Posted Monday, January 19, 2004

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Justin Taylor of the University of Florida, has queries about Himmler's chief rocket engineer and architect (of the Holocaust, among other things), Monday, January 19, 2004; and Alan Heath replies


Who, where, is Hans Kammler?

BEFORE I write this, I must state that in the same manner as John Keegan, I disagree with your interpretation of documents pertaining to and concerning the Holocaust. However, I recognize your abilities at finding documentation and searching inventories of existing documentation concerning the Nazi regime in Germany during and before World War II.

This brings me to the reason for which I am writing this e-mail. In a book written by Nick Cook, with whom you may or may not be familiar, called The Hunt for Zero Point, he discusses the disappearance of Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler.

Kammler was the engineer who helped in the design and construction of various concentration camps, and later in the war, he was assigned by Heinrich Himmler to take over the Nazi secret weapons programs. By the end of the war, it appears that he had consolidated all of the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe programs into the SS. However, as Cook notes in the book, after the war he disappeared off of the map.

His role in the Nazi regime was very important, so it made Cook wonder as to why he was never indicted or ever on the lists to be charged at tried at Nuremberg. Cook looked further into the matter, but found basically nothing.

Even the archives at the Imperial War Museum [in London] were of little help, much to the concern of the librarian, who believed that he could have been "red lined" (as in, his files had been removed). Cook believes that he may have been brought into the US after the war to work on American secret programs and cites Christopher Simpson's book, Blowback.

That is just a summary. For much more details, please check out Cook's book.

This caught my curiosity. What happened to Hans Kammler, and why is there practically nothing on him? So I looked up a few books on my own at our fairly vast library here at the University of Florida, but the references they have to him are passing references to his work with the concentration camps. I cannot find anything else concerning him.

Perhaps you can be of help? I would greatly appreciate some pointers as to where I might look.

Justin Taylor


Our dossier on Heinrich Himmler

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David Irving replies:

YES, he is a mystery figure and highly important, without question. Here is what my database has on Hans Kammler (bear in mind that I am on the road, and all my files were seized by the British Government in May 2002):

1. Dr Alessandro De Felice, Via Bruno Monterosso 20/c, Catania 95123, Italy: 10.7.02: young historian, nephew of Renzo de F.; acquired 2000 pp from National Archives, about WW2 conspiracies of secret intelligence incl Hess, UFOs, WSC/Mussolini letters, PAPERCLIP, Kammler, etc. phone Italy 095-359277; cell. 339-2259458

2. Mary Hunter. email was:: UK 14.11.01 researching Hans Kammler, Himmler etc. "Did the development of V1 and V2 give him a bargaining chip for making a deal with the Russians or Americans?"

Those email addresses may now be dead. (Why, oh why, do people change their email addresses so often? I have had the same phone number since 1968, and the same email address since 1997.) When Der Spiegel serialised my book THE MARE'S NEST (Geheimwaffen des III. Reichs) in about 1968 they included some very good photos of Kammler, which the magazine may still have in its Bildarchiv.

Keep in touch with me about this, as I am very interested in this man myself.

Alan Heath, of Warsaw, Poland, has replied (January 20, 2004): "Notwithstanding allegedly disappearing on the U-997 to Argentina, I assumed that Hans Kammler was captured in Czechoslovakia and shot in Jicin on May 12, 1945 by the NKVD along with around 100 others, many of whom were from the SS. Wernher von Braun and others were captured in late April 1945, they certainly had not seen anything of Kammler since the end of February. However I can offer no evidence to back this theory up."

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