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 "The Himmler decodes"

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-- a selection by David Irving of messages passed from 1941 to 1945 between Heinrich Himmler, his headquarters, and local police and SS commanders; in German; as decoded by British Intelligence


David Irving comments:

EVERY mail brings letters from readers asking for progress on my biography of Heinrich Himmler. The task is immense. Himmler's personal files cover hundreds of thousands of pages, mostly on microfilm. The British have released myriads of decoded messages sent to and received by him and his SS and police officers. A facsimile sample page is illustrated above (click to enlarge). There are tens of thousands of interrogation reports to be read. I still have months of work ahead in US archives also.

I have however decided to release already more of my groundwork -- the kind of attention to bedrock-hard detail, which my rivals eschew. My reading of the British intercept files is almost complete, and I have prepared an Internet anthology of excerpts for free download (button at bottom). The anthology is of course my copyright - lawyers will know what that means. I would welcome input on these pages about these documents from fellow historians, both "amateur" and highly paid academics.

I preface the anthology with a brief description. Many of the more significant decodes (including, interesting, one bearing anonymously on the Nazi atomic research programme) are followed by an AT-number, indicating that a translation has been made for a special file (not yet identified). A minor point: in SS telegraphese, mille is one thousand, and centa is one hundred. Modern German spellings are used (ß) and umlauts where proper, but I have slavishly followed the eccentric abbreviations and punctuation of the originals.

Bear in mind that these are typed transcripts, and will contain transcription errors, and omissions indicated by parentheses. They are my selection - items that interest me, and seem significant for the reasons that my biography's framework already indicates.

The pages chosen represent less than one percent of the total materials available in these files, Record Group HW16 at the Public Record office in Kew. As for the biography, bear with me: slowly and surely, and not helped by the four hundred days of solitary confinement that I was forced to spend 2005-6 in an Austrian prison by the traditional enemies of free research, it is taking shape.

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