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Rare and out-of-print English and Foreign Books by David Irving

David Irving writes: I have some rare (and spare) first edition copies of my original books, both English, German, and other languages, which are currently out of print and not generally available. I recently did an inventory of my bookshelves and I have a very few extra copies of these books; I price these at between £30 and £50 (roughly between 50 and 90 US dollars, plus shipping). If my readers are interested in any I will agree a price and of course autograph them before shipping. Contact me:

  1. David Irving: A Destruição de Dresden (Nova Fronteira S.A., Lisbon, 19??:) (2)
  2. David Irving: I diari segreti del medico di Hitler (Nova Edizioni Clandestine) (5)
  3. David Irving: The Destruction of Convoy PQ.17 (William Kimber Ltd, London, 19??:) (2)
  4. David Irving: Apocalissa a Dresda (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milano, 1965:) 2
  5. David Irving: Die Geheimwaffen des Dritten Reiches (Rowohlt Verlag GmbH, Reinbek, 1968:) (6)
  6. David Irving: Die Geheimwaffen des Dritten Reiches (Arndt Verlag, Kiel, 1986:) (6)
  7. David Irving: PQ.17 Il Convoglio Della Morte (Club Degli Editori, Milano, 1969:) (3)
  8. David Irving: Apokalipsizis 1945 (Budapest, 2007) (5)
  9. David Irving: The Morgenthau Plan: David Irving: Il piano Morgenthau, 1944-45, un genocidio mancato (Settimo Sigillo, Milan)
  10. David Irving: David Irving: Apocalisse 1945: La distruzione di Dresda (Settimo Sigillo, Milan)
  11. David Irving: Nürnberg: Die letzte Schlacht: Aus den geheimen Aufzeichnungen Der Ankläger und Richter (Grabert Verlag)Goering jacket
  12. David Irving: Apokalipszis 1945. Drezda Elpusztítása (Gede Testverek, Budapest) £20
  13. David Irving: Goering (in Spanish: Altaya, Barcelona, 2008) (8) (£35 incl postage) >>
  14. David Irving: Felkeles (Gede Testverek, Budapest, 2007) (5)
  15. David Irving: Tajno Orozje (Zalozba Borec, Ljubljana) (3)
  16. David Irving: Luftwaffe (Bonus, Warsaw?) (2)
  17. David Irving: Italian: la Guerra di Hitler (3)
  18. David Irving: Goering (country?) (1)
  19. David Irving: Virushaus (2)
  20. David Irving: The War Path UK and US (4)
  21. David Irving: The War between the Generals (Congdon & Lattès, Inc., USA, 1981:) (2)
  22. David Irving: Konvoi PQ17 Ondergang (5)
  23. David Irving: Churchill (Herbig Verlag) (6)
  24. David Irving: The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor (2) 1983:
  25. David Irving: Rommel Liska Poustre (3)
  26. David Irving: En Konvojs endeligt (Forum, København, 1984:) (2)
  27. David Irving: Hitler. Les Carnets Intimes du Docteur Morell (Acropole, Paris, 1984:) (3)
  28. David Irving: Hitlers sjukjournal (Liber Förlag, Stockholm, 1984:) (2)
  29. David Irving: Deutschlands Ostgrenze (Arndt Verlag, Kiel, Germany, 1990:) (2)
  30. David Irving: The Trail of the Fox (trade paperback, Avon Books, New York, 1990:) 4+2 hardback
  31. David Irving: The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor [abridged and revised] (Grafton Books, London, 1990:) (2)
  32. David Irving: Rommel. Biografije (country, 1990:?) (5)


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