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July 2004

Jews and anti-Semitism





War on Terror

Spot this in your local paper? 9/11 Commission concluded US support of Israel was the real cause of Sept 11

New Zealand and Mossad agents

Mossad "behind" Governor scandal New Jersey Governor McGreevey resigns in Homosexuality Scandal | Flashback to 2002: The resignation of Golan Cipel, bum-boy in "America's armpit," New Jersey | McGreevey, staff, exaggerated Cipel's credentials in application to INS (lying to a Federal agency is a criminal offence)


New Zealand visit by David Irving

New Zealand contradictions emerge: NZ Immigration approved 34 visits last year by people "automatically banned" under law being used to exclude historian David Irving | is PM Helen Clark backtracking? | Hundreds want me to come, says Irving | Irving decision is a blow for free speech, says Green MP Keith Locke | Jerusalem Post: Israel Govt applauds Irving ban | Reader's letter from Michael Deutsch of New Zealand Telecom -- and backs it up with threats | Mr Irving appears set to test ban on entry | Helen Clark said his views should not bar him | Foreign Minister Phil Goff (right) agreed

The Oligarchs

Catching up on the "oligarchs" Trial Opens for Jailed Russian Billionaire Khodorkovsky

Bush war against Iraq


Hitleriana: Sketch in oils of Hitler in Vienna, 1938, by Arnold Clementschitsch


Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Free Speech

World War II History

Auschwitz narrow escapes latest: Howard tells of 'harrowing' family tragedy at Auschwitz: "Michael Howard the [British Conservative party leader, right] relates how his aunt narrowly escaped death in Hitler's gas chambers. She was miraculously spared death three times - once because the killing chamber ran out of gas." [Smith Minor: Write a brief essay on what is wrong with the above sentence?] »»»»»



Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism



Maxine Fisher finds Goebbels biography patiently researched, without the customary bias and bitterness

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