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David Irving with Jessica

AUTHOR DAVID IRVING with Jessica, the youngest of his five daughters

BORN ON March 24, 1938, David Irving is the son of a Royal Navy commander. Imperfectly educated at Imperial College of Science & Technology and at University College London, he subsequently spent a while in Germany working in a Thyssen steel mill and perfecting his fluency in the German language. Among his thirty books the best-known include Hitler's War; The Trail of the Fox: The Life of Field-Marshal Rommel; Accident, the Death of General Sikorski; The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe, and Göring: a Biography. He has translated several works by other authors. He has lived for thirty years in Grosvenor Square, London, and is the father of five daughters. The youngest is Jessica, five-and-a-half; the others, Josephine (who died tragically in 1999), Pilar, Paloma, and Beatrice are somewhat older. See David Irving: Information for Counsel on my Background (1970) and Torpedo Running (1985). He donated all his research files to leading German archives.

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In 1963 Mr Irving published The Destruction of Dresden. This became a best-seller in many countries. He is widely-known for the depth of his archival research. Among his works published only in German is a documentation on the notorious 1944 Morgenthau Plan. In 1996 he issued a revised edition of Dresden, Apocalypse 1945 as well as his important biography, Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich; 1999 will see publication of the massive second volume of Churchill's War. He is currently working on an edition of the papers of Adolf Eichmann which came into his possession, and studying the feasibility of a biography of Heinrich Himmler.

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