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September 2017: The Real History tour of SS sites in Latvia and Poland – Riga, Belzec, Sobibór and Treblinka

October 23, 2016

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David Irving is back
in Inverness after his annual guided tour of the grim SS sites in Poland, and of Hitler’s wartime headquarters in East Prussia

The Night they Burst the Dams

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Next year's tour, Sept 2017: including Riga and the Wolf's Lair, all four grim "Reinhardt" sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 — for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

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DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

A talk at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what he was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

Video DVD: Now available. THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

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Goldman-Sachs CEO Blankfein “supportive” of Clinton for her pragmatism – Wikileaks reveals she was paid $675,000 for three separate speeches to Goldman Sachs — as Sen. Bernie Sanders said, she was too cozy with Wall Street. They fly into damage-control mode: Trump’s deep dive into anti-Semitic conspiracy thinking | French right-wing candidate says Clinton’s “submission to Zionists” a danger for Europe

CBS news: Austria’s (Czech) interior minister, Wolfgang Sobotka, tells Austria court to find police officer guilty of saying “Heil Hitler” - Sobotka is the minister frantically tearing at Hitler’s parents’ house | Watch what you call us: Austrian politician is fined €5,000 for calling Norbert Hofer “Nazi”

Obituary: Brigitte Hamann is dead at 76, the Austrian historian – she wrote acclaimed Real-History biographies of the young Adolf Hitler who had many Jewish friends, of Winifred Wagner, and of Edouard Bloch, the (Jewish) physician of Hitler’s mother Klara

Nothing new here: Leaked Email – Hillary Clinton begs “forgiveness” from Rothschilds

Bargain: British Government offers to pay £2,000 to “refugees” if they leave

The Holocaust Controversy: A real expert refutes Robert Jan van Pelt’s cremation claims: Pelt was Lipstadt’s “expert” at her Trial, who was wrongly permitted to testify on everything from architecture to toxicology. Sample: Actual coke deliveries documented by delivery notes from Feb 16, 1942 to Oct 25, 1943, totalled 1,037 tons. Divided by the current minimum allegation of 1.1 million victims, gives a figure of one kg of coke per corpse. Something wrong there...

Election fight gets ugly: It’s time to acknowledge reality: Donald Trump talks like an anti-Semite – and you’re not allowed to. Rumblings: Top Paul Ryan advisor leaked Trump sex talk tape to Washington Post | If the kippa fits. Was it the debate of the Dog Whistle? Trump mentioned a few “seemingly sneaky, underhanded” people | Patrick J. Buchanan says The Donald Lives!

Jews furious at Trump’s “international bankers” speech: “Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors,” Trump said | Prof Jonathan Taylor: Trump, Anti-Globalism, and the Anti-Semitism Slur. Bringing up anti-Semitism just reminds people of how much influence and power Jews have.

L A Times anonymous review: “Denial’s’ scholar [Lipstadt] says movie confronts those ‘who think it’s OK to change facts’” - so what about “scholars” who invent them? – Dr Goebbels made it law in Germany that newspapers had to publish reviewers’ names

World safe again: Embarrassed Ikea bosses remove framed picture of a youngster “imitating Adolf Hitler”

Czech factory where Oskar Schindler “sheltered 1,200 Jews from the Nazis” under threat; but Czech historians portray him as a traitor and womanising crook

Ursula Haverbeck: Dritte Haftstrafe seit November 2015 – 87-year-old sentenced to jail in Germany, for thought-crime | NDR report | Bericht zum Haverbeck-Prozeß in Bad Oeynhausen

Masha Leon in The Forward: Revisiting a conversation with “Denial’s” real David Irving

Masha Leon chats with affable David Irving at BookExpo 2002 in New York

Interview: “I didn’t want to turn him into a monster”: Timothy Spall on playing David Irving – but admits about his YouTube speeches: “One thing he does have is a skillful technique and use of language” | Richard Roeper for Chicago Sun Times, or is that (((Roeper)))?: “Denial”: Holocaust legal drama overcomes a few flaws: “Timothy Spall is a snaggletoothed snake charmer as David Irving. Irving is an appalling human being and he is on the wrong side of history in a way that should shame his descendants for generations, but the man is not a fool, and he is dangerous” — There’s a clue: “on the wrong side of history,” unlike (((us)))

“Revered historian” Lipstadt talks to (((Matt Fagerholm))) about the “blood-curdling bully” Irving who according to her invented the soundbite “no holes, no Holocaust” - sound familiar? | Deutsche Welle’s lying take on Irving – it contains too many lies to refute. DW is a propaganda arm of Angela Merkel’s German government

How Unity Mitford met Hitler 140 times in build up to the War | Bahraini Writer: I was shocked to discover how many young Arabs idolize Adolf Hitler

Bottomless pockets: Germany to pay convicted homosexuals 30 million euros

It’s not that the (((usual folks))) aren’t trying to make the film relevant: Huffington Post – by (((Antonia Blumberg))): What a film about Holocaust denial can teach us about electing the next President | For those still interested: Here’s the (long) list of women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct – “Lipstadt” unmentioned

It bombs so loudly we can hear it. A Canadian – who came on last year’s David Irving Real History tour of the SS killing sites in Poland – writes today: “I just checked online for the local theatre ‎listings for Denial; no local listings for the movie at the national mega-theatre chain, nor the smaller movie chain, nor the local independent theatre. . . In a 90-mile radius only one theatre, in downtown Toronto the largest city in Canada, is screening Denial.” Can our Real History really be prevailing? — In Manhattan an audience of seven people in a 400-seater theater, says our informant. In two weeks, reports another, it has taken all of $93,000 in New York.

Because ordinary people can say what they think? Jews slam Hungarian referendum campaign for “similarities” to Nazi propaganda | On the defensive: Swedish MP accused of anti-Semitism, as she criticises Bonnier’s hidden control of Swedish media

Jeff Rucker: Denial: To the victor go the spoils | Denial wants to be a sobering trump allegory, but it plays more like liberal wish fulfillment | Holocaust Scholar Deborah Lipstadt on “Denial” – Movie Mom – She seems to be putting on weight, but losing brains. She didn’t like it when Mr Irving stood up in her audience in 1994, and challenged her to produce the blueprints she had just assured them she had. “She [Rachel Weisz] tracked me down. She said, “Deborah, tell me what you were feeling, what was it like?” and I said, “Rachel, it was a horrible, horrible moment. I’m used to having as you know some measure of control, I was completely out of control. . . I didn’t know how to take charge of the situation. I saw the students looking and I was thinking maybe I have something to say, if I started to challenge him it would elevate him. It was a debate I wouldn’t want to have. And yet I knew he was capturing the students and getting into their minds.” – What could they do? So they changed the wording | on truth-seeker Deborah Lipstadt | her email:

Under pressure to silence Wikileaks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed drone strike on Julian Assange in 2010 - Unaware the camera was still rolling, getting the news of Libyan Colonel Gaddafi’s murder, a jovial Clinton pronounced: “We came. We saw. He died” | WikiLeaks Julian Assange to make major announcement “which could end Clinton’s campaign” | Donald Trump hones attacks on big corporations, donors, and media | Clinton “will keep Israel safe. Trump will not”

3-D “Auschwitz” model to help in last Nazi trials in Germany - Achtung, new model of Birkenau, “accurate in every detail,” shows twelve watch-towers, which are not on wartime photos

Mustn’t say that: First they came for the “Holocaust deniers,” and I did not speak out

Obituary: Joseph Harmatz, Jewish “Avenger”: “I was very happy to hear about [the 1945 destruction of] Dresden itself. That was vengeance.”

After two days of tearsome outpourings, Robert Fisk writes: Shimon Peres was no “peacemaker”. I’ll never forget the sight of pouring blood and burning bodies at Qana

British people’s service to the Continent: Brexit could see all Jews flee from Europe within thirty years, says Pinchas Goldschmidt

Mick Jackson tells an audience why he directed “Denial”. He admits: “We didn't meet with David Irving. He has his own website, which you see in the movie. He started saying extremely rude things about the movie. He refused to call it ‘Denial.’ He called it ‘Dental.’ The movie. ‘Dental.’ He said very hurtful things. He said, ‘I can’t believe they cast a beautiful Hollywood actress [Rachel Weisz] to play the Neanderthal Deborah Lipstadt.’ He used that word, Neanderthal. Better casting choices, he said, would include Ernest Borgnine to play her. Isn’t that awful? He’s an equal opportunity offender”
    So that’s what those people themselves say about Lipstadt – because Mr Irving didn’t. The worst he said was, ‘I wondered who could play Deborah Lipstadt now that Rock Hudson is dead.’ I felt sorry for her at the time, as a Christian, and still do

Occidental Observer: How the manufactured anti-Semitism crisis is destroying UK Labor | Video news: “Flippant” Corbyn video on Labour and anti-Semitism riles British Jews | Labour Party suspends Jewish donor over Corbyn “Nazi stormtroopers” article | Yehuda Bauer blasts Labour and says it has anti-Semitism problem (Is that his only worry? Then the world’s still safe) | Usual folks getting nervous: Mel Gibson is making a movie about the resurrection of Jesus | Outrage: Venice press doesn’t ask him about “famous quote” blaming Jews “for starting all the wars [this century]”

Chronicle of Higher Education: A Holocaust Historian’s Trial hits the big screen. “Holocaust Historian”? Lipstadt is a writer who has never written about the holocaust, revealing the extent of her knowledge | David Cole writes in Taki Magazine about Deborah Lipstadt’s book and the movie loosely based on it: Denial is dead | Forward: “How our legal team won the case against Irving” - I watched it with the three leading lawyers: my colleague Anthony Julius; Richard Rampton, QC, and his “junior,” Heather Rogers – in the earlier McDonald’s case, the latter two, Rampton and Rogers, just happened to be friends and colleagues of the Lipstadt Judge: go figure | Jessica Goldstein: Talking conspiracy theories with Lipstadt (“This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity”): Lipstadt was struck by Mr Irving and “the depth of his cruelty.” … Sample Goldstein: “You obviously knew a lot about David Irving before the trial began and before he’d ever sued you. He was in your book. I’m curious what you learned about him over the course of the trial that was surprising to you.”
Lipstadt, pausing: “That’s a great question. I knew about him in theory. I knew about him in writing. I had never — and this is why Timothy Spall’s depiction of him is so powerful; it’s chilling at times — the depth of his contemptuousness. The depth of his cruelty. The depth of his disregard of truth. The depth of his hatred of Jews. Seeing it up close and personal, was riveting and chilling.” (In fact her own documents show that Mr Irving was not even in her book until mega-fraudster ‘Robert Maxwell’ wrote asking her to include him in the final draft)


Rachel Weisz, actress, and Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt, right, who was denied tenure at the University of California, looking gay in the Law Courts, London.

Overkill: Ian Buruma reviews that film in the N.Y. Review of Books: Auschwitz on Trial: The Bully and the Witness. Claims Mr Irving talked of “Auschwitz Survivors, Survivors of the Holocaust, and Other Liars – or the ASSHOLs.” (In fact he talked of “an Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars.” ASSHOLs turn out to be legion.) Irving will soon be up there with Mengele; he says in fact that Auschwitz is mostly a handy fake, like Disneyland; the real SS purge of the Jews was conducted at Belzec, Sobibór, Treblinka on the far side of Poland, and other hard-to-reach locations

Saleroom news: British Girl Guide met Adolf Hitler in 1936, her diary says he was “wonderful with children”bit by bit, Real History comes out but not from conformist historians

Andy Borowitz writes in The New Yorker about Rachel Weisz and Deborah Lipstadt – amusing, for those who talk Jewish | Easily frightened: Weisz on the frightening reality of Holocaust denial | Canadian homosexual chief eagerly supports Lipstadt: Bernie M Farber, ex-chief of the Canadian Jewish Congress: Embracing Denial, a new film about David Irving (denial – “the proposition that .  .  . world Jewry made it up to secure monetary reparations from Germany”) | Ron Paul: Why are poor American taxpayers sending $38 billion to rich and powerful Israel? | Name one other gift which keeps on giving: U.S. begins paying out reparations from France to “Holocaust” heirs

Horst Wessel Anthem: German Library claims copyright, censors documentary on YouTube – Young NS activist Horst Wessel was murdered by Communists; the “Nazis” caught and dealt with his murderers

Obituary: Karl Dietrich Bracher, German historian of “Nazi” era, dies at 94

Famed Holocaust historian says he “will quit U.S.” if Trump elected

Culture news: Hey Jew: The Beatles meet the Chosen - the Jewish and homosexual links of “the most famous group in rock ’n’ roll history”

Renaissance: German leader smears “far-right” AfD’s Berlin victory as “Nazi renaissance” | That’s the trouble with democracy: Berlin AfD vote will be seen as “Nazi” rebirth: so fears mayor, Michael Mueller, a Social Democrat | New AfD Berlin senator: “Nazi” civilian killings were “legal” | German Nationalist [AfD] probed for selling Nazi-era memorabilia

Not really British after all: Brexit prompts London rabbi Julia Neuberger to reconcile with German roots – her mother fortunately left Germany in 1937

Daily Express: Adolf Hitler’s nuclear arsenal “found” by German engineer in underground bunker – why didn’t he use it, then? answer: it’s baloney

Boston Globe: Deborah Lipstadt on truth, Trump, and Holocaust deniers - Lipstadt has to explain why she did not go into the witness stand | Rachel Weisz on the Frightening Reality of Holocaust Denial | David Merlin: "Behind the Scenes"

Live on a New York stage, on Sept. 19, 2016. Rachel Weisz and Deborah E. Lipstadt. The “acclaimed American historian” explains why she avoided the witness box at her London trial. Warning: Lipstadt looks uh, well-fed, and moderator Patricia Cohen – cultural reporter for The New York Times – rivals her in looks. Mr Irving says: “I’ve still got the $1,000 for her” – if she can produce the blueprint evidence she said in 1994 she has | Lawyer Kenneth S Stern of the Rosenberg Foundation (is that Julius & Ethel?) writes My behind-the-scenes “Denial” story: part of the Lipstadt “legal team”, he boasts of the [$13million] financial effort that went into the attack on David Irving, and the extent of fund-raising by American Jews (“depressingly few from the UK”), and the items left out of the movie. He mutters about “Irving’s vast connections with ‘neo-Nazis’ and white supremacists (and racist and misogynist comments)” and reveals how “the [London] courtroom stenographer’s real-time transcript appeared on my computer [in New York], and I could communicate with a vibrating phone in the [London] courtroom, if need be).” Lawyer Anthony Julius “represented Lipstadt without fee, until it became clear that Irving was determined to bring the matter to trial,” and then of course he put in substantial bills. Of course

Holocaust-denial film unveiled at Toronto International Film Festival - more clips | Panned, after all that money, too: gets unfavorable reviews | Even The Guardian pans Denial: Rachel Weisz makes heavy weather of Holocaust courtroom drama | another review calls it a “curiously awkward and slipshod movie” | Jewish newspaper Ha’aretz comment: “Weisz [said] her own parents were Holocaust refugees” (that’s a new category of “suffering”) | TIFF Journal also unhappy: “Denial is one of those well-meaning movies about an important subject that isn’t particularly good, but tends to get a free pass in awards season thanks to .  .  . ” well, you know what | Vanity Fair pans movie Denial: “Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a dud, despite the noble efforts of the cast” | Toronto: Denial has historical underpinning, but it might really be about Trump … calls Timothy Spall “reliably sleazy” (playing Irving) | and see the Wall Street Journal, with a thoughtful Reader’s comment: “Lost in here is an important point ... there is no proof that Hitler ordered it or was even aware. Modern scholarship [pioneered by David Irving] is starting to prove this” | Denial movie Part 1 - Introduction by Eric Hunt

Jewish author mockingly wishes Happy 100th Birthday to “beloved author and vile anti-semite” Roald Dahl – the late author was outspoken, speaking some home truths which they didn’t like hearing | BBC: In 1983, Dahl said in the New Statesman Adolf Hitler “didn't just pick on them [Jews] for no reason”. And: “There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity”

Mob of hundred “neo-Nazis” in street fight with immigrants in German townDaily Mail story, but collar does not match the cuffs: who started the fight

Former “Nazi” medic goes on trial in Germany

Deutsche Welle: AfD’s Petry wants to rehabilitate the “racist” term völkisch

Promoted (paid) story: “The True Tale of the Woman who took down the Holocaust denier”— Goebbels said, repeat the smear enough times, and it becomes true | “Acclaimed writer and historian” Deborah E. Lipstadt – the Big Silence. Rachel Weisz looks good in exclusive 'Denial' clip | Jewish Chronicle, on faking history: Lipstadt “had to prove the Holocaust happened” – actually she didn’t: but we all now have a chance to see Lipstadt live Sept. 20 in Milwaukee - NB: Pre-registration is required to guarantee a seat in Milwaukee. Can’t think whatever other reason there might be. Visit or contact or phone 414-390-5741

Politically correct wizards slam Air China for in-flight magazine’s “racist” advice for visitors to London (watch out in areas populated by Indians, Pakistanis, and “Black people”)

Changing the facts of history: Jewish leaders urge Labour to expel Ken Livingstone as he revives Hitler-Zionist claim – “After I did the interview with you [Vanessa Feltz] and I got suspended, I couldn’t walk down the street for people stopping me and saying ‘we know what you said is true – don’t give in to them’,” says Livingstone, in comments quoted by the Jewish Chronicle

Still learning the ropes: Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, visiting Israel, condemns the growing BDS movement in Australia as “anti-Semitic” and Palestinian moves to achieve statehood | Teachers’ Union of Oldenburg, Germany, calls for BDS and a complete boycott of the Jewish state

Britain’s failed experiment in multi-culturalism: Keith Vaz, chairman of Britain's Home Affairs Select Committee for nearly a decade, stands down after exposure in pædo homosexuals scandal | Occidental Observer asks: Why did Vaz protect Greville Janner? | Bercow knew Vaz was under police investigation – New PM did nothing. One comment reads: “The slippery oily git has got away with too much for far too long: A Catholic Indian, who pretends to be Hindu, and even Muslim for Asian voters. Thrown out of parliament twice for dishonesty, yet still chairing the Select Committee and making moral pronouncements on others. The BBC will not like this!”

David Irving in Latvia: “Convicted Holocaust denier” leads WW2 concentration camp tour | more – Russian TV agency

“Swastika crop circle” appears in British countryside | World safe again #1: Police seize Hitler-themed “Führer wine” from Bavarian pub | World Safe Again #2: Antiques Trade Gazette: Ancient Greek coin banned from eBay due to Nazi symbol – wow, some folks are really touchy

Art news: Wedding gift “painting by Adolf Hitler” fetches $20,000

Perhaps he made it up? Jewish avenger’s regret: No Nazis died in post-war arsenic plot | Nice folks: The Jew who admits to “pissing” on Hitler’s henchman | And they smear the experts: Donald Trump Jr. retweets “psychologist” who believes Jews manipulate society

See how Hollywood’s movie-trailer lies: an unknown 22-year old movie clip surfaces, showing the actual moment David Irving confronts the liar Lipstadt and offers her $1,000 – which he produces from a pocket – if she will show her audience the (non-existent) gas-chamber “blueprints” she has just boasted to them she possesses; privately filmed on November 11, 1994 at an Atlanta college. This is what really happened. – The trailer and Hollywood’s lies: David Irving is not the embodiment of Holocaust revisionism | David Hare, the screenwriter, justifies the script. (Unreal that, unlike Lipstadt, on the same day September 3 Mr Irving and his tour group revisit the Maidanek death camp in Poland )

See again our Index on Deborah Lipstadt, life and times. – Atlanta Journal Constitution, Fighting for power of truth — it rather conceals that, like an accused murderer, the woman kept silent throughout the Trial | David Merlin: Battle to Defend the Veracity of Historical Facts – Judge Gray allowed Lipstadt’s “architectural” expert witness (((Van Pelt))) to testify as a toxicologist, despite having no expertise whatsoever in poisons | Hollywood’s revenge on historian David Irving


Unashamed: Blacks start to reveal the history of the slave trade and the part played in it by the greed of the “Lipstadts” of the New World

«« A typical “Negros for Sale” advert of the 1830s

Secrecy and firing squads: Britain’s merciless war on Nazi spies

Probably genuine: Adolf Hitler desk fragment makes $8,000, beat its estimate by 1,140%

John Pilger writes: Provoking nuclear war by media

New York Times obituary of Prof. Ernst Nolte, Historian whose views on Hitler caused an uproar. Note the cowardly use of passive voice throughout (“was considered …”) etc. | The Occidental Observer: Tom Sunic, Ph.D., The past that won’t pass away

Who let them in? PC nonsense: Folk festival bans Morris-dancers from appearing in blackface after complaints the 500-year-old tradition is “racist”

Mustn’t do that: or criticise them, either: AfD accused of using neo-Nazi symbols on campaign car

Lipstadt defines four types of Anti-Semites (basically, people the Jews don’t like) | in Atlanta Jewish Times: An anti-Semite is someone who hates Jews more than necessary

Business come first: Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Britain’s Falklands War ... newly declassified Foreign Office files reveal. The Jews previously denied it. Menachem Begin, then Israel’s prime minister, began as commander of the Irgun, the Jewish underground, which killed the British soldiers in Palestine during WW2 and after

For London, propaganda is an art. Thierry Meyssan takes a look at the propaganda use of children by the International Coalition during the war against Syria (but the Internet is defeating them, isn’t it) »»

Obedient German historian asks: Jewish Chronicle | Was Magda Goebbels’ father Jewish? (Catch up: in 1996, David Irving published the facts about Richard Friedländer in Goebbels, Mastermind of the Third Reich, page 698. Friedländer died in Buchenwald)

Jewish pædophile's history: Pædophile TV star Sir (((Clement Freud))) was nominated for his knighthood by David Steel | Book review: Ted Heath: still a surly man of mystery

Worth watching again: Inside Britain's Israel Lobby - the Channel 4 Documentary that exposed

“We were the most apologetic bunch of skinheads”: Potter star Daniel Radcliffe reveals discomfort at using “racist” language portraying FBI agent. Of course Radcliffe was uncomfortable, he is of Lithuanian Jewish stock (not often mentioned, or in this article)

Anti-Defamation League calls Donald Trump plan to ban anti-semites “anti-Semitic” – uh, let’s read that again; uh? – Knee-Jerk: ADL smears teacher, honoured at Holocaust cartoon contest for comparing Israel to Nazis

Risking imprisonment in Germany, Joseph Goebbels’ secretary, 105, says: ‘No one believes me now, but I knew nothing’

OLG Nauenburg spricht “Schoa”-Leugner Hans Püschel frei. Eine andere Revisionistin, Ursula Haverbeck, wartet auf den Prozess (in German)

Los Angeles Times sees sense: “Why borders matter — and [why] a borderless world is a fantasy” | Pat Buchanan says: Yes, the System is rigged. Caution: use of the word System is illegal in Austria

One more reason not to let them in: Harold Wilson, the KGB and the REAL reason he quit: New book on former UK spymaster reveals details of Harold Wilson’s ties to KGB agents like “Joseph Kagan”, born Juozapas Kaganas into a Litvak family in Lithuania who like so many survived the Holocaust, and moved to Huddersfield; and Breslau born Rudy Sternberg (Baron Plurenden) and Eric Miller the fraudster who shot himself on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, about which holy day we had plans to ask Deborah Lipstadt — then she decided not to give evidence

Labour donor (((Michael Foster))) (left): “Why I despise [Labour leader] Jeremy Corbyn and his Nazi stormtroopers” | British MP Foster was in October unable to understand how Corbyn could speak for eight minutes at Labour Friends of Israel event without mentioning “Israel” | Foster: “lost eight [unidentified] relations in the Holocaust and grandfather was in Dachau”| he accuses hard-Left of threats | AWPOW*: Jack Beatson, Haifa-born Judge who ruled in Labour membership appeal, challenged as “Zionist” - but was not necessarily biassed

Who’s offended? Millions weren’t: BBC refuses to remake the classic World War II comedy ’Allo ’Allo because bosses fear the “Nazis” in the show will offend viewers

The last miaou of Austria’s Leftists: “Extreme right-wing propaganda”: Austria jails man who posted photo of Nazi-salute cat | New York Post

The Occidental Observer: Thought-control in the UK: Britain’s state-sponsored intimidation of Whites | Breaking out of the ghetto: North London Jews find room to flourish in the wide open spaces of Canvey Island (Essex): locals horrified – Haredi men wear traditional black coats and hats, and grow beards and sidelocks; the women cover their hair with scarves, hats, or wigs

Painting stolen from Hitler’s wall by U.S. soldier up for auction

Setback for free speech, but some Australians are kvelling: Latest bid to scrap 18C falters. Section 18C appears to have dodged another bullet

Under threats from Israel, German university cancels seminar that teaches how Israel “harvests” Palestinian organs – but do they deny it? Is it true? | Google slammed for removing Palestine from its maps

Is this what they call Doing Penance? Actor Christopher Biggins to visit “Nazi” camps after “Holocaust joke” to Jewish actress misfires

AWPOW*: Judge Lowell Goddard fired: legal bid to drop Lord Janner from child sex inquiry was announced just hours before she quit

The gold-plated pistol “used by Hermann Goering to surrender to allies” surfaces for sale at £30,000 | Rock Island Auctions has a bad reputation: gun’s likely origin is U.S. Colonel James Atwood, previously responsible for fake “Hitler” and “Himmler” pistols ... produced in Walther’s post-war factory in Ulm

AWPOW*-batteries running out? Smeared by German national newspaper Die Welt, Israel’s puppet: Freispruch für den Holocaust-Verharmloser Hans Püschel: acquitted, although he dared to challenge the figures. Jewish leaders slam German court for acquittal after he said, “Jews can do anything in Germany, including lie and betray? They are untouchable?” Ambitious unknown “German historians” chorus disapproval of him. Leftist outrage: “Anti-Semitic NPD” ex-mayor’s acquittal slammed as “scandalous”

Brutal way to solve the drug-pusher problem: Death toll in the Philippines’ war on drugs

György (((Lázár))): (((Ronald Lauder))) complains Hungary is the most anti-Semitic country in Europe. Will Hungary’s Jews soon demand statues erected to their murderous friends Béla Kun, Gábor Péter, Revai, Fárkas, Rákosi et al.?

The Occidental Observer: Mrs Merkel violates the NATO treaty | Immigration is “poison” for Europe, says Hungary’s prime minister Orban | “She declared war on own people”: Merkel faces online uproar | Munich terror: massive backlash amid shooting rampage | YouTube on Munich shooting: Ungereimtheiten zu München - Kinder betroffen as of July 23, 2016: Note the police car with HH tag (Hamburg) at about 9 mins. | That’s odd: Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice and Munich | Mossad agent filmed in Nice and Munich | Israel behind European terror attacks, says Cynthia McKinney | Nice+Munich terror suspect Einat Wilf | München-Terror: Anonymous bietet 2.500 Euro für sachdienliche Fotos und Videos | Women left in charge: Germany took in more than two million “refugees” last year | Gamekeepers: Immigrants to be trained as German pool lifeguards to “reduce sex attacks” | Merkel’s new laws in Germany: Sixty “suspected far-right extremists” arrested after discovery of Facebook network | German police raid “extremists” as the authorities continue their campaign

Diaries belonging to “Nazi” murderer Heinrich Himmler have been found in Russia – Not his diaries, his agenda; and they [do not] reveal how SS “monster” fainted when Jew's brain [execution victim at Minsk, was not actually a Jew, but a criminal] splattered on to his coat. Yes, it is another peg to hang Holocaust stories and pictures on. The bad news is these pages will not help, it is the perverted stuff the [Springer Press, pro-Israel] journalists can add that do that. Like Himmler’s visit Sobibór (where our tour goes every year). His visit lasted only a few minutes, no time to “watch” anything

(((Evil))): Philip Green accused in bitter war of words with MP, Frank Field

Despite Leftist vote-rigging: Austria’s “far-right” candidate Hofer leading in first re-run election poll | Austrian Court says it’s okay to call anybody “Nazi - so what about “Communist,” “Marxist,” “Pinko,” or even “Poofter”?

Shocking rediscovered films show a “friendly” Hitler in Bayreuth. Professor Brigitte Hamann, the historian, also wrote on Hitler in Vienna, showing that unlike many of his followers he was not antisemitic

The Occidental Observer: The tarnished halo of “Saint Bob” (((Geldof)))

Antisemitism Expert: WikiLeaks “knew what it was doing” when invoking antisemitic tropes on Twitter, says Lea (((Speyer))) | Mel Gibson’s [Hollywood] career never recovered after anti-Semitic rant, says journalist Ethan (((Sacks))) . (Question: what exactly is a trope?)

DNC staffers annoyed at “having to commemorate the Holocaust” – Leaked internal DNC emails reveal awkward feelings | Democratic convention’s first night studded with Jews | Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory, says rabbi. “It’s no place for a Catholic church”

Rachel Weisz proving her enemy’s in denial in movie drama’s new images | New movie about Deborah E. Lipstadt currently being filmed | new Holocaust Propaganda film demonizing historian Irving | Weisz fights for truth, in ‘Dental’ trailer

The Unacceptable Face of Judaism #1: “Sir” Phillip Green (above) buys third $100 million yacht, while failed company BHS welshes on pension commitments | But Daily Mail still does not dare mention Phillip Green’s race: Sir Shifty vs. Cap’n Bob | #2: Lord Janner: Investigation of eleven police officers for unexplained failure to prosecute top Jew in time for a history of child sex abuse – “gross misconduct”

Unlike “Nazi” times, when Hitler forbade it: Germany prepares to deploy armed soldiers on the streets after Munich shooting – you have to chuckle at the Daily Mail’s lazy journalism, using what is a picture from a 1960s war film. (Note the hopeless positioning of the helmet decals.)

How Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s DNC tried to weaponize Bernie Sanders’s Jewishness


The Trump Convention: A Painful Moment for the Bush Family Network

James Delingpole, The Spectator: Brexit won the battle. But now we’ve lost the war. “What I feel most is sadness – the people’s revolution has been squashed ... we’re like Cub Scouts who’ve just met the SS Leibstandarte” | The Occidental Observer: Theresa May, friend of Israel and the organized Jewish community | “Probably the most pro-Israel and Jew-friendly prime minister in British history,” says Israel's Ha’aretz. She says, “Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain”

UK thwarts police war-crimes probe of former Israeli minister | Don’t hold your breath, folks: Israel’s former foreign minister Tzipi Livni ignores summons by British police over suspected war crimes in Israel’s 2008-2009 Gaza war


Hitler-house saved: How to “rectify” history: Austria moves to seize (and destroy) house where Hitler was born – not got much time, maybe a “right-wing” president, Hofer, is coming | Bild: Austria will seize house by force: Österreich holt sich das Hitler-Haus | but finds it cannot legally destroy it, it’s a protected building: second thoughts - Regierungsspitze gegen Abriss von Hitler-Geburtshaus

George W Bush is mocked, starts dancing during solemn memorial service for Dallas police (Michelle Obama is not laughing)

Airbus blocked from $25 billion deal with Iran, thanks to an amendment by Peter Roskam, Chicago. Incidentally Roskam excoriated the New York Times for identifying the affiliation of Congressmen voting against the Iran deal in “Lawmakers Against the Iran Nuclear Deal.” | Anti-Defamation League is worried by the new practice of placing Jewish names inside triple parentheses. (((They))) prefer to exist furtively

Wearing a yarmulka, Canadian premier tastes the “Auschwitz experience” (as advertised at Kraków airport): Trudeau visits the notorious death camp — Europe’s Dismayland |
Canadian exhibit offers evidence of “Nazis’” mass extermination – oh, no, it doesn't





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