Documents on the alleged "suicide" of Rudolf Hess

Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, who flew to Scotland in May 1941 in a vain attempt to end the war, was sentenced to life imprisonment at Nuremberg by the victorious Allies for crimes against the peace. He remained in jail in Spandau, Berlin, until August 1987 when he was found strangled in a prison outbuilding. The family commissioned an independent autopsy by the Munich professor Dr Spann, which provided evidence that Hess had been murdered.

Hess's head, with scar on the neck
WE DREW attention earlier to the excellent Website devoted to this mystery, with affidavits from Hess's devoted son Wolf Rudiger Hess, correspondence between Hess's lawyer Dr Alfred Seidl and British officials, and other official records. The above autopsy photograph, showing the horizontal scar on the dead man's neck, was from Professor Spann's papers, published on that Website. (Had Hess hanged himself as officially claimed, the scar would be very oblique, not horizontal). However that website and others listed below appear now (tested Tuesday, October 11, 2005) to have been disabled, perhaps by the German authorities

The Website also had a singularly gruesome series of the autopsy photos; but most of these seem now (Tuesday, October 11, 2005) to havebene removed. Check out however the Estonian (?) private webpage on Hess, which is under which has photos too.

 How Hess ordered a halt to the anti-Jewish outrages on the Night of Broken Glass, 1938


David Irving wrote a book, Hess: The Missing Years (Macmillan, London, 1987), now out of print. The Berlin prosecutor Dr Mehlis visited him together with the Scotland Yard official investigating the death. The British Foreign office however ordered a halt to further investigations.



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