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Mr Winston Churchill

ChurchillChurchill's War, vol.ii

This volume is now available as a free download. [or buy] We are working on volume iii. When ready, every few days we shall upload a new definitive chapter and invite our select band of readers to comment and spot errors: collect all the chapters! Be first to read this new work by David Irving, even before the newspaper reviewers this autumn!


"In all the immense literature about the 1939-1945 war, one may observe a legend in process of being shaped. Gradually, authentic memories of the war -- of its boredom, its futility, the sense it gave of being part of a process of decomposition -- fade in favor of the legendary version, embodied in Churchill's rhetoric and all the other narratives by field marshals, air marshals and admirals, creating the same impression of a titanic and forever memorable struggle in defense of civilization. In fact, of course, the war's ostensible aims -- the defense of a defunct Empire, a spent Revolution, and bogus Freedoms -- were meaningless in the context of the times. They will probably rate in the end no more than a footnote on the last page of the last chapter of the story of our civilization."

Malcolm Muggeridge, Esquire Magazine, February 1968

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