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Posted Friday, February 2, 2007

B. asks me to post it here with a message of thanks to all those who stood by her and helped her during my index. Michael Whine's friends were not among them.

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February 1, 2007 (Thursday)
London (England)

THINGS get more interesting. At 6:40 pm, Ian B. writes to me: "I am in the process of obtaining seven reels of microfilm of Rudolf Höss's (picture below right) trial in 1946 - 1947, which also contains investigation material, evidence and court documents during the commandant's trial in Kraków. If you are interested, would you like a copy at some-point." I reply: "I would be extremely interested. . . How can we arrange this? It seems vital for my Himmler biography. I am visiting all the Reinhardt sites privately in a few weeks. Where are you getting the Höss trial stuff from? While in prison I read and analysed the whole Aumeier file, very interesting indeed (he was Höss's deputy)."

Alan H. says: "I will meet you in Krakow or somewhere easier to find."

I reply at 10:04 pm: "Let me decide how when I see the car that is on offer in Budapest. . . He is not talking about video, I assume it is the documentation of the trial. That could be very interesting, and perhaps a major online project." 


TODAY's Daily Telegraph again refers to me, no doubt accidentally, as "the historian"; that makes a change from forty years ago, when they circulated secret instructions in their house-style book that "David Irving in the Rolf Hochhuth scandal is never to be referred to as a historian, but only as a writer."

Their managing editor Maurice Green had only just assured me in an indignant letter that I was being equal treatment with my critics; but Private Eye confirmed the existence of the secret ukase. I therefore wrote back to Green that for all I cared they could call me a garbage collector; and he made a very clever reply the details of which I have however forgotten.

While I download the rest of my website to a secure back-up disc, I browse through The Evening Standard until midnight. I don't like its new typography. I don't like any change at all in fact.

Page 16 reports "HATE ATTACKS ON JEWS RISE TO A RECORD HIGH", citing a survey by the Community Security Trust. Michael WhineThis vigilante body of two thousand -- in my view wholly illegal -- paramilitary thugs was set up by the odious Michael "Whinger" Whine of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (right).

When Deborah Lipstadt visited England in March 1995, a year before I sued her for libel, she sent a timorous fax to the British Chief Rabbi: "I assume Irving will show up at one of my talks. I don't think he will come to the Book Fair because it will really be 'enemy' territory. But who knows how his convoluted brain works. If you have any strategic suggestions on how best to handle him I would appreciate it. (I generally simply say, 'I have nothing to say to you.')"

The Institute of Jewish Affairs replied reassuring her:

"Regarding David Irving, at our meeting in London security arrangements will be handled by the Community Security organisation. They will recognise him and either not let him in or throw him out. Please fax the details of your meetings in Manchester, Leeds, and Oxford to the Community Security organisation and they will try to provide security there as well." 

So the CST thugs would be policing Lipstadt's meetings to ensure that I did not ask awkward questions. So much for her recently discovered love of Free Speech.

The Brownshirts used to handle the same problem in Nazi Germany. Perhaps Whine should look closer to home for the reason why, he says, the "hate attacks" are increasing. Instead the Board of Deputies of British Jews blames the "huge rise" on "a number of factors ranging from Israel's invasion of Lebanon to the jailing of the historian David Irving in Austria." (Of course, it was the Board's chief busybody Neville Nagler who secretly wrote to Austria in 1992 demanding that I be arrested next time I was in the country.)

So one way and another it's mostly my fault (apart from that little war of theirs and the thousands that they slaughtered). No end to their inventiveness, when examining the origins of anti-Semitism. Like looking down a telescope the wrong way; or using that thing called the Seebackrascope that used to be advertised in newspapers in the 1950s.[*]

Bente and JessicaTwo hours' break earlier this afternoon for tea and scones with B. in Sloane Street. She is looking beautiful as ever, despite her illness. She has taken a photo with Jessica, who is shooting up and almost as tall as she is; B. asks me to post it here with a message of thanks to all those who stood by her and helped her during my index. Michael Whine's friends were not among them.


February 1, 2007 (Thursday)
London (England)

AT ten a.m. my writing is agreeably disturbed by a visit from Rex Bloomstein, a film producer from North London; he comes by appointment, probing whether I will be willing to assist in a documentary he is producing. We have a thoroughly enjoyable two hours. He asks puzzled if I have many Jewish friends: among others, yes, but they get no special treatment.

He made a famous BBC series on Strangeways prison, and a documentary on Auschwitz too -- no assistance there from Claude Lanzmann, whom he loathes -- and is now investigating, he says, the decline of free speech.

We speak -- freely -- for over two hours in the hotel lobby, and I think I detect him reeling slightly as he leaves: my well-founded theories on Himmler, Hitler, and the Holocaust have seemingly taken him aback. He mentions in passing that Deborah Lipstadt is currently in London.

I wish I had known that earlier; I have reasons of my own, but this will have to wait until next time now. I am off back to Europe shortly, as we English refer to that part of the rest of the world, and I have too much on my plate before then:

  • one writ about to be issued against The Daily Telegraph this weekend,
  • another against the partners in a major law firm for professional negligence in 2002 -- oddly enough, the partner concerned is listed in law journals as being a specialist in professional negligence: well, so he should be, having gained hands-on experience of his own in 2002. And of course
  • my ongoing action against the Trustees to recover my archives and library, illegally looted by them in 2002.

I shall soon post the usual dossier on these legal actions on my website.

* CORRESPONDENTS reading the above inform me that other versions of this same Board of Deputies of British press release are published in the Feb 2 Yorkshire Post, The Guardian and other newspapers. These versions says that, in five of the alleged "hate" incidents, mention was made by the perpetrator of our arrest and index in Austria. Just as we suspected: It was our fault all along! Paranoia is evident: "In one case teenager Jasmine Kranat was robbed and beaten after passengers on a bus asked her if she was Jewish" - i.e., if she had denied it, they would left her mobile phone and cash untouched?



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