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Posted Saturday, October 23, 2004

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Saturday, October 23, 2004


[More news from the Holocaust Survivor front and other meaningless phrases]


[...] SHE largely avoided discussing her own background as a Holocaust survivor -- she left Germany through the Kindertransport when she was eight years old -- and focused instead on her experiences protesting in Israel.

Epstein said she had been shot at with live ammunition and tear-gas canisters by Israeli soldiers.

[. . .]

Several times during the talk, Epstein was interrupted by the shouting of outraged audience members, many of whom were associated with off-campus Jewish groups. One man threatened "legal action." Another yelled that the speech was "just too much."

Epstein cited the outbursts as "a good example of how Israelis speak to Palestinians."


Our reader comments: Epstein is apparently another "Holocaust Survivor" to whom absolutely nothing happened. That makes us all Holocaust survivors. I survived the Holocaust, too. Largely by remaining unborn until long after it happened.



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Surprise arrest in hate campaign at Ryerson - Bid to Fuel Jewish, Arab Tensions on Canadian Campus |
Aug 30, 2004: Jew held over Paris fire: Crude slogans at the scene suggested an anti-Semitic motive
Outrage among New York Jews that FBI is not hiring them
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Jul 13, 2004: 'Anti-Jewish train attack' on Mother, baby in Paris now in doubt

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