Posted Monday, February 2, 2004

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David Skog points out that Hitler is in fact mentioned in the Wannsee conference



Hitler was mentioned - once - at Wannsee

I HAVE to remark that you still have on your website the faulty statement: "Note that the so called Wannsee-Protokoll at no point mentions Hitler". The Protocols mentions the Führer in a manner that is beyond doubt a reference to the supreme leader of the German state, which was Hitler and no other. Himmler is always referred to as the Reichsführer-SS or similar.

I wrote to you this message on May 18, 2003:

The document, or rather the translation, refers to "the Führer" in at least one place: in the third paragraph it is stated that "[a]nother possible solution of the problem has now taken the place of emigration, i.e. the evacuation of the Jews to the East, provided that the Führer gives the appropriate approval in advance."

You could possibly say that the Protokoll does not mention the name Hitler, but this is just to split hairs.

Otherwise I'd like to thank you for a very good website, even if I cannot agree with all the views that are being expressed.

David Skog
Sweden Student
Teacher, secondary level


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