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January 2004

Jews and anti-Semitism

Outraged Toronto Star editorial demands that Justice Minister throw Ernst Zündel out of Canada without trial | David Irving comments

Poll shows a rising tide of anti-Semitism
Finds that 46 percent of Europeans think Jews have "a different mentality"

Unfortunate When Canada Kodak used a well known symbol to embellish its products

New website feature: Henry Stimson's diary August - September 1944: How the Morgenthau Plan evolved; plans for the liquidation of captured enemy leaders | Letter: Dennis Donham wants the jaundiced spotlight of history turned more closely on Harry Hopkins

Hired mercenaries The Times mentions the Lipstadt Trial in an attack on the fees paid to "expert witnesses"

The foul-mouthed parrot at Winston Churchill's side during World War II is still alive and cursing Adolf Hitler | Mr Irving rather doubts it


What the Wall Street Journal said about David Irving and Adolf Hitler

Holocaust at sea Remember the Wilhelm Gustloff: January 2004, 59th anniversary of its sinking

But it is not new! Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung discovers a "new" 1942 document on Hitler's role in killing Jews | Mr Irving's letter to FAZ | Die Welt says Nicht das Gesuchte

Marianne Meed Ward in Toronto Sun on Ernst Zündel's imprisonment without trial | Judge cites secret evidence Zündel loses another bid to be released while immigration case is heard

Saddam's large WMD stockpiles did not exist, admits David Kay, American who led hunt
David Irving asks: "So where does this leave US Secretary of State Colin Powell? . . . a fool or a liar?"

Trying again? David Duke, jailed by IRS, Considering Run for Congress

Great Shakedown latest Israel's own Bank Leumi is holding hundreds of dormant accounts of Holocaust victims

Revisionism Poll: One in seven Britons (and one in five school leavers) think the Holocaust is exaggerated

Action Report Lipstadt zu Irving: Happy Holidays - und jetzt her mit all deinem Eigentum | English text

For the record Shoe Bomber Sentence: Ruling by Judge William Young in the U.S. District Court January 30, 2003 in the case of The United States vs. Richard C. Reid

It's that book again Swedish High Court lifts ban on Mein Kampf publication

David Irving: A Radical's Diary, on documents in the latest Deborah Lipstadt claim, for all his possessions to be turned over to her

Fool Fell for Fatso Fakes Irish Taxing Master takes London court action over fake Göring dagger, items of Nazi memorabilia

Rats Kicking Pilots off Ship CanWest Global Communications (Aspers) sacks Conrad Black and David Radler from board

Debate: Should waiters be seen but not heard? Art Butz of Chicago is outraged at David Irving's rebuff to a chatty California waitress. So are others

The Guardian: Hate mail: Jewish activists opposing the Israeli government's policies face intimidation via email and on the internet

New Zealand Herald covers up reasons for sacking anti-Zionist cartoonist

Der Spiegel editor Fritjof Meyer has flattened the attempts by Auschwitz ex-director Franciszek Piper to destroy his arguments [German]

Britain puts online World War II photo reconnaissance archive | "New" (?) air photo of Auschwitz II (Aug 23, 1944) released [Don't forget the established John Ball website of air photos of controversial WW2 sites]

US stars hail British Iraq war whistleblower: GCHQ worker Katharine Gun faces jail for exposing American corruption in the run-up to war on Saddam

Israeli ambassador kicked out of Stockholm Museum after vandalizing an artwork

The truth about that recent Orange Alert

Richard Evans: Why There Are So Many Books About the Nazis
"Evans looks confused for a moment. 'I've got someone flying in from the US to research the Irving trial' ..."

Small victory for Canadian Oberlander family Deportation of Accused "Nazi" Halted

Abe Foxman's instant outrage as Wall Street Journal cites David Irving on Churchill's tax problems

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Kicking friends when they are down Globe & Mail publishes a really bitchy piece about Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel | Lord Black Removed As Chairman of Hollinger International | Conrad Black ousted as The Daily Telegraph is sold

Budapest, January 11: A large crowd demonstrates against Leftist control of the government's Radio system. A section of the crowd burnt the Israeli flag. >>

The Independent British soldiers "kicked Iraqi prisoner to death" | BBC reports four US soldiers (including two women) also discharged for brutality in Iraq US accused of subjecting POWs to 'cruel, inhuman' conditions

Sara Salzman

"Let's get the British bastard!" How emails from the badly leaking laptop of Sara Salzman (above) scuppered her violent plans in Colorado

Farewell to a revisionist Historian John Toland dies; Pulitzer prize winner

Eric Margolis on Iraq Pillaging resources, not enlightenment, were - and remain - the true colonial motivation


Drudge report features ad comparing Hitler with Bush: advert is pulled after complaints | outrage at Simon Wiesenthal Center | Anti Defamation League, Foxman, call it "outrageous"

Corrupt press JTA bleats about how financial scandal threatens world of pro-Israel media baron Conrad Black | Conrad Black and Hollinger executives "diverted to themselves hundreds of millions of dollars" according to shareholders lawsuit | Syndicated columnist George Will concealed that Conrad Black paid him $25,000 retainer, wrote favourably about him | Scores of leading personalities whom Black corrupted with such retainers and investments | Mark Weber wrote in 1993: Lunch with George Will: How an Influential Journalist Distorts the Truth

Who forged the "Niger uranium" papers? asks Don Sellar of the Toronto Star

How Winston Churchill fought the Inland Revenue on WW2 '"second front"

More Israeli racism Israeli Soldier shoots Jew in West Bank, explains he thought protestors were all Palestinians

History flashback: Starvation and epidemic conditions in Bergen-Belsen camp: On March 1, 1945 commandant Joseph Kramer made a full report to his superiors


Bush war against Iraq


Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Free Speech

World War II History


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism

[March 2003 AR-Online] [Latest Radical's Diary]


Sylvie Auguste, French writer has questions about Waldemar Fegelein

Sara Salzman, Denver gangleader, expresses Schadenfreude that somebody stole data from Mr Irving's computer

Stefan de Batselier has some unusual facts about Churchill, a black cat, and The Savoy Hotel | Gary Cartwright adds that the unofficial 13 Squadron mascot at RAF Luqa, Malta, was a giant, foam rubber, . . . ahem

Tom Stoneburner asks for material to refute the orchestrated attacks on Mr Irving

Snakes, Stars, and Stunners: Sam Rost comments on two pictures on this website

Percy Spilberg on Wannsee and the Hitler Order for the Holocaust | Ramanujan still argues that the conference did discuss killing the Jews | Frank Lowe points to the involvement of Dr Robert Kempner in discovering the protocol | David Skog says that Hitler was mentioned once | Ron Jacobson argues about the precise meaning of three words used

David Skog of Sweden asks Why deny that Hitler was to blame for it? Mr Irving replies

David Evans asks if it is true that Hitler played the piano in his youth

Paul-Fritz Nemeth asks if anyone explained what happened with the 2.5 million people who did not die after all in Auschwitz?

Mark Krueger finds a Princeton thesis on the similarities between academics and caged rats

Justin Taylor asks about Hans Kammler, Himmler's chief rocket engineer and architect (of the concentration camps among other things) | Alan Heath replies

Road directions to the site of Hermann Göring's (now demolished) fabulous hunting lodge, Carinhall

David Buckden asks whether Mr Irving will write an autobiography

Sverker Odesjo tells of how Mr Churchill came to win his Nobel Prize in 1953

What was the real fate of Berlin's last 1945 commandant, General Weidling? 

A Norwegian PhD scholar reveals Prof Richard "Skunky" Evans's unconcealed hostility to Mr Irving at Cambridge University | Bruce C, of Melbourne, Australia, contrasts Evans's Cambridge statements on Irving's research ("worthless") with what he said on Australian radio ("undeniably important")

Deborah Barnhardt is appalled that some people do not believe Elie Wiesel's memoirs are true | Orest Slepokura reminds us that the book is designated as a novel

Reinhard Tixel asks who really killed the prisoners found in the box cars at Dachau in April 1945

Eric Yankovich asks if it worth spending time reading Hitler's Table Talk

Percy Spilberg on Wannsee and the Hitler Order for the Holocaust

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