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David Irving's Relations with the German Federal Archives


Bundesarchiv and Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv

[All items are in German unless otherwise stated].

OVER the years from 1965 onwards David Irving donated to the German Federal Archives originals or copies of vital historical documents he had obtained during his researches. In July 1993, the ministry of the interior ordered him banned from the archives "in the interests of the German people". Mr Irving asked for his documents back. 550 kilos of these documents were returned to him in England in 2003, but vital components were missing (e.g. the Canaris-Lahousen Fragments). In the real interests of the German people, Mr Irving continued to connect the BA with owners of original wartime documents, particularly of Adolf Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, and the SS. In 2003 the chief of the archives ordered this secret collaboration to end and instructed his officials to have no further contact with Mr Irving.



A dossier on David Irving and others, and the Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archives)



"Irving is a historisches Trüffelschwein," groused the Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archives) in a press release after he donated the Adolf Eichmann papers to them in January 1992 -- and the archives hinted darkly that he had "contacts to the political right wing" to thank for his good fortune in finding such nuggets.

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