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January 2005

Jews and anti-Semitism, the origuins of | and see Dossier

The Tsunami


Jews and anti-Semitism

Sydney Morning Herald publishes an extraordinary attack on Bush and his satraps, particularly Condoleeza Rice and the 'Zionist' Douglas Feith


Bush war against Iraq


Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Free Speech

World War II History


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism

Brian Hillman is outraged at the alleged neo Nazi desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Aldershot (and calls Mr Irving a draft dodger!)
Tony Walker tells us that the US Army National Guard once used the swastika as a badge emblem -- then came WW2
The Supreme Court in Australia now filter out access to David Irving's website; we offer a method of foxing the filters
Anxious mum frets in German about this scurrilous, near-the-knuckle website (she would like to see it and Mr Irving banned)
Ron Jacobson asks are we familiar with the diary of Dr. Johann Paul Kremer (of Auschwitz), and is it genuine? | Eric has pertinent information about the controversial diary: Kremer was coerced into 'explaining' and expanding entries in postwar courts | Frank Lowe Jr draws attention to contradictions and anachronisms in the Kremer diary
Dr Christopher Price asks Mr Irving why he withdrew Lipstadt appeal evidence, and whether gassings took place at Auschwitz or not?
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