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David Irving tours Wolf's Lair and SS killing sites

November 15, 2018



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“I have just finished Goebbels,” writes Francis H of Sweden, “and it was a pure joy.”


David Irving is returning to St Augustine, northern Florida, to work on “Himmler” . He has been two days down in Key West, FL 33041, visiting his PO  Box 1707

The Night they Burst the Dams

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Gerwich Bode tango lesson

Above: high jinks on our 2011 tour of Hitler's HQ - one of our porkier guests gives our Polish expert guide a tango lesson. This year's tour: all four grim "Reinhardt" sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites, including the Wolf's Lair

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 -- for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

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David Irving speaking at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what his SS was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

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Ich komme wieder

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David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

Video DVD: DAVID IRVING talking about Churchill's War




David Irving's classic history of the infighting between the top Allied generals during the 1944 invasion of Normandy, based on their unknown private letters and diaries.


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Safe again      Variety: Friends of the Israel Defense Forces gala raises $60 million– and see the Comments | USA and UK, please observe   The new Germany – Thank you Twitter

Man for the job      Michael Avenatti arrested by Los Angeles police on suspicion of domestic violence. “Avenatti, who has been tormenting President Trump for almost nine months, is considering a run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination” – a handpicked candidate for the toilet wing of the Democratic party

Surely not      Alison Weir asks, Is Israel turning a blind eye as Israeli scammers swindle victims – out of their life savings?

Junk art”      Deutsche Welle (a German Government propaganda source): “Nazi” art juxtaposed with “Nazi”-banned works in German exhibition – we can judge which we like more

Victor Orbán, Hungary, speaks for all of us      The Occidental Observer, European Union leaders are “slowly but surely turning indigenous Europeans into a minority”

wiesenthalShoulda chosen more stylish hats      Jewish group [Simon Wiesenthal Centre] accuses K-Pop band BTS of mocking the past with “Nazi-style” hats

Mid-term results      Philip Giraldi: Israel wins U.S. 2018 Election. No matter who is elected, Israel comes first

Never forget      New York rabbi [Rabbi Yechezekel Wolff] is sued for $21million by congregation after he “ripped out plaques for Holocaust survivors and rented out 100-year-old synagogue for disco parties”

Rescue attempt      Ha’aretz: Israeli minister blasts France over recognition of Nazi collaborator | The Guardian: French president Macron’s plan to pay tribute to “Nazi” collaborator Pétain stirs Jewish outrage | Business Insider, U.K.: France's Macron ratchets up warnings about Europe's far-right nationalists, comparing them to “Nazis” and fascists

They do it in the United States       “Is it time to stop reflecting on past wars? – Good Morning Britain, on YouTube |citynews.com.au: Historian [Peter Barton] wearies of “one-sided” war

Too little, too late?       German “far right” kicks out member over Hitler “wine bottle” photos. Hitler didn’t drink anyway | Poland’s eurosceptic leaders to hold joint march with “far right” groups

Easily astonished      “Astonishing” photo of Adolf Hitler smiling and hugging (Jewish) girl up for sale – Hugging: that was before Judea “declared waron Germany. Now see what the U.K.’s judæophile press makes of it!   The Times | The Star | The Daily Mail | Daily Express – “when Evil met Innocence” – But Good news: an expert writes, “this girl was considered to be German. She had only one Jewish grandparent. She was neither fish nor fowl. I think that she could have legally married an SS officer. I read somewhere that 25percent of the German population was 25percent or more Jew. She would have also been eligible to make Aliyah these days at 25% Jew”

They Never Forget         I’d still read Roald Dahl’s books to my children, but we can’t forget he was an “anti-Semite,” by Eleanor Margolis; i.e., he was just Jew-wise, understood what Napoleon called their corrupting influence

Gaza, Shabra, Chattila were not “barbarism“?      Times of Israel: “The Night Germany Relapsed into barbarism” by Deborah Lipstadt – “Liar” Lipstadt repeats some of the clumsy lies that got her hauled into court, from which her Hollywood friends bailed her out at a cost of $13million; and relies on “Skunky” Evans et al., who perjured themselves under oath

Ha’aretz:       France’s biggest “anti-Semitic” website [Démocratie Participative] may soon be forced offline [stumbling block: it is hosted by a U.S. company, Cloudflare, which cites the U.S. First Amendment]

Zyklon B study      Interessante Studie zum Hersteller – Über 200 Seiten. (pdf.) – Sehr Interessant.

So who were they?      Young Labour has expressed at being wrongly associated with a meeting with former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, whom it called a “war criminal”.

Now we know      Jewish Telegraph Agency: Zionist Organization of America gives John Bolton “Defender of Israel” award

Best ever in Germany      The Tablet (Jewish source): The worst choice for “Greatest Slovak” - AEI: The BBC mini-series and poll Great Britons (2002) started in British television, with spin-offs all around the world most recently in Slovakia. — In the UK, the title was earned [shortlived] by Winston Churchill; in Germany [after somewhat loner, Adolf Hitler was voted top], the former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer was recently named “best” in the poll; which first result was quickly deleted!

Pro-Jewish outrage      “Sack Roger Scruton over comments about György Soros [Schwartz],” demand Jewish Labour MPs; under fire over “anti-Semitic” conspiracy theories – Backbencher Wes Streeting accused Scruton; Streeting is the Labour MP for Ilford North, whose Jewish community is one of the largest in the UK | The Guardian U.K.: Ukip [UK Independence Party] accused by British Jews and CST (their private army) over links with the US far-right website [InfoWars]

Before the murder    Jerusalem Post: Edward Snowden admonishes Israelis: Israeli software tracked [Jamal] Khashoggi

The Last Heroes      Silent colour film footage of Hitler and the German capital. The great parade of the Volksturm, thousands of men and women beyond draft-age mustered with Panzerfausts by Dr Joseph Goebbels for the defence of Berlin against the Red Army. Thank you, YouTube

Outrage is not enough      Not even Ben Kingsley [as Adolf Eichmann] can rescue the banal Nazi drama Operation Finale

A week of knife murders in Central London and the elephant in the room is that the victims are all Caribbean negroes  .  . . the truth that dare not speak its name

Israeli authorities arrest six in suspected diamond smuggling scheme

Germany’s former domestic spy chief [Hans-Georg Maassen] has been ousted after criticizing the government and doubling-down on questioning whether neo-Nazis attacked refugees in an east German city.

Reuters: Wheelchair-bound 94-year old German on trial for “Nazi” crimes

Inconvenient History answers “Liar” Lipstadt – “Nobody Denied It Happened?” – Deborah Lipstadt stated in a talk about “Holocaust denial” in Oxford (Time: 1:55) : “In not one war-crimes trial since the end of World War Two has a perpetrator of any nationality ever said it didn’t happen.” | NPR: Anti-Semitic Incidents in the U.S. appear to be on the rise  – says “Liar” Lipstadt, who blames President O’Bama, but never the Jews

White South African Farmers Say “Da” to Putin’s Asylum Offer - where’s the British empire?

Can’t please everybody       Royal Mint rejected Roald Dahl coin over “anti-Semitic” views
– company drops proposal to mark centenary of author’s birth, papers show

Nobody wants them      World Israel News: Eichmann’s sons set up “Nazi” terror cell in Argentina to attack Jews – Eichmann persuaded his sons that he had only wanted to expel the Jews, but no other country would accept them

Whatever grabs them      Hitler “had a tiny deformed penis” as well as just one testicle, taunt lying German “historians” (with a dirty mind); but he still had enough to send the British expeditionary force packing, to be the “first on the beach” at Dunkirk
They failed      The Electronic Intifada The film the Israel lobby didn't want you to see |
Take Down the Minister      Al-Jazeera English: Banned film about the Israel lobby in the USA and previously the U.K.
Behind everything      Ha’aretz: Iran claims allegations it plotted foiled Denmark attack are part of Israeli “conspiracy” | Netanyahu admits Israel behind Europe’s row with Iran over murder plot allegations | Washington Post: Netanyahu praises US sanctions on Iran – as Mel Gibson said, Jews are behind all the wars of the last century

YouTube: David Irving speaking in Tampa, on politics, freedom, and the truth

New invasion      New Observer online: 20,000 “Armed” Nonwhite Invaders Attacking Bosnia-Croatia Border, Austrian Govt. warns | Krone: Experten zu „Krone“: „Jetzt kommen ganz andere“

Balfour declaration      Foreign Policy Journal: How Great Britain Facilitated the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Jewish Chronicle, U.K.: Austria to offer passports to Holocaust victims’ children and grandchildren, Sebastian Kurz confirms — not thinking straight

Times of Israel: How George Soros became the target of both anti-Semites and right-wing Jews| Lithuanian state historians defend Nazi collaborator accused of killing Jews

The Copenhagen Post: Danish “Nazi” membership archives available online for the first time

Not enough real crime      U.K. Metropolitan Police opens investigation into Labour “anti-Semitism” Claims | Jewish News: Tony Blair says Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership still “in denial” about “anti-Semitism” – could it be, he just doesn’t like them?

Unfavourable      A study of attitudes towards Israel in the UK has found that 49 percent of Britons have an unfavourable view of Israel – The poll was commissioned by an Israel lobby group, the British Israel Communications and Research Center

More good about Hitler    Daily Express: Freemason lifts lid on the “horror” of “Nazi” persecution during WW2

A Jewish soldier’s life:    Hitler Youth school named after Holocaust survivor — was in the Hitler Youth, he fled the Nuremberg Laws to Lódz [Litmannstadt] in Poland, then joined the german army, a Panzerfaust unit, “fortunately, I didn't manage to start fighting,” then to Russia, joined the Russian army, fought against the Germans, then joined the US army, immigrated to Israel in July 1948, enlisted in the newly-formed IDF, and fought in the “War of Independence” where he could kill the British

Grudging admiration:     Timothy Spall exclusive interview admits, for David Irving – whom he played in Denial – though in an oiky voice

Bombshell for Europe        Daily Express: Poland and Greece demand €1 trillion from Germany for Nazi WW2 – say “experts”. What about Germany demanding too, from RAF Bomber Command, next

Jerusalem Post: PLO ends recognition of Israel

Ouch    Electric-chair builder [Fred Leuchter] worried that Tennessee execution will fail. (But when the time comes in Tennessee, it doesn’t.)

YouTube      David Irving speaking in South Africa on Africa and Germany, ca. 1986 “On the manipulation of History” | David Irving speaks on YouTube: “This has nothing to do with justice (1989)” | Thank you, YouTube

Cruel and unusual      “Queen Elizabeth offers to restore British Rule over United States

Politico: Anti-Semitism has moved “into the mainstream,” says ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt (left) – possibly a Jew | The Forward: Sam Kestenbaum says Yes, Ranting against ‘Globalism’ is “anti-Semitic” – so you mustn’t do that either

Secrets       Daily Mail: New book reveals Audrey Hepburn’s secret life as a Nazi fighter — Hepburn was born 1929, so she was nine; for the first two years of the war, “her father was a ‘Nazi’ agent and her mother was ‘pro-Nazi’”

Outrage       Jewish groups angered over Italy’s plan to reduce “Holocaust” survivors’ pension fund

“Pittsburgh-massacre survivor”       The Sun (UK): Jewish leaders accuse President Donald Trump of inciting hate after synagogue attack | The Forward, on Pittsburgh: We must politicize the shooting In Pittsburgh| New York Time: Who Is Robert Bowers, the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting?

Other Losses”      How after WW2 Eisenhower’s secretly troops led away 1 million German prisoners to starve to death. “Other Losses” – A film by James Bacque. Thank you, YouTube

Music      YouTube’s live recording: On April 19, 1942, Symphony No.9 conducted by Wilhelm Furtwängler in the presence of the leading men of Germany and generals. Thank you, YouTube

Music      YouTube’s live recording: Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Coriolan” overture, conducted by Wilhelm Furtwängler in Berlin, on July 27, 1943 — the very eve of the terrible RAF firestorm raid on Hamburg which killed 48,000 citizens; despite which the Germans fought on for two more years. One comment: “He [Wilhelm Furtwängler (1886–1954)] was friendly with cultured Jews who contributed to the nation, but recognized that the Jewish community in general was a corrupting force.” He conducts the Berliner Philharmoniker. Thank you, YouTube

Terrified    Daily Mail: Britain’s MI5 will tackle the “terror threat” from Right-wing “extremists” as part of a major shake-up – same as Irish and Muslim terrorists. Remind us, how many bombs have the “far-Right extremists” laid recently? how many people have they killed? Is Israel still off our domestic radar? Who’s paying for this nonsense?

No conspiracy     Australian Jewish News: Billionaire Mark Leibler “refutes” Kevin Rudd book allegations – on the Jews, and using fake Australian passports in a murder, and their useful blessings on Julia Gillard. Rudd is the former Australian prime minister.

Squid-like     Times of Israel: Nasty –Dutch public broadcaster NOS calls Soros [Schwartz] a Jew who has “tentacles” in US politics — does he squirt ink too?

Thought crimes      Judgment in the Munich case was yesterday pronounced: Canadian citizen Alfred Schaefer was sentenced to three years two months for “Holocaust-denial” and incitement. Monika Schaefer, sentenced to ten months (i.e., time served), is forthwith freed from prison in Munich. — For further reporting see The Barnes Review | Canadian Jewish News is kvelling: Canadian siblings receive jail terms for “Holocaust denial” in Germany

Perhaps build more prisons in Germany? British Government to set up a £1.7m fund for Holocaust education charities – The fund will help charities and wider society “to challenge increasing cases of Holocaust denial, distortion and hate”, says the chief executive of the Holocaust Education Trust – a “charity” which secretly campaigned to stop David Irving’s “Hitler’s War”: the book is now at the printers, reprinting yet again | Jewish News: $2.2m for security funding – for Jews: special treatment

Demonizing      The son of billionaire [and “philanthropist”] Soros [b. György Schwartz] says Donald Trump’s presidential campaign contributed to the “anti-Semitic” and anti-democratic atmosphere. “I cannot see it divorced from today’s new normal of political demonization –,” he writes in The New York Times: Like calling all your foes “anti-Semites” or “Holocaust deniers,” regardless of the facts? | Washington Post: Talia Lavin, Conspiracy theories about [the “liberal billionaire philanthropist” George] Soros aren’t just false, they’re “anti-Semitic”

Auschwitz museum gets “Nazi death camp” conductor’s baton – so there was an orchestra

Tail wagging the dog      Sofia Globe, Bulgaria: EU Parliament demands ban on neo-fascist and “neo-Nazi” groups in the EU | The late President Nixon privately talked about the Jews as “born spies” | Jewish Chronicle, U.K.: [Jewish] man jailed for hoax bomb threat to flight for which he was running – with his revealing photo, but unmentioned: his stagger-you-Jack religion | Jewish Telegraph: Loyalty issues: Michael Cohen turned on [i.e. betrayed] President Donald Trump, at urging of his Jewish “Holocaust-survivor” father – as Trump himself said, if you seek a lawyer – someone loyal – look elsewhere. If you seek a “survivor”, they’re everywhere

Wealthy Jew accused again, they just can’t help it. BBC: Sir Philip Green (left, with fellow malfeasor Harvey Weinstein) is named over sexual harassment claims | CNBC:  he is “outed” in parliament by Peter Hain, South African friend of terrorists, as the businessman who sought High Court protection. Watch for Green’s denial of “unlawful” behaviour, but in a first statement to BBC on sexual harassment allegations he confirms large “confidential settlements” were paid to employees. Still “Sir Philip”? No mention of the J-word either, but even the Jewish Chronicle is uncomfortable | Daily Mail: Hain refuses to apologise for outing Green


Robert Faurisson: Michael Hoffmann eulogy: “A Fighter to his last breath” | Obituary in French: Rivarol | in German, “Faurisson (1929-2018): Ein unerschrockener und unbeugsamer Mann inmitten von Feiglingen”

Hello Deutschland, ich bin “Nick Ross”: BBC’s former “Crimewatch” presenter becomes a German citizen – 85 years after his father (born as Hans Rosenbluth), fled to England on a Kindertransport, took the more English name John Caryl Ross and joined the British army to fight the Germans; in 1940 the British interned the Jewish grandparents as aliens. His son the BBC broadcaster Nick Ross now claims he “had no awareness of his roots”, despite his father’s name. – Could’ve fooled me; could’ve knocked me dahn wiv a fevver | Russia Today: the BBC’s effort to combat “heteronormative” culture baffles social media

Daily Mail: Pope Francis compares populists to Hitler — (he is quoting Deutsche Welle, a German government source, which has its own reasons) | Jewish Press: Zionist Christians “Don’t Belong to Christianity,” says Palestinian Authority Christian head – The Christian Evangelists are pulpits in the service of Zionist enterprise

London Evening Standard continues to fly the flag for Israel: Jeremy Corbyn’s brother’s “anti-Semitic” rant

RIP – we will not forget Robert Faurisson     who exposed the “reconstructed gas chamber” at Auschwitz I as a fake. Faurisson died October 21, arriving back at seven pm at his home in Vichy, France. His brother confirms that Faurisson was returning from a visit to his Shepperton, Surrey birthplace; here he was twice interrupted by violent opponents. He would have been 90 in January | Professor Faurisson – the intellectual adventurer of the century – dies on return from his birthplace | France 24: Faurisson, academic, convicted for claiming there was no systematic mass killings of Jews by “Nazi” Germany | Jewish Chronicle: Le Pen praises “Holocaust denier” | Alison Chabloz | Robert Faurisson : un homme intrépide et indomptable au milieu des lâches (an intrepid and indomitable man, among cowards), Jérôme Bourbon’s editorial published in Rivarol (France), October 24, 2018

The Forward: Mussolini’s granddaughter posts “threatening” tweet – to sue anyone who posted “pictures or phrases” offensive to her grandfather; it unleashes protests from the Jewish community.

Times of Israel: Israel said to fear US peace plan includes Jerusalem as Palestinian capital | Belgian trade union boss says Israel kills Palestinian kids for their organs (the paper later published a partial correction)

Jewish Telegraph Agency: When Dutch Jews found haven in “anti-Semitic” Hungary Daily Mail prints extracts from Kenneth Rose diaries: the day our former King blurted out: “The Jews brought us into the war” ... Oswald Mosley should have been prime minister. On November 1, 1972: “At the Ritz to lunch with Mosley in a private suite. . . [Viscount] Walter Monckton [the Queen Mother’s legal adviser] was also there, and the Duke of Windsor turned to him and said: ‘Come on, Walter, admit that it was the Jews who brought us into the war.’ Monckton naturally refused to agree with the Duke, who then turned to Mosley and repeated the question. Mosley says to me: ‘I was interned for three and a half years for maintaining just that; I declined to discuss the matter with the Duke.’” (Lord Monckton’s papers are still closed)

The Spectator: Jewish writer, Norman Lebrecht, hacking away at legends: “The truth about Wilhelm Furtwängler” – Furtwängler conducted magnificent Beethoven symphonies in Berlin while the bombs fell. The Jews cannot forget that Beethoven wrote the symphonies, or pardon Wagner for not liking them, or forgive Hitler for showing that a nation can live without them, as he said

Daily Mail: Brexit sees huge spike in Britons applying for German citizenship | The Guardian: British relatives of “Nazi”-era refugees seek German passports before Brexit – an unexpected dividend! Our unloved, overstaying guests, the Kindertransporten of 1938–39 heading back!

Jewish Telegraph Agency: Tens of thousands of newly revealed documents show Argentina’s Nazi ties during WWII | Dutch “activists” seek release of archive on “Holocaust” war criminals

Daily Beast: Gideon Resnick: GOP channels “anti-Semitism” to portray George Sörös as puppetmaster – Disclosure: Soros Fund Management LLC owns stock in The Daily Beast’s parent company.

Activists call for “Hitler balcony” destruction in Vienna – that’s all “activists” are good at: destruction

Daily Telegraph: Senior figure in Germany’s AfD “went on pilgrimage to Hitler sites”

Sydney Morning Herald: Prominent Jewish community leader Mark Leibler – that's pronounced leebler, please – has accused former prime minister Kevin Rudd of making false claims about the pro-Israel lobby

Daily Mail: Facebook takes down Louis Farrakhan’s video comparing Jews to “termites” – but Twitter leaves it up

Ha’aretz: Israeli military worked to create system to track social media users’ private correspondence

Heute (Austrian government source): Existenz von Gaskammern geleugnet! 10.000 € Strafe - Oberösterreich lawyer said correctly in closing argument: “Es ist strittig, ob in Mauthausen Vergasungen stattgefunden haben. Was man seinerzeit in Mauthausen zu Gesicht bekommen hat, ist eine sogenannte Gaskammer, die nachträglich eingebaut wurde.”

Die Welt (German national newspaper of the Axel Springer group, which supports Israel): „Wüstenfuchs“: Was für Erwin Rommel spricht – und was gegen ihn

Fashion Photographer Mikael Jansson Describes His Year Shooting Portraits of “Holocaust Survivors” – did they ever ask, Why Us?

Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett wants “shoot to kill” policy in Gaza – explicitly, even against children

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The Local (a German government source): Uproar in Germany over homage to “Nazi” general Erwin Rommel

Ha’aretz: Israeli writers team up for TV series on “Nazi” scientists at NASA

Tablet Magazine (a Jewish magazine): Failure of Holocaust Education in Britain – 32 percent believe that Britain declared war on Germany because of the Holocaust; Holocaust is the only compulsory subject in the national history curriculum but “after 25–30 years Holocaust education is failing ” – Holocaust Educational Trust, a “charity“

The Guardian: U.K. Police spies infiltrated UK leftwing groups for decades – Exclusive: database shows 124 Green, “anti-racist” and other groups spied on by undercover police. Puzzle for the left, why not the right? (Answer: Go figure).

Daily Mail: Sleeping with the enemy: The pictures taken from German PoWs that revealed how women in “Nazi”-occupied Europe leapt into their arms – but no comment on the many colour photos taken by the Germans

YouTube: David Irving talks about the Nuremberg trials –The Last Battle

Times of Israel: “We knew nothing”: Hitler personal staff claim they were in the dark on “Holocaust” – as David Irving always wrote. The article has a photo of Hitler "with half-nieces, Geli and Elfriede Raubal” – who are in fact neither. Yawn

[Australian prime minister] Scott Morrison considers Israel embassy move for Australia Note: Morrison is a Christian-Zionist, held prayers with Rabbis last week.

He says he will consider moving Australia’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as the nation’s capital, despite peace process with the Palestinians.

Johannes Heyne, British maltreatment of prisoners, at Bad Nenndorf, in post-war Germany: Britain's Detailed Interrogation Centre: including SS general Oswald Pohl, at the end of May 1945

Reuters: Israel crowns 93-year-old as “Miss Holocaust Survivor”– A dozen trod the catwalk in the city of Haifa, with hair coiffed, make-up, and sashes

Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi Arabia calls murder claims “lies” | Turkey “has recording proving Saudi murder” in consulate of Jamal Kashoggi
MSNBC: protester who confronted Senator Flake in an elevator confessed on MSNBC that she works for George Sörös: Ana Maria Archila, an executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD); other protester, Maria Gallagher, is an activist. “I work for a network of community organizations,” Archila said, adding that it is her “job” to organize people into action. “If the president wants to know whether I work for a social justice organization, the answer is yes ... since I was 23,” she asserted

Simon Cowell, son of Eric Selig Phillip Cowell | donates £50,000 (of his estimated honest fortune of $550 million). His non-Jewishness is nevertheless still hotly debated

Times of Israel: Trump lobbied Japan's Abe on casino for Sheldon Adelson - and other Israeli corruption

Evening Standard: Chelsea Football Club offers supporters, banned for “anti-Semitism” chance to visit “Nazi” camp site Auschwitz – but will they be permitted to ask questions? The site is, uh, sticky about that

Erika Solomon: One town fights back against a “neo-Nazi” concert in east Germany – can we hazard a wild guess why Miss Solomon is so hostile?

Trump aide hired Israeli Black Ops agents to Blackmail JCPOA Supporters – aide hired “Black Cube” to dig up dirt on Iran deal; the same firm was hired by Harvey Weinstein

Russia clarifies position, against Israeli “control” of Syria’s Golan Heights

The Guardian: AfD leader Alexander Gauland accused [by Jewish historians, in Israel-friendly German newspapers] of echoing Hitler in article for Frankfurter Allgemeine – he wrote that members of the “globalised class” live “almost exclusively in big cities, speak fluent English, and when they move from Berlin to London or Singapore for jobs, they find similar flats, houses, restaurants, shops and private schools everywhere,” group socialised only among themselves, and had no attachment to their homelands. Hitler said the same in 1933

Two activists from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign disrupt Israeli “Holocaust” film in Berlin, prompting Israeli security officials to evict them. Jerusalem Post identifies one as Ronnie Barkan, from Israel

Now it starts: German President apologizes for “horrors” committed during the “Nazi” occupation in Greece | Deutsche Welle (a German government propaganda source): Poland, Greece team up on “Nazi”-era reparations demands

“Holocaust denial” has festered in UK, says Sir David Adjaye, award-winning Black architect of new £50 million memorial – born to Ghanaian parents. “The £50million structure, designed with Israeli designer Ron Arad, has been criticised, particularly over its chosen location next to the Houses of Parliament.” These alien Jews have spattered hideous “memorials” all over the sleepy world – and then puzzle about incipient “anti-Semitism”

New York Times archive, 1993: On the trail of Adolf Hitler’s Love Letters – we first saw Gutierrez and asked him in the 1970s; these fortune-hunters followed a tip we gave in 1987. But Gutierrez has been dead since 2004; either his family are sitting on them, smirking, or  ...

Russia Today (Russian source): South Africa’s Zulu nation joins White farmers in fight against [Black] government land seizures. What would DDR-trained Robert Mugabe say?

Friends like these: How a Saudi gang (evidently) murdered a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. The New York Times reports, Oct 9: Turkish Officials Say Khashoggi Was Killed on Order of Saudi Leadership | Oct 10: Turkey Names the Saudi Operatives

Alexander Mishkin, the Russian doctor unmasked as the second GRU agent who poisoned Skripal in Salisbury, is from a long Russian line of Mishkins who are Jewish, but not mentioned as such. Let’s watch how the Holocaust Industry covers that

The Sun, Easily horrified: Horrifying moment teen girls perform a Nazi salute at Auschwitz death camp where more than a million people were killed

A Nazi-hunting husband and wife team just received top French honours. Who are Serge and Beate Klarsfeld? – President Emmanuel Macron’s head is emerging from his shell

The Atlantic: Is Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party Anti-Semitic? - Yes, trust “Howard Jacobson”

RT (a Russian government source): British Intelligence is now officially a by-word for organized crime – Op-ed

Some of Hitler’s last relatives living quiet lives in Long Island, New York. Well, relatively quiet

Piers Morgan slams [Black] professor for calling Winston Churchill a “racist” – he was that, among other things | “I’ll educate myself on his atrocities and racist views”: US astronaut Scott Kelly apologises for praising Churchill ... but is savaged for criticising “the man who saved the world from “Nazis”’. Daily Mail helpfully explains: Churchill was a controversial figure who played a key role while also being responsible for the Bengal famine of 1943. But does not mention not that Empire Windrush was actually a seized and renamed German vessel

“BBC got it wrong on [im]migration”: Robert Peston admits BBC “patronised” native Britons and ignored them – Peston is Jewish; he was the BBC’s business editor for nine years before joining ITV in 2014 . “Independent” ITV is ... no better

BILD (an Israel-supporting tabloid newspaper in Germany): What Alexander Hitler thinks about Merkel and Trump” — BILD meets the dictator’s great-nephew in the US: we thought Sippenhaft went out in 1944–45, with aristocratic army traitor and murderer Stauffenberg

Man [Benjamin Ferencz, a Jew born in Transylvania] who “took down” a “Nazi” death squad – Ferencz lives with his wife in Delray Beach, Florida | There were 22 defendants at Nuremberg, each of them members of “Nazi” Germany’s death squad. Yawn

Washington Post: President Trump’s ignorant attack on George Soros – but columnist Richard Cohen’s counterblast tell us little about either Sörös or Trump.

Deutsche Welle (a German government source): Hitler “forced” to invade Poland, AfD youth leader claims – Deutsche Welle’s attacks on AfD show that the Merkel government is increasingly concerned

Netanyahu bans publication of archive materials on Deir Yassin massacre – Netanyahu signs an order extending the secrecy of security services’ archives to 90 years, including the Deir Yassin massacre carried out by Zionist gangs

A leading “Holocaust” historian [Christopher Browning] just compared the US to “Nazi” Germany in a new essay in the New York Review of Books

Netflix airbrushes “Nazi” badges from SS caps, in European advertising for film Finale, charting the capture of Adolf Eichmann. That’s doctoring history

Germany has “everlasting responsibility” to combat “anti-Semitism”– says Mrs Merkel

Ha’aretz: Germany’s “Nazi”-friendly, “anti-Semitic far right” have a new mission: recruiting Jews | Ha’aretz: Polish prime minister attacks “greedy” Jewish, British, American hedge fund owners in secret recording

Heute is an Austrian government source. Heute: Jean-Claude Juncker: Antisemitismus grassiert wieder in Europa

More muddled myths of WW2 and the Duke of Windsor: “Former King wanted England bombed and an Anglo–German alliance, archives reveal” – except they don’t. Churchill desperately wanted England bombed. The Duke of Windsor blamed “the Jews, the Reds, and the Foreign Office for the war”. True. The Duke bluntly added that he would like to put Anthony Eden and other British politicians “up against a wall”

Daily Stormer suggests that America’s entry into WW2 was driven by Jewish “Fake News” – “In 1940 they founded a new agency called the ONA [Overseas News Agency], which often worked in tandem with British Intelligence”

Sun: Brexit secretary Dominic Raab reveals father’s “Holocaust” escape in blast over “anti-Semitism”

Sputnik News: U2 Leader Bono [Paul David Hewson, "venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist”] lashes out against Denmark, repeats “Nazi” salute to Sweden

Middle East Monitor: Russia will monitor air traffic in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe from Syria

Russia Today: Malaysian PM doubles down on [defends] ‘hook-nosed Jews’ comments, blames Israel for ME woes

The Forward: Well, who’da thunk it – The secret Jewish history of the late Charles Aznavour

Jerusalem Post: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanks Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in New York for shutting down Die Aula, associated with the “far-right” Freedom Party. That’s Free Speech | BBC: Outrage at girl’s “racist” poem in southwestern Germany
Daily Mail: Outrage at “Anti-Semitic” Malaysian Prime Minister [Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, 93] given a tour of Britain. He was democratically re-elected in January 2018 despite his age, which took Israel by surprise; he won 122 seats out of a total 222

breitbart: Increased ethnic diversity is making Brits miserable – “diversity” makes existing residents feel unhappier, while those leaving for areas populated by their own ethnic group are happier

Review is a Very Poor Piece of Work – Peter Hitchens replies to “liar” Evans. Evans was “Liar” Lipstadt’s chief expert. Professor Sir Richard Evans, now Provost of Gresham College, was formerly Regius Professor at Cambridge (Regius Professor – an honour for which he unusually and against tradition applied; rather as Rommel unusually applied for his Pour le Mérite). Incidentally, we have not heard any mention of Liar Lipstadt recently

Times of Israel: Why this Christian, Eric Pickles [now “Fatty” Lord Pickles, swiftly rewarded] leads the fight in the UK against “Holocaust denial”

Global News: Stripping ex-“Nazi” death squad member, 17, [Einsatzkommando 10a] of Canadian citizenship is “reasonable,” Toronto court rules

Russia Insider: Russia in Syria is in a continuous struggle not to give the Americans and Israelis any pretext for war they so badly want

algemeiner: George Marshall foresaw “Holocaust deniers” after liberating the first [minor] camp – unfortunately the headline collar does not match the cuffs. No evidence, quoted, that Marshall foresaw anything.

Jewish Telegraph Agency: Liar Jewish woman Julie Sweatnik accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in high school – Sweatnik said she was raped at a house party where Kavanaugh was present – why didn’t she report it at the time? Will Trump will now gather that Jews worldwide are orchestrating this campaign to see him gone, whatever it costs

Times of Israel: British Conservatives under fire for defense of “anti-Semitic” Orban government – Conservatives have a long memory, as far as 1956 an the leading role played by Communist Jews in crushing the Hungarian Uprising. They just don't like you, like anybody else

Former envoy says: Israel–Russia crisis artificial, driven by “anti-Semitism”

New York Times: Face Paint, Balloons and “White Power”: German Neo-Nazis Put on a Pretty Face

Crazy foreign fighters in Israeli Army: They seek escape, devotion, or “just want to shoot” -- Society's Child

Daily Express: Jeremy Corbyn to be sued for £100,000 by Jewish activist [Richard Millett]– No Millett photograph published?

Sven Lehmann of Germany’s Green Party has filed a criminal complaint against a bookstore in Cologne which compares abortion with the “Holocaust”

Times of Israel: German court upholds Kuwait Airways’ barring of Israeli passenger

How they do it: German bank under fire for “strengthening anti-Semitism” and “hatred of Israel”: “The LGBT organization Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation terminated its account with the Bank for Social Economy in April to protest the bank’s pro-BDS activity. Germany’s financial sector has experienced a series of bank account closures due to BDS support. The Deutsche Bank, Postbank, DAB in Munich, and Commerzbank have shut down BDS accounts since 2016. The US online payment service PayPal shut down in September an account for the German BDS organization International Alliance”

German politicians, still trying to conceal true facts. The Guardian: What to do about Hitler’s Berghof? Museum challenges far right interest – But will museum reveal that Stalin’s operation Thunderstorm, the Soviet invasion of all western Europe, was nearly ready and planned to jump off in July 1941? Hitler moved east first

RT (Russian government source): Russian Ministry of Defence details chronology of murderous downing of Il-20 fifty miles off Syrian coast. It’s the USS Liberty again.

So, why did Moscow naïvely accept the Jews’ guarantee? RT (Russian government source): Russian Ministry of Defence details chronology of murderous downing of Il-20 fifty miles off Syrian coast. It’s the USS Liberty again. Please skip unrelated ad
Ron Unz asks a rhetorical question: Has the ADL gone into hiding?

British Union chief Len McClusky in furious row with Jewish activists over Labour’s anti-Semitism. And where were Shomrim? Who is paying British policemen to “protect” these activist descendants of the 1938 Jewish Kindertransporten – “he screamed abuse at us, then sat on a platform where anti-Semitic hate propaganda was handed out”

Code-cracking WW2 Bombe operation recreated in England – the “Bombe” was the Bletchley Park machine which mechanised cracking the Enigma code-machines’ key, which was changed daily

The Guardian: “Nazi” war crimes suspect, 94, faces German trial in youth court | Holocaust-memorial urination trial reveals “lack of historical awareness” – now see the grotesque photo of Jewish community leader Charlotte Knobloch – isn’t she ritually wearing a wig?

Times of Israel: Honouring Holocaust victims, Pope warns Lithuanians against “anti-Semitism” – Jewish activists accuse Lithuanians of not making any distinctions between the Soviets [Jews] who tortured and killed thousands of Lithuanians and the “Nazis” who did same with Jews

Ha’aretz: Israeli lawmaker proposes new “nationality” for immigrants not considered Jewish enough — “350,000 Israeli citizens who are defined as eligible under the Law of Return are not halakhically recognized as Jewish.” — Food for thought

news.com.au: Trick [that] girl used to “execute” Nazis — in Reinhard Heydrich’s view, she was like any other terrorist

In echo of “Nazism”, book reveals similarities between Hitler acolytes and today’s “far-right”

Press TV (Russian government source): Russia rejects Israeli findings on downed plane – the Israeli F16 was hiding under the Russian’s wing

NBC news: Iceland’s proposed ban on circumcision rattles Jews, Muslims – Mike Levin [originally from Chicago], leader of Iceland's Jewish community, said he thought many [of the 50 Icelandic Jews] were reluctant to tell the government. “That’s sort of what happened in “Nazi” Germany. It was in your passport: ‘Jude’”

Jewish Telegraph Agency: In J.K. Rowling’s new novel, a villain is an Israel-hating anti-Semite – This coffee-house writer and billionaire fawns on Israel, heedless of the likely consequences: she will lose many of her 14 million “Harry Potter” fans but it will keep her (Jewish) stars happy

Holocaust historians call shredding of death records by Hamburg archives “catastrophic” –Archivist “thought they were duplicates”

Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from U.K. – the involvement of Israel Shamir hinted

The Forward: How [President Donald] Trump turned American Jews — and their Money — away from Israel. Report: must try harder, to please them

Yad Vashem criticises the new Holocaust museum in Hungary, known as the House of Fates, built by grateful Hungarian taxpayers at a cost of 28 million euros, to be transferred to the ownership of the Chabad EMIH Jewish federation. Will it make any mention of the hated Jews Peter Gabor, Matyas Rakosi, Miklos Farkas, and the other Jewish ministers to blame for the bloody 1956 uprising?

Ha’aretz: Majority of Israelis oppose accepting refugees, poll says

Marine Le Pen must undergo psychiatric evaluation, French Court rules – off to the Gulag with her!

Deutsche Welle (German Government source): German Embassy “Holocaust” video sparks “bizarre” debate in Brazil | Israel Shamir writes California: “Holocaust denial” is not illegal in the USA or Russia

David Irving has found both “Friedrichsruh” and all that remains, the long-lost steps (left), of Himmler’s “Hegewald” site in Poland. Mr Irving’s international group has completed touring the historical sites in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, formerly East Prussia

Ha’aretz: German “far-right” party AfD considers expelling members who attended “neo-Nazi” festival | Chemnitz unrest: German [domestic intelligence chief, Hans-Georg Maassen] dismissed, forced out by Left wing — immigrant, murder suspect released. Chemnitz was renamed Karl-Marx-Stadt in the DDR era | Far Left responds: German spymaster ousted for suggesting Real Video of “far-right” rampage was fake | The Guardian: Merkel “outraged” over chants at German protest rally – The demonstrators chanted “Nazi” slogans as they marched over death attack by two Afghan immigrants

mondoweiss.net: Jonathan Ofir finds that Israel says it is “entitled to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries” – it is hard to see why Israel should believe that international law applies to it at all

Forbes: USA is “one of 45 countries” infected by powerful Israeli Smartphone Spyware – The malware, dubbed Pegasus, is the creation of NSO Group, an Israeli company. It may breach American and other nations’ laws against cross-border hacking. NSO has been caught up in spying scandals in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates

Richard Wagner’s Overture to “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg” - the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at a 1942 concert to the workers at an AEG company plant in the German capital. Ten minutes of sublime majesty, the orchestra conducted magnificently by Wilhelm Furtwängler, before the onslaught of the philistines who destroyed the city and burned alive no doubt many in this audience – and before Mrs Merkel inexplicably invited into Germany one million foreigners of an alien culture. And don’t forget to read the Comments including some idiotic haters from You Know Where

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, unveils a [Jewish] bronze statue in honour of British “Holocaust hero” Frank Foley – as a British “diplomat” in pre-war Berlin Major Frank Foley faked “thousands” of documents to enable the infamous 1938 Jewish Kindertransporten which permitted the temporary admission to England of unaccompanied Jewish children from Germany. As MI6’s leading German expert, Foley frustrated Rudolf Hess’s brave flight to convey Hitler’s 1940–41 peace feelers, which Churchill fatefully ignored; thus contributing incidentally, to the Jewish “Holocaust." Foley had a German-born wife, and became head of the MI6 network of double agents, the Double Cross System, on April 16, 1942. He led the MI6 interrogations of Hess, who in August 1987 was strangled to death in Spandau prison by a Black G.I., Tony Jordan, who still survives without prosecution in Berlin (you may well ask, How?) – Lord Janner, notorious chief of the Holocaust Educational Trust, was instrumental in naming Foley as “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem – righteous, like the notorious late “Robert Maxwell”, aka Jan Hoch

Times of Israel: The two U.S. billionaires who love Israel but hate Trump | The Jewish Voice: Our Gratitude to President Trump! – “As a result of the above unassailable evidence of Trump’s support for Israel, we really don’t understand our Progressive, Democrat, Liberal, Yiddish brothers and sisters, who still come up with descriptions of his support for Israel as toadying up to Jews merely for their votes”Israel National News: Janet Levy, Polish “anti-Semitism” between the wars

U.S. Jewish Journal removes from website professor’s article bragging about Jewish control of porn – the article, “Triple ex-thnics: Jews in the American porn industry,” glorifies and explains their dominant role | Egyptian journalist [Nada Al-Dib] on The secret of Jewish power - “The name ‘Jew’ has always been associated with lies, cheating, and plotting. The Jews’ long history of deception and fraud has taught us that the Jews don’t recognize promises and laws . . . The Jews employ every legitimate or twisted and dirty means to achieve their objectives, and adopt lies and subterfuge” – as encouraged by their annual ceremony, Yom Kippur | Jews in the American Media | CBS chief Leslie Moonves [a Jew] accused of years of sexual misconduct

Black MP Diane Abbott walks away after Jewish teenager confronts her over belief that some Jews are targeted because of their “costumes”

White Phosphorous war crimes connect Israel to Monsanto – The use of White Phosphorus in civilian areas, even if not directed at the civilian population, is banned under the Geneva Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

Himmler’s healer: How the SS chief’s physiotherapist saved Jewish lives during World War II – or not, as the case may be

“Rise and Kill First”: New York Times reporter’s book on Israeli assassinations – brim-full of jokes about killing Arabs

How we learn English: Son of executed spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg celebrates belated bar mitzvah – one person, who was told as an infant that the photograph of the two Jewish Soviet spies published at the time in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed “traitors,” believed for many years that the word traitors meant “ugly”

Sky News (U.K.): Jewish MP [Luciana Berger] feels “unwelcome” in Labour after Jeremy Corbyn’s 2013 “Zionist” comments | Norman Finkelstein to Dame Margaret Hodge, née Oppenheim, MP: “You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about!’ | Shocking “Twitter” attacks on Dame Hodge, MP for her disloyal assault on her own Party leader, Corbyn


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* ASSHOL: “Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars” | * AWPOW: Are we powerful or what!




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