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EVANS was one of the neutral "expert witnesses" expensively (£250,000) hired by Prof Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher to testify as to Mr Irving's worth as an historian during the libel action against her. After spending 20 man-years searching Mr Irving's thirty works, Evans and his team wrote a report charging that the author had made 19 errors (e.g., he had misread a five-letter word in Himmler's handwriting). In a remarkably hostile judgment, Mr Justice Gray reduced even that figure to twelve.]

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Prof Richard EvansA warning about too much Brain Candy

RICHARD EVANS fans scouring the Internet for favourable tidbits about the academic and financial genius Richard Evans, the professor and historian, will stumble, as one of our readers did, across the website of a "Professor Richard Evans" at which displays the portrait on the right.

Those who witnessed the brilliant and vivacious witness testifying in the High Court are almost certain he is not the same person.