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Photographs of Adolf Hitler and his people

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Well known postcard: Hitler with mother and daughter: Der Führer auf der Terrasse des Berghotels Predigtstuhl bei Reichenhall. Echte Photographie. Unmarked.

picture postcard



Well known postcard: Hitler with small girl: Der Führer mit der Jugend. Echte Photographie. English ink inscription on rear.

picture postcard



Hitler with Cardinal [Innitzer?]. Poor quality print, creased in places

10.5x8 inches



Hitler standard and two honour guards; copy photograph

5.5x8 inches



Postcard portrait photograph of Adolf Hitler, signed in ink on face "Adolf Hitler", with pencilled message on rear "... die der Führer persönlich unterschrieben hat!", postmarked March 21, 1939, commemorating Hitlers visit to ? on March 17, 1939

picture postcard




Original agency photo, wounded German soldier with arm in a sling

7x9.5 inches



Copy of snapshot of Hitler emerging from Lazarett with unknown officers, nurses

4x4 inches



Portrait photo of Hans Schwaiger, SS Sturmbannführer, KTB Sachbearbeiter der Heeresgrupe Oberrhein, stellv. Kdt Obersalzberg 1943-1944; slightly creased

4x5,5 inches



Original print: Hitler and unidentified officer, probably General Friedrich Paulus, at map table. In the book "The Road to Stalingrad" at pages 4 - 5, there is a photo of Hitler planning Case Blue, and Paulus appears in it. This photo was probably taken at the same time: June 1, 1942 at the HQ of Army Group South in the Ukraine.

3.5x4.5 inches



Copy print, Hitler and Martin Bormann in the Berghof, ca 1939, both in plain clothes

5x7 inches



Copy print, Hitler with baby deer on mountain terrace, ca 1939, in plain clothes

5x7 inches



Copy of agency photo: Gruppenführer Ivers bei der Übergabe der Sturmfahnen an die SA-Einheiten von Graudenz und Briesen.

6x8 inches



Picture postcard: Stadt der Reichstparteitage Nürnberg. Gefallenendenkmal in der Luitpoldarena. Echte Photographie.

picture postcard



Grave of Hitler's parents. Elterngrab des Führers in Leonding bei Linz; with Linz postmarks and message dated May 14, 1941

picture postcard



Original photograph of the 120 strong Stabswache (headquarters Guard) formed up on the steps of the Felderrnhalle in Munich in 1930. 'Sepp' Dietrich is second from the left in the front row. Verso: pencil inscription "Front Heil u. Heil!" and pencil signature "Adolf Hitler", from Sepp Dietrich collection. Unverified.

picture postcard



Five photographs of wartime German military funeral of unidentified SS officer, in presence of widow, unidentified senior officers, others

3.5x5 inches

As a set only, five photos, $150.00





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