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Hitler's War
A new, fully-updated Millennium Edition (2001) has now been printed and simultaneously uploaded to the Internet. This fully-indexed book has over 1,000 pages, including 60 in-text illustrations and 40 pages of rare b/w and colour photos. First published in 1977.
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The original 1977 edition is also available online.

The War Path (1978) | Spanish

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Churchill's War
Vol. II: Triumph in Adversity
The second volume
of this three-volume series.
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Nuremberg, the Last Battle
The cover shows Justice Robert H. Jackson delivering his opening speech at Nuremberg in November 1945. This 1.4-Mbyte PDF file can be read by Adobe Acrobat reader version 3.01 or later.
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David Irving's facsimile record and commentary on the infamous American policy for Germany

Der Morgenthau Plan 1944/45

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The War Between the Generals
A look inside the Allied high command. Some of their fiercest battles were fought against each other, but this was covered up. Not until David Irving began his research did the full truth emerge. Prepare to be surprised!
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Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich
As a memorial to his oldest daughter Josephine (1963-1999), David Irving invites you to accept his biography of Hitler's propaganda minister Dr Joseph Goebbels, the first work to be based on the long-lost diaries of the minister which he retrieved from the former KGB archives in Moscow. Go to download page


Der unbekannte
Dr Goebbels

Die geheimgehaltenen Tagebücher des Jahres 1938. Read the 36-page introduction to the German edition.
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Wie krank war Hitler wirklich?


Esther H writes from Madison, Illinois: "Good luck in your fight. I hope the $50 check will at least pay for my downloading your books. Your place in history is secure as a historian and courageous champion of the truth."


The Secret Diaries
of Hitler's Doctor

This volume is based on David Irving's exclusive discovery of the long lost diaries of Professor Theo Morell, Hitler's physician. It is a slightly abridged version of the 1983 first edition. Go to download page


and see the previous similar book by Mr Irving, in German: Wie krank war Hitler wirklich?



The Mare's Nest
The story of Hitler's V-weapons the British Intelligence attack on them. The first edition had to be cleared by the Ministry of Defence, the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister. This is the 1985 edition, with the excised portions put back in. Go to download page

Churchill's War
Vol. II: Struggle for Power
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The Trail of the Fox: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

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Apocalypse 1945:
The Destruction of Dresden

Few Britons had heard of the bombing of Dresden before this book was published. Sir Arthur Harris, Commander-in-Chief of Bomber Command, afterwards described the author as the only historian whom he would trust. Go to download page



The Virus House
How close were the Germans to having the bomb? Nobel Prize winner Werner Heisenberg published a glowing half-page review of this book in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Don't miss the courageous British Commando attack on the Rjukan heavy-water factory in Norway. Illustrated with photos and diagrams. Go to download page

Mord aus StaatsräsonAccident: The Death
of General Sikorski

The Polish prime minister-in-exile died in a plane-crash upon takeoff from Gibraltar. Was it in fact an accident? The sole survivor of the crash, the Czech pilot, considered issuing a libel writ against Irving but realised that what he had written was simply not open to challenge in the British courts. Go to download page


Right: The German edition, of an updated text »»

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956
This is the full story of the Hungarians' spontaneous rebellion. Irving was the first Western historian permitted to visit Budapest and view classified material on the revolution. He also tracked down and interviewed eye-witnesses and survivors, and obtained new documents and photos from them. He reveals that the uprising was fueled in no small part by anti-Semitism. Go to download page
Hungarian edition, publ. 2003: free download (2 MB)
German edition: free download (1.8 MB)

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The Night
the Dams Burst

The true story of the dambusters, 617 Squadron, first published as a London Sunday Express serial.

PQ17 jacketThe Destruction of Convoy PQ.17
Of some 38 ships that sailed in PQ.17, nearly all were sunk, each having gone her separate way after the convoy was scattered. This is a gripping story of invididual heroism by members of an unsung breed of brave men, the sailors of the British and American merchant navies.
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David Irving's pioneering history of the Nazi wiretap and codebreaking agency: Das Reich hört mit. Görings "Forschungsamt": Der geheimste Nachrichtendienst des Dritten Reiches (only in German).

Reich hört mit

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The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe
A fascinating look at the architect of both the Luftwaffe and Lufthansa. David Irving writes: "I visited [Erhard Milch] in 1967 in his D¸sseldorf apartment, where he lived with his niece, and he showed me a suitcase full of the diaries. He explained however that he was retaining them strictly for the use of whoever would write his biography. I volunteered at once, and thus came into possession of the diaries...." Go to download page

Göring. A Biography
"This is a very personal biography. Irving proves that Göring was, and is, an enigma. He survived in Irving's judgment through cunning, cruelty, a prodigious amorality and Hitler's loyalty to him. Irving's research effort is awesome."
      -- Prof. Larry Thompson, The Chicago Tribune
"The book is a goldmine for aficionados of Nazi Germany."
      -- Prof. Donald Cameron Watt, The Sunday Times
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Hess strolling in the garden at Spandau ca. 1974. He was found strangled in an outbuilding in August 1987.

Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945
Never published in the US due to a clumsy mailing mishap by Macmillan, this book appeared in Britain on the death of Rudolf Hess after 47 years in Spandau prison. Irving was the first to use the secret British archives and the entire medical diaries of his captors.
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Read more about Hess

Dresden, 1945. The thousands of bodies had to be cremated after the air raid, in public, on Altmarkt square. Photo by the late Walter Hahn; from the Irving collection


Von Guernica bis Vietnam
des Luftkriegs gegen Zivilisten
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Memoirs of Keitel

The Memoirs of Field Marshal Keitel
translated by David Irving

"A fascinating study of the brilliant Rommel. It enables the reader to experience the emotions of a warrior in battle." -- Mark W. Clark, General, U.S. Army (ret.)

"I am tremendously impressed. . . . A superb character study and a fine work." -- Matthew B. Ridgway, General, U.S. Army (ret.)

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The Trail
of the Fox

In Search of the True Field Marshal Rommel

The son of a schoolmaster, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel is considered by many to be the greatest military mind of the 20th century, a living legend both to his countrymen and his enemies. In this definitive biography, David Irving separates the myth from the man.

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