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Posted Saturday, April 25, 2009

Only last year a German Government commission of not just conformist but kow-towing, line-toeing, bowing-and-scraping historians agreed that the death roll in the two hour man-made 1945 holocaust in Dresden was far lower, 'only 25,000' (or even less).

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April 16, 2009 (Thursday)
Windsor (England)

JOHN the gardener very proudly displays the large mole he has killed with his fork this morning. It has thrown up nine large molehills on the main lawn just this last week. Being a townie, I can't help feeling sorry for the wretched animal.

Jeremy Davies of BBC Wales phones about Arthur K, and I send him my 1993 diary entry -- "The original diary was typed on a Canon hot-ribbon typewriter which was seized in 2002 with all my possessions, so it is demonstrably a contemporary document. My view still is that K. had been paid by persons unknown to set me up with this phone call."


April 17, 2009 (Friday)
Windsor (England)

UP at 7:50 a.m. Jae comments from Indianapolis on Fred Toben's tactics in Australia. He has been convicted of contempt under their laws for suppressing free speech. "Is he just dumb or something?" she asks. "Why continue to provoke them?"

I agree: "He brings down fire on our whole front line by these antics."

Jae adds: "It is a slap in the face to everyone who supported him when he was arrested in the UK. He was lucky to get off then. He shouldn't press his luck."

This morning a Norwegian journalist tells me that Norwegian radio is broadcasting my intention of attending the literary festival in Lillehammer despite having been "uninvited". He presses me for details; apart from saying I shall stay in an Oslo hotel, I do not provide any. -- I hope this does not squelch all our planning.


I SPEND all morning with a film cameraman. He tapes one hour 14 minutes on life, family, career, books, Lipstadt trial, and the Austrian ambush and imprisonment. Then we film another hour on the Jewish "Holocaust" and the controversies surrounding it including Fred Leuchter and the Reinhardt camps. It will make two DVD discs.

Halfway through the filming, little Jessica calls downstairs that there is "a smell of burning." The house is filled with smoke. I have put on lunch for us all, and forgotten it; the soup has evaporated entirely, the sausages are burnt to a delicious crisp, and the rhubarb crumble is hot and good.

Our white magnolia has already lost all its blossoms, and is now sprouting green leaves; the pink magnolia's blossoms will all be gone when Jae returns. But Moley's death has effectively ended the molehill rampage.

Jae translates the Norwegian newspaper article (she is learning the language for our upcoming visit there -- what might be called an unAmerican activity):

DAVID IRVING IN LILLEHAMMER The controversial British author David Irving confirmed that he will come to the Norwegian Literature Festival in Lillehammer at the end of May, even though he is no longer invited. Last autumn Irving was invited to the annual festival, which has the theme "Truth". Many reacted strongly to the invitation, which led to the invitation being revoked. -- "I will not be forced to be silent," says Irving to NRK. "Everything is organised," says Irving, who relates that he has received many requests to hold a private lecture in Norway after the festival invitation was revoked.

He informs that he will lecture on Hitler, Himmler, and the Holocaust, because there are "some interesting questions and answers" attached to this. For security reasons, Irving will not go into detail about where he will be.

Odd Bjørn Fure, history professor and director of the Holocaust Center in Oslo, is not surprised over Irving's actually coming: "He is a provocateur and here he has found a fantastic opportunity to create a provocation which will really be noticed," says Fure. He calls Irving a "notorious swindler" and "fraudster who has done nothing other than falsify history".

"Translation may be a bit rough," adds Jae smugly, "but it should give you the general picture."


April 18, 2009 (Saturday)
Windsor (England)

UP at 8:15 a.m. Sunny, clouding over sometimes.

I reply to a man who is in touch with the owner of a mysterious but seemingly historic Hitler document ("A most important original manuscript. . . a 725-page typed account of German political actions from 1914 through 1942. This is a personal apologia by Adolf Hitler ... written on the large-type so-called 'Führermaschine', it is double-spaced on watermarked paper, and contains numerous ink corrections and alterations by Hitler himself ...")

How can we progress this matter with the Hitler document? Is the owner anxious to sell? I have some very good private buyers who pay a lot for genuine items; otherwise, my contacts with the various institutes are good too. I can certainly have a look at a few pages and test the document's authenticity; and there are known procedures in the event of any serious doubts -- internal evidence, historical accuracy, paper testing, ink, typewriter comparisons, etc., with which you are yourself familiar. I would also like to know a bit more about the provenance. . . Until I know what the whole document is like, it is difficult to hazard a guess.

Ideally, I would like to correspond with the owner, or call on him when I visit the USA in June or July -- if he's near Cleveland -- or again this fall.

I entrust a minor job to Jae "For the Big Movie, I need the Harry Lime Theme from The Third Man; possibly even the movie itself, is it on DVD. Can we get it?"

I complete drafting the Claim against The Daily Mail. (they stole a photograph, and published it with a spurious Getty Images credit line: Getty have confirmed to us they never supplied it to them). Jae applauds: "Sue them for everything they've got! Crooks!"


April 19, 2009 (Sunday)
Windsor (England)

Jae IS less helpful on The Third Man. "I have never heard of that movie!" I reply: "One of the most famous post-war movies; I was hoping in your spare moments you could search for the music, the Harry Lime Theme -- composer: Anton Karas.

As soon as film guy sends me a time-coded print, I will flesh it out with still and movie images, and with music clips, which I am already assembling. Hope to have a bunch ready for the USA tour beginning mid July. I am already going to get most of our 16mm films transferred.


April 20, 2009 (Monday)
Windsor (England)

I POST a splash page on our website, reminding readers that today is the 120th birthday of Adolf Hitler, whose mighty armies saved Europe from Bolshevism. It will probably soon be illegal in Europe even to say that.

From Indianapolis Jae, otherwise the perfect assistant, has written, "Don't forget your appointment today . . . for the blood-pressure monitoring cuff." I totally forgot that.


April 21, 2009 (Tuesday)
Windsor (England)

A NIGHT made miserable by the armband's peeping and pumping all night long, on the hour and half-hour.

I send this to an expert on DNA, a forensic scientist in Michigan:

Three different sources have offered me locks of the Adolf Hitler's hair collected surreptitiously by his various haircutters; and one, in Pennsylvania, has what he claims are fragments of bone of both Hitler himself and Eva Braun, emanating more or less legally from the old KGB archives in Moscow. The enclosed scrap of paper -- open it carefully -- contains two or three strands of hair provided prewar by one of Hitler's barbers. The colour is generally dark. . . You can retain these enclosures -- they are worth about $1,000 a strand on the open market! -- and mount them or do whatever you please. I have more. I am hoping you will . . . advise me whether we can build a DNA profile of the man for use in identifying other "relics".

I pack off Jessica to bed early, as school starts again tomorrow.


April 22, 2009 (Wednesday)
Windsor (England)

WE SET out at 7:15 a.m. in the "Pigmobile" -- our little red Citroen van. At 9:14 a.m. I am back at the house, a two-hour round trip, badly delayed by accidents on the M4 in both directions -- the kind that empties the motorway for miles ahead. There is a five-car pile-up and the police and rescue vehicles block all three lanes. Turns out that one of the wrecks is a police car.

I tap out an encouraging message to B. at ten-twenty: "Took Jessica back to school today. She looked beautiful -- hair in a new gold band."


FORTY years of taking daughters to school. From Madrid, daughter No. 3, Paloma, sends me a newspaper article POLICE SAY MOM ORDERED DAUGHTERS OUT, DROVE OFF: "This article kind of reminds me," she writes, "of an event in my childhood in St Croix. . .". I reply with feeling: "Yes daughters can be very trying." From Brisbane, Australia, No. 4, Beatrice, sides with her sister: "Déjà vu!", she crows.

Ungrateful little monkeys. I took both these daughters on that nightmare family vacation around North and South America in 1981. True, they never forgave me for confusing Tahiti with Haiti. Anybody could make a mistake like that, I said, after discovering the hard way, as we landed there, that Port au Prince was the capital of the latter, not the former.

I watch my favourite BBC reporter on Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman, as he grills our feckless Ambassador to the United Nations on his unmannerly walk-out as Iran's President Ahmedinejad voiced criticism of Israel as "racist".

This video isn't available for anyone outside the UK, and after a few hours, even we can't see it anymore. It's gone into the Memory Hole. Our Ambassador insists on calling his walk-out stunt a "protest", and falls all over his own rhetoric as he does so.

Jeremy Paxman: What is the difference between Zionism and racism?
Peter Gooderham: Well we see the two as being quite distinct. . .
Jeremy Paxman: Yeah what's the difference?
Peter Gooderham: Well Zionism is a political movement related to the establishment of a homeland . . .
Jeremy Paxman [quietly]: So are some forms of racism.
Peter Gooderham:. . . a Jewish homeland, in the er . . . in what is now Israel and racism is something else. I mean racism is, I think we all know it when we see it and it's not, it's not that, and we have foughtJ. long and hard at the United Nations to keep that, to maintain thatJ. distinction.


April 23, 2009 (Thursday)
Windsor (England)

From Indianapolis, Jae too comments on the Saint Croix episode: "My dad always threatened to 'pull over' . . . we knew what that meant. We wouldn't get left behind. He'd just stop driving so he could give us a spanking!"

How trouble-free Jessica is by comparison! I have her at the school by 7:50 a.m. -- an improvement on yesterday but still not good; the reservation of the almost empty third lane of the M4 for buses and taxis -- and no doubt Government ministers too -- between exits 2 and 3 on the M4 seems ridiculous.

At the Public Record Office from nine-thirty I resume my reading of the SS and police decodes, and make two very unexpected finds.

There is an early April 1945 report on the casualties suffered by police officers from Breslau, trapped in the horrific Dresden firestorm of February 13, 1945 (right). On April 5, their commander reports in code: two Schutzpolizei men killed, 35 missing; civil defence police, twenty-five killed, 151 missing; Ukrainian auxiliary police, forty-three killed, 192 missing. "The majority of those missing," he amplifies, "are most probably totally carbonised, and therefore beyond identification."

The other unusual message that we British decoded reveals Himmler's senior officers preparing to subject all foreign prisoners to Sonderbehandlung as things come to an end, and to ensure that Ernst Kaltenbrunner, chief of the Main Homeland Security Agency (RSHA), has his ducks in a row in time because of communication difficulties likely to occur before then. I was always sceptical about this allegation, but here it seems to be confirmed.

Early in the afternoon I drive on into London and park with some difficulty near St James's Station; but my regular barber's is boarded up and gone, lease ended. -- Over to the Law Courts, my hair therefore untrimmed; at two pm the judge literally "hands down" his adverse Judgment in the L. case, and in five minutes I am back down in the Aldwych; it has set back my adversary over £45,000 in legal costs, and me nothing, but I am enjoined from discussing details here (or ever).

I pick up Jessica from her school and we zoom back to Eton in the Pigmobile for coffee and we are home by five pm.


April 24, 2009 (Friday)
Windsor (England)

I DEPOSIT Jessica at the school gates at 7:55 a.m. She is nodding off during most of the drive; confesses that she sat up until eleven pm last night reading a book. I am so impressed by this No. 5.

A website visitor in North Wales has donated fifty dollars for our website this morning. That's nice. "Keep up the good work," He encourages me: "You will be proved right in the end."

Back at the Public Record Office I continue to turn the pages of the immense volumes of decoded SS and police messages, released from top secret files only a few years ago. I have now read nearly fifty volumes and I have reached the year 1945. This particular volume has over 2,000 pages of flimsy paper, with ten or fifteen much-abbreviated decoded German messages typed on each page: the contents are madly out of sequence, bound into the volume in the order they were decoded weeks or months after the war.

I methodically read each one, and type a copy of those messages I may need for my Heinrich Himmler biography. Hard sledding, but it is worth it. Their value as a source is immense -- nothing here has been written just for post-war window-dressing (as some 1944 and 1945 documents clearly have been): nobody guessed that we would ever be reading these secret code messages.


AS THE day draws on I come across a document which I only half-suspected I might ever find. In 1961, when I was writing my first book "The Destruction of Dresden", I was confidentially approached by a German schoolteacher, Hanns Voigt; he said that after the horrific British air raid, he was put in charge of Dresden's Missing Persons Bureau, Abteilung Tote - the Deceased Section. He built an immense card index, and he kept a diary; and he estimated for me that the final death toll in Dresden would have reached 135,000. This was the figure that I, and after me Kurt Vonnegut and others, always used.

Other city officials gave the same kind of estimates. (Later this year I shall post on my website a full dossier on the Dresden death toll.)

Voigt's estimate was a thorn in the side of both German Governments -- both east and west. They had always played down, even trivialised, the air raid casualty figures caused by the British saturation bombing (even as they hyped the numbers killed in the Jewish tragedy).

Only last year a German Government commission consisting of, not just conformist but kow-towing, line-toeing, bowing-and-scraping historians and Nickeseln, agreed that the death roll in the two hour man-made 1945 holocaust in Dresden was far lower, "only 25,000" (or, if possible, even less).

Without doing any in-depth research -- such scholars are far too important for that -- they relied on the police chief's early March 1945 report (which in fact I was the first to find), because it indicated lower figures than Hanns Voigt's for dead and missing.

In the Deborah Lipstadt Trial, her highly-paid chief expert Professor Richard "Skunky" Evans (left) vilified Voigt; he implied that Voigt was a liar, he questioned whether the Missing Persons bureau had ever existed, and he called him a Nazi with an agenda. (Voigt had, we now know, been given a good post-war position in the Soviet Zone before emigrating legally to the West, so the "Nazi" allegation seems unlikely.) Aping Evans, Mr Justice Gray accused me in his 333-page Judgment of falsifying history.

I was not invited to make any submissions to the Dresden Commission. No surprises there. This afternoon, my quiet patience is rewarded. I have come across this new secret document, signed by the police chief of Dresden, and decoded by the British some weeks after the war.

At 5:55 p.m. on March 24, 1945 -- the day in fact when I turned eight, I remember it vividly -- the Dresden Polizeipräsident reported in code to SS Oberführer Dr. Dietrichs:

Re: Missing Persons Situation in Dresden Air Raid Defence region.

The Lord Mayor of Dresden City has established (a) a Central Bureau for Missing Persons and nine Missing Persons registries; (b) eighty- to one-hundred thousand missing-person notifications are estimated to have been registered so far; (c) 9,720 missing-person notifications have been confirmed as fatalities; (d) to date, information on twenty thousand missing person cases has been given out; (e) accurate statistical data possibly only later.

So Voigt was telling the truth.

Even the "hundred thousand" figure for those reported missing must be an under-estimate. There were over half a million homeless refugees in the streets of Dresden, fleeing the Red Army siege of Breslau to the East. Whole refugee families must have been engulfed by the Dresden holocaust, with nobody surviving to report them as "missing".

Another thing seems brutally clear: those listed as "missing" -- in addition to those bodies formally identified and buried or incinerated by this date -- were never going to return. To use the words of the telegram I found yesterday (see above) they were dead, "carbonised," and unidentifiable.

What do these decoded messages tell us about our own lazy and conformist historians, and about "Skunky" Evans in particular? He, and they, would never have found them. It has taken me these many years. Go the extra mile. Eventually, as this morning's Welshman said, "You will be proved right in the end".


April 25, 2009 (Saturday)
Windsor (England)

Fake Hitler paintingTHERE has been an auction of "Hitler paintings" found by a British soldier. Ho hum. The most expensive, an alleged self portrait (left), went for £10,000; but Hitler virtually never included human beings in his paintings. No doubt everybody is happy (except for the obligatory Auschwitz "survivor", a Mrs Wallfisch -- where DO they get these names? -- who said on BBC Television that they should all have been destroyed).

A website visitor, interested in acquiring some Hitler art, is now curious about my expert view, stated several days ago, that the stuff just sold was fake:

A historical document expert with the auction house thought they were real! What makes you think it was fake?

I humour him with a detailed reply: "His reluctance to reveal their origin! Anyone would think Hitler's paintings were just lying around in the British (i.e., northern) zone of Germany. I have handled perhaps a score of genuine Hitler paintings and artworks, usually sold by the people, close friends, to whom Hitler had given them. They were all catalogued at one time. The doubts about these new ones' authenticity are reflected in the relatively low prices they have attracted. Real Hitler paintings of that size now go for around $30,000 or more." 

A Postscript: "Peter" comments on Saturday, April 25, 2009

OF COURSE they are fakes! The one of Hitler supposedly sitting on a bridge as a teenager is a painting of Clapper Bridge on Dartmoor in Devon. Why Hitler would want to paint Clapper Bridge I do not know. Do a Google image search and compare


HINT: They are identical, count the stone slabs

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