a Norwegian University

Uproar as he is banned from speaking at the Norwegian Literary Festival | UPI: Holocaust denier unwelcome in Norway -- having spent $13 million defending Lipstadt, they just have to use that phrase, otherwise there's no value for money

WE REGRET to announce the death of John Taylor, senior WW2 archivist at the United States National Archives. His passing will be lamented by historians around the world. Radical's Diary 2004 | July2008 | Photo of John Taylor



On thought-provoking procedures now in force at US airports as regards writers of international repute | and the end of Mr Irving's all-USA tour: Mr Martin phones me politely to ask where the meeting is, as he 'cannot find' it. I say: 'Nor will you! Goodnight,' and hang up

He speaks in Florida, and finds himself in a pitched battle with a moron at PayPal

In Raleigh, North Carolina: "Never be photographed with a glass in one hand is one well known basic rule; to which I must now add another - nor with an enthusiastic re-enactor in Waffen SS uniform"

He speaks in Manhattan and Washington, and a Blumenthal interviews him on film: YouTube version | Blumenthal writes on Huffington Post | Brad A. Greenberg in Jewish Journal: David Irving makes NY appearance, attacks Jews and defends Hitler (Not)

Describes a week of his 30,000 mile USA speaking tour

Updates on his current all-USA speaking tour - possibly his last | Oregon university aftermath: "Irving statements reprehensible" - suggested Holocaust historians should ask question, Why Us?| Institute for Historical Review: Irving Describes Austria Imprisonment in California

The Case of the Landlady from Hell; and why Will Self should Crawl Away out of Sight

Cork posters A brief visit to Southern Ireland, and an enjoyable drive fifty years into the past

The secret Rudolf Hess files hoarded by his widow, listed exclusively by David Irving in 1990 | Download our inventory of these files, and excerpts from them - mostly in German (pdf file 400k) | Radical's Diary, 1990: searching these secret files

A visit to Bletchley Park, the British codebreakers' nest; why we did nothing about the Holocaust (apart from winning the war) | Local newspaper gets it partly right | a memoirs chapter:correct link]

In Dublin's Fair City | Lipstadt's non-debate with Mr Irving | Postscript: a blogger evaluates Mr Irving's Irish Radio broadcast on March 9, 2008 | Jewish Telegraph Agency kvells | Irish Times poll asks "Was RTÉ right to invite David Irving to appear on the Late Late Show?" [Result so far: two to one say Yes: GO cry elsewhere, Deborah]

A writer's week

"Now I recall that she once said, 'You'd be much nicer if you stopped drinking coffee.' I did, but wasn't"

a commentary on the strange Heathrow airport crash of a Boeing 777 | continued: Radical's Diary: Readers write



After thirty years, I finally speak at the Oxford Union. Not everybody is happy about it

On Lipstadt and Coventry

Birmingham, British Telecom, and Broadband | The Leftist scum of Birmingham mass to stop David Irving speaking -- if they can only find him

The Jewish Chronicle is becoming Irving-obsessed

Revisionists shriek at him because of his deductions from the decoded Hoefle document | Is he speaking at Oxford or not? Paul Grubach of Ohio demands answers, in open letters | and the shouting goes on

On The Forward interview on the Holocaust, and comments on the interesting "Mel Gibson" theory

The German federal archives was forced to return his document collection to him; today after 14 years it is at last back under his roof

Hysterical efforts by the don't-debate-them, anti-free speech gang meet some success

Grand Theft Copyright: The Russians too are publishing my books and refusing to pay royalties - Even under USSR rule this did not happen: the USSR properly paid him, large sums in rubles

Yet another British university invites Mr Irving to speak - and cancels - Nigella Lawson titbits - Austria re-imprisons Wolfgang Frölich

Where in the world can a Tony Blair feel safe now? There are 600,000 dead Iraqis on his lying conscience, not counting those infants who died through his insane ten-year food embargo



But marmalade is tasty, if . . .

on the arrest of Gerd Honsik | and memoirs about dud German lawyers and bent publishers

On the problems facing a law abiding UK historian required to supply fingerprints; and a journey beneath the English Channel

Mr Irving inspects Hitler's East Prussia headquarters The Wolf's Lair | Full report

Exhibition orders closure of his stand at Warsaw Book Fair under pressure | David Irving to sue Warsaw Book Fair company for breach of contract | He runs a critical eye over the East Prussian bunker headquarters of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler

on his talk in Barcelona, Spain

Now in Madrid with his youngest daughter - tours the Prado and finds bad manners everywhere

On Magnus Linklater and the Hitler Diaries Scandal - on BBC Radio, Linklater says he was 'deeply embarrassed' to discover he had a copy of 'Hitler's War' | Mr Irving writes to The Times

Germany has prosecuted over 17,000 Germans for thought-crime offences of "right-wing extremism" over the last 12 months

In Budapest: "As I stand in line, taking off my shoes for the third or fourth time, I shall mention that we have that sh*tty little country to thank for all this"

"... a message of thanks to all those who stood by Bente and helped her during my imprisonment"

Staying with friends in the West country over Christmas, I noticed, fixing the phone in their cottage, a bulky telephone engineer, or was he?" (He wasn't) | In which connection, if you'll pardon the pun, Britain's Police and Security Minister Tony McNulty assures Jewish body: "David Irving is one to watch" | Flashback to 1996: British Home Secretary Michael Howard refused to join European Union counterparts in declaring Holocaust denial a criminal offense


2005 [David Irving was ambushed in Austria by secret state police on November 11, 2005 and imprisoned in Vienna until December 21, 2006]

He inspects his wrongly seized archives and library, and finds a CCTV camera being installed in his apartment lobby on his return. "There is no sign of any corresponding monitor screens; they must be elsewhere"

on moving to the heart of the British Government quarter, Blair's helicopters, and Roosevelt's 1938 seizure of a British empire island | and on harassment


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