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Unless correspondents ask us not to, this Website will post selected letters that it receives, and invite open debate.

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"Rod Splitcane" thinks it wrong, Tuesday, January 1, 2008, to publish photos of Hitler with children, given that lots of people were killed in WW2

Not a Mr Nice Guy, Hitler"?

Ref. your pictures of Hitler embracing young children on your web site, why not show his troops, on his orders, murdering other young children and babies, and their mothers?

And the brave German SS and Wehrmacht soldiers shooting mothers holding their children no doubt awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class for outstanding bravery.

Have the courage of your convictions and put those on your web site.

No doubt you will have an explanation to excuse yourself and Hitler.

You will never sell Nazism to the English.

An Englishman

[Website comment: We wonder how recent an Englishman...?]


David Irving answers:



YOU have unfortunately omitted your name and address, which rather detracts from the value of your letter. Anonymous letters are usually crap; yours is however different.

Your top three pictures of executions were possibly, faked photoI think, genuine; perhaps Riga in Nov 1941 (perhaps somebody can inform us about the uniforms and weapons, they are not German); the very last (right) is not -- it is a well known forgery, cropped to omit the anti-tank gun beyond the woman which is firing in the same direction, and evidently at the same enemy, as the rifleman (see the uncropped photo, below). The woman is fleeing with a child from whatever they are shooting at.

What was the source of your other execution pictures, please? They are not uninteresting. If you have studied my website you will know that the books and documents contain any amount of material on what is now called the Holocaust; see for instance the Minsk photographs I obtained from Kube's son at

and especially

What you have also omitted, other than your name, is why you link these atrocities with Adolf Hitler, any more than we should link Hiroshima with Harry S. Truman rather than the airman who dropped the Bomb?

 uncroped photo of shooting

IN 2000 the Wehrmachtausstellung organised by a conscience-stricken communist, Philip Reemstma the nicotine baron, was found to consist of mostly forged photographs. See these news items:

  Wehrmachtausstellung [WW.II War Crimes Propaganda Exhibition] update: 10 percent of photos show Wehrmacht crimes, 10 percent atrocities by others and NKVD; 80 percent show no crimes at all | Organizers of Wehrmachtausstellung immunize themselves against scholarly criticism | Der Spiegel interviews historian Paul Müller on faked Wehrmacht war crimes exhibit | It's coming to New York this year | Action Report visits the Wehrmachtausstellung (anti-Wehrmacht exhibit) in Hamburg
  Exhibition: Die Welt mocks Germany's ultra-Left over those fake atrocity photos | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung confirms show is full of forged photos | NKVD killings, not Nazi! | Caught out, panicking Hamburg exhibitors rip fakes out of display
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  Prof. Richard Evans squirts again: Vom Irving-Prozess zur Holocaust-Ausstellung

Related items on other websites:

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  Visit this link to download a German-language leaflet (Acrobat .pdf format, with photos) plus petition: "Informationsflugblatt (PDF) zu Reemtsmas Ausstellung. Fakten, die die Fälschungen widerlegen"
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