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       True Himmlers

        November 28, 2021


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“I have just finished Goebbels,” writes Francis H of Sweden, “and it was a pure joy"
AY of Maryland writes of Goebbels: "The last two chapters were gripping!” – 'I just finished Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, it’s a masterpiece.' –
JM of Huddersfield,UK, writes: “I have just read Churchill's War, Vols. I & II and enjoyed them immensely. Fabulous.”


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True Himmler

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Blessed is he who        Beaming Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell blessed by the Pope – showing their all-powerful connectionsSun |As stash of 1200 previously unreported Emails between Jes Staley and Jeffrey Epstein emerge, some reference “Snow White” –zerohedge        cocaine; or his favourite sex slave? The photo is of Staley (far left), Larry Summers, Epstein, and Bill Gates

Jump and kick        The Black who kicked Kyle Rittenhouse in the head on the night of the shooting is identified– DailyMail          He was referred to anonymously as “jump-kick man” during the trial. The Black beat up his girlfriend recently

With full honours        RAF Pilots Buried with Full Honors by German Soldiers on British Soil– YouTube

Blacks at work          Black females brutally beat up an Asian girl on a Philadelphia subway train| Black illegal immigrant from Kenya killed 24 White women in America between 2016-2019 but no one even heard of this case | Too woke by half: Headmistress sacked

History of a lie        how one women faked her “Holocaust survivor” pastfaz

How wrong can he be?             Boris Johnson book depicts Jews as controlling the British mediaindependent

What the media suppressed          Kyle Rittenhouse: “Why we’ve decided to tell you the Criminal Records of the men he shot in Kenosha, Wis.”

Rittenhouse aftermath        Judge talks sense: Looters, Arsonists, Assailants, not “victims” | Kyle Rittenhouse judge draws backlash with “Asian food” joke | Defending himself against a psychotic paedophile armed Jew | “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host [and the judge] react to the “intentional perversion of justice” by the prosecution | Kyle Rittenhouse Witness Blows Case For Prosecution, Admits He Pointed Gun, and Advanced First– zerohedge      Pointing your pistol at a man with an AR-15 at the ready was a fatal mistake | Self defense from a rioting mob as the City of Kenosha was in flames– newsbreak        The “medic” was an Antifa “traveling volunteer”. A “medic” with a gun? |  Questioning Kyle’s choice of movies to watch from the record on Kyle’s cell phone. The Judge is outraged. Clearly, the Prosecutor was badgering Kyle , age 18 | Same with MSNBC and CNN: Social Media Companies suppressed suggestion of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Innocencefreebeacon | good article: In gun debate, Rittenhouse verdict unlikely to be last wordap   Describing a BLM riot merely as a “protest” seems to require adjectives, such as “peaceful” or “violent” to be clear in meaning

Popular custom        Poland: Israel calls for firm action to protect Jewish rights after anti-Semitic rallyrepublicworld        “it is like spitting in the face of all Kalisz residents”; which is a popular Jewish custom in the faces of the rest of the world

The German view          Israel, Poland slam “anti-Semitic” national day marchDeutsche Welle         Note: Deutsche Welle is a paid propaganda outlet of the puppet German government

Lurid          A lurid tale of Jewish intrigue: Leader of Jewish sect who fled Canada to U.S. is convicted of nighttime kidnap of child bride      “The convictions could lead to a life sentence. There is a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.”

They are not ours          Video: History Debunked: Multi-Culturalism is not Part of Britain’s History -- So Why Do “We” Pretend It Was?

What, us? Spies?        Israeli couple in Turkey suspected of espionage, court extends remand by 20 daystimesofisrael        “Turkish prosecutors told the court that the couple is suspected of espionage, say they not only photographed [President] Erdogan’s palace but also adjacent security checkpoints and cameras, even highlighting them before sending the photos to a third party” | How court-martials of 2 Jewish soldiers put a spotlight on anti–Semitismtheconversation

Déja vu          Cnaan Lipshiz: “Death to Jews,” Polish nationalists shout at rally while burning book in Poland– forward.com

pinocchioWe prefer Rothschilds        Greta Thunberg’s “handler”, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, is a Rothschildiamamalaysian          Neubauer, the “coach” of Greta Thunberg, is related to the founder of the Rothschild dynasty, Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his last name to Rothschild after returning to Frankfurt to take over his father’s business. — Neubauer is a climate activist and she volunteers for the ONE Campaign founded by Bono and Bill Gates — which has ties to “Georgie” Soros

Important          Egbert Dijkstra: Soviet Russian Preparations to Invade Germany in 1941unz

True “Holocaust” survivors        Avi Bajpai: A refugee to the end: A “Holocaust survivor” asked to be buried with his passportnewsobserver        “It was the middle of the night in early November 1938 when Gestapo officers pounded on the door of the home of a Jewish family of four in Frankfurt, Germany. Jim Muller was just 7 years old when he saw the officers take away his father, Felix, and send him to the Buchenwald concentration camp several hours away. When Muller’s father was eventually released and returned home...” unscathed, Etc

Letting criminals run          Switzerland: Afghan man convicted of raping two children. But remains at largermx

It’s in our blood        Lev Tahor sect leaders, Jewish, convicted for child sexual exploitation, kidnappingforward

Want a homosexual child?       Cnaan Liphshiz: Jewish groups in Hungary have condemned a new law in the country that forbids sharing content on homosexuality with minors– jta            Haven’t Jews caused enough misery in Hungary? what with Gerö, Farkás, Rakosi, et al

Deserved howling        Israeli ambassador [Tzipi Hotovely] is howled down by London School of Economics (LSE) student “mob”       Who she is: In 2013 “Lovely” Hotovely rejects Palestinian statehood aspirations, supports an Israel spanning over the entire land of current Israel, along with the Palestinian territories: At her first event as ambassador, with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Hotovely described the Nakba [Arabic: catstrophe] as an “Arab lie” | Priti Patel backs police investigation of LSE protest against Israeli ambassadortheguardian

pinocchioMuslim crime clan        German TV Station reports on the Muslim Ali Khan Crime Family in Swedenrumble      Notice the barber shop shooting in this video. It was aired on Worldstar a while back without any background. Now Der Spiegel reveals that the shooting was the Muslim Ali Khan clan’s doing | Sweden now has the most shootings in Europe– rairfoundation

Success        “We Did It”: Merkel Suggests 2015 Influx of Migrants Into Germany was “a Success”summit         — despite clear evidence of spikes in violent crime, mass sexual assaults, and numerous terror attacks | Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has warned Hungarians to avoid the fate of France by refusing to capitulate to mass immigration

Is it really          Kamala Harris: Singling out Israel [for criticism, presumably] is Anti-Semitismbreitbart | Vice President Kamala Harris headlines anti-Semitism conferencereligionnews | Dutch Entrepreneur Resigns From Right-Wing Broadcaster After Anti-Semitism Exposedalgemeiner | American Jewish Committee: American Jew ish Committee Awards $50,000 to Programs by Young Jews to Disrupt U.S. Anti-Semitismprnewswire        cheaper still: just behave, act normally, behave within the law, respect women | Oliver Sears: Cultural boycott of Israel feeds anti-Semitismirishtimes

Documents don’t lie        Fascinating 1939 document (right) is found in the PRO. Presumably removed from the German Foreign Office 1945 on Churchill’s orders, and filmed at Whaddon Hall, U.K.: the German ambassador reports a secret multi-million dollar slush fund set up by Jewish “Board of Deputies” to campaign for Churchill and against the P.M., Neville Chamberlain (pdf, 1.7MB). — Such alien meddling couldn’t happen in the U.S.A., could it?

Didn’t know he was a Jew as well as whiny    The Jewish mayor of Minneapolis [Jacob Frey] wins reelection. Is it good for the Jews?forward

Was Lipstadt even there?        ADL, Jewish groups in rare move press Senate to “immediately” consider “anti-Semitism” envoy [the Unspeakable Liar, Lipstadt]– thehill | Lipstadt tells Charlottesville jury she was “taken aback” by anti-Semitism at ‘Unite the Right’ rallyforward | Holocaust scholar “loathsome liar" Lipstadt warns Charlottesville trial of Jew-haters' danger to society at largeworldisraelnews | (“Loathsome liar”) Lipstadt calls Sunrise DC move to boycott Jewish groups an “overtly ‘anti-Semitic’ act”jewishinsider

Only in Israel        Beauty Queen competition for “Holocaust Survivors” finally returnsjpost        The ceremony will be hosted by international model and TV presenter Moran Atias, while singer Rotem Cohen will perform throughout the event

Below: Does he look like an American? ADL chief Jonathan A Greenblatt. Note his ritual wristband   


Sitting on a bomb        FBI sat on bombshell footage From Kyle Rittenhouse shooting– ZeroHedge

Critical race        The liberal New York Magazine posted an accurate analysis of the Republican gubernatorial win in Virginia and maybe even New Jersey (it’s a tie at the moment)         White parents of different ideologies came together to vote Republican to protect their children from Critical Race theory and forced integration. Local Republicans achieved this success without the help of Trump

Insanities        Israeli Auction of “Auschwitz tattoo” stamp stopped– nypost | “It’s absolutely insane”: the U.S.-based camp where Jews guarded Nazistheguardian

The Facts slowly emerege        The Case of Alec Baldwin– amgreatness

Mossad at work        Israeli Mossad delegation visited Sudan in midst of military coupjpost

He did declare        The Balfour Declaration: Britain’s fatal mistake in Palestinemiddleeasteye

More anti-Semitism        French chief rabbi calls Jewish prospective presidential candidate [Eric Zemmour, a Jewish journalist] an “anti-Semite”– jta | “Act of anti-Semitism”: Police investigate desecration of Torah scroll at fraternity houseusatoday

Surprise        Operation Unthinkable: Churchill’s [drunken 1945] plan to launch surprise attack on Stalin after defeating Hitler       Comments: “Looking at the world today, especially in our own cities, I think we all know that we fought against the wrong side. We should have helped Germany to defeat Stalin. Would have had decades of prosperity and London would still be English”

That’s easy money        Philadelphia awards $2.5 million dollars to the family of a Black who ran towards police with a knife — and got shotYouTube       The city wants police to fight knife-wielding criminals with tasers. See the YouTube comments below

What, us, Jews? Loathsome Spies? (Almost) never        France opens world’s first museum dedicated to Alfred Dreyfus affair | Jewess and stolen [U.S.] Nuclear secrets.... “The Spy Who Stole the Atom Bomb ... Free Documentary History”– YouTube | Philip Giraldi: The Latest Spy Story: Was It Involving Israel Yet Again? strategic-culture      The strongest indicator that Israel was the planned recipient of what the Toebbe’s stole is the silence over who the target might have been |The Annapolis couple charged with attempting to sell to X closely guarded secrets about U.S. nuclear submarines to “a foreign power” were radicalized by the anti-Trump movement, says the New York Times | U.S. Navy engineer, wife charged with selling submarine secrets to an “unidentified foreign country”dailymail.co.uk |Maryland Nuclear Engineer [Jonathan Toebbe] and Spouse Arrested [by FBI and NCIS] on Espionage-Related Charges – in a “sting”– justice        See the Comment: “How do you pronounce Toebbe? – Rosenberg?” | Submarine Spy Case Involved a Babysitter and a Band-Aid Wrappernytimes | Nuke Engineer's Wife Arrested For 'selling Secrets' Is Liberal & BLM Supporter– uknews

Excuse the Jewish smears        A Jew in Miami is shipping contaminated used medical gloves from Asia for resale in the USdailymail       He imported them to Americans. Apparently there is only one company in America that makes these nitrile gloves, called Showa.

Democracy at work        Ridley Road: The Real Story of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Group in 1960s Londonaish
“The BBC television series Ridley Road ... presents a fictionalized version of 1960s London.” Typical: “My assailant was about to close and finish me off when Sam grabbed him around the neck and pulled him to the ground. Then Sam jumped on him. The genial, good-humored Sam said, ‘I’m just breaking the bastard’s ribs so he won’t attend any more meetings.” (The Jerusalem Aish HaTorah Fund PO Box 1259 Lakewood, NJ 08701)

(above right) Sir Oswald Mosley speaks

Die Juden waren schuld        Israel loyalists embedded in U.S. government pushed U.S. into Iraq Warisraelpalestinenews

Dug up again        Last messages from Hitler’s bunker revealed 76 years after French soldier looted them as souvenirsdailymail        long published by David Irving in his Hitler biography, Hitler’s War

Just ask who        Is it inherently antisemitic to criticise Israel? It may depend on who[m] you asktheguardian

Fined for scamming        Scott Shindledecker: Feds sue Libby [Montana] “Nazi” sympathizer to collect $9.9M finenews.yahoo

Can’t support criminals?        Following takeover, 500 staff of Politico told to find a new job if they can’t support Israel – though they are not expected to sign a formal pledge in writing, like e.g. Bild, Welt, their German counterpartsmiddleeastmonitor          During Israel’s 11-day bombardment of Gaza in May, CEO Mathias Döpfner ordered the Israeli flag to be flown, alongside those of Germany and the European Union

FBI Arrests 17 Jews for Defrauding          U.S. Holocaust Fund — Ring of suspects used forged documents to claim funds paid by Germany to victims of the “Nazis”, prosecutors claim– haaretz    Since then, it has uncovered fraud in another 456 pensions worth an additional $24.5 million.

Eeeugh!          Jewish serial sperm donor Ari Nagel nears 100 children after a prolific pandemicforward

Going home        Sweden’s Death Squad leader wants to be deported to Somaliarmx          Deport to homeland, get out of jail free

Mustn’t promote that        Target: Promoting anti-Semitism and “Holocaust denial”jns

What’s Yiddish in Spanish?        New Yorkers with Sephardic roots say Spain is breaking its promise of citizenshipjta

Pope is busy        Pope Francis invoked God, in an effort to pressure Silicon Valley giants into censoring more content, including “hate speech” and “conspiracy theories”summit

We didn't know they had Admirals        Rachel Levine: Transgender official sworn in as four-star admiralbbc        Levine, 63, is now an admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Fencing stolen goods        Van Gogh 1888 artwork “looted by Nazis” during WWII to go under the hammer, expected to fetch $20,000,000– indiatimes        “It is unclear where the artwork was between the end of the war and the 1970s, but Cox bought it at the Wildenstein gallery in New York in 1979”

Mustn’t argue        Texas schools are being told to teach “opposing views” of the “Holocaust”. Why? by Francine Prosetheguardian        Francine Prose is a novelist | Jewish Southlake residents on administrator’s Holocaust remark: “There are not two sides”nbcnews | Texas State law requires teaching “opposing” views on the Holocaustforward

Truth emerges slowly        The SS Empire Windrush: The Jewish Origins of Multiculttheoccidentalobserver

Liberty lost         Ron Unz, American Pravda: Remembering the Liberty unz

The real gunmen        After [Jeremy] Corbyn, Israel lobby turns its guns on UK academia | On Dr. Eduard Bloch, Hitler’s Family Physician (Who Happened to Be Jewish)lithub        “What Hitler said : ‘If all Jews were like him, there would be no Jewish Question’”

City prosecutors        Kill Back Better, by Ann Coulter: Chicago’s special “mutual combat” opting-out clause        As corpses pile up in Chicago under Black prosecutor Kim Foxx, remember this is the criminal justice “reform” Democrats want for the entire country

That’s another reason        James Bond star Daniel Craig says he prefers visiting gay bars because they’re less “aggressive” than straight venuessummit

Official to teachers        Texas State law requires teaching opposing views on the Holocaust– Jewish Telegraphic Agency            The constant struggle to enforce falsehoods in education

On the rise        “German” [puppet] Intelligence kvetches about Rise of "Anti-semitism" in Germanyrenegade tribune | Outgoing [puppet “German”] Chancellor Angela Merkel said Israel’s security will remain a top priority for “every German government”msn        she couldn’t do that under English law, but that’s the cost of losing a war

Isn’t that pro-“Holocaust”?        Southlake (Texas) school leader tells teachers to balance “Holocaust” books with “opposing” viewsnbc | I was an expert witness against a teacher who taught students to question the “Holocaust”theconversation

Truth about Stalin’s plans        Band 1 Die Aufklärung der Bedrohung aus dem Osten. & Band 2: Die Prävention durch die Wehrmacht      Ein Knüller: Dr. rer. mil. Bernd Schwipper, Generalmajor a. D., hat viele Jahre über die Frage »Überfall oder Präventivschlag« geforscht. Verschiedene Operationspläne, die in immer dichterer Zeitfolge erstellt wurden, die einzigartige Aufrüstung von Heer und Luftstreitkräften und der energische Ausbau der Infrastruktur sind beredte Beispiele für Stalins Angriffspläne gegen den westlichen Nachbarn. Die letzten Operationspläne datieren vom Mai 1941 und erreichten ihren Schlusspunkt in dem »Vorbefehl« vom Juni 1941.Der Verfasser hat vor allem russische Dokumente und Militärakten ausgewertet und fachmännisch interpretiert, die von der deutschen Forschung bislang unbeachtet beiseitegeschoben wurden. Schwippers Studie ist eine militärgeschichtliche Sensation. Sie räumt mit der These vom »Überfall« endgültig auf. Des Verfassers Argumente und die von ihm vorgelegten Dokumente sind der Schlußstrich in der Diskussion zu dieser wesentlichen Frage zur Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkrieges. After 5 years two more volumes by Generalmajor a.D. Dr Bernd Schwipper: 'Die Aufklärung der Bedrohung aus dem Osten. Band 1 & 2: Die Prävention durch die Wehrmacht'

There have NEVER been Jewish spies?        BBC describes Alfred Dreyfus as “notorious Jewish spy”jpost

Bought, paid for... and stitched up        Cnaan Liphshiz: Sebastian Kurz, Austrian chancellor who supported Israel and opposed antisemitism, resigns amid corruption probe - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Mustn’t call them that        A new glossary includes “el lobby judio” and other “anti-Semitic” Spanish terms to avoidforward      Traduciendo El Odio uses the definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in 2016 — a definition that has been criticized by progressive groups as stifling of legitimate criticism of Israel

Even lawyers steal        Neal Sher, a lawyer who for 11 years ran the O.S.I., the federal office that rooted out World War II-era “Nazis” in the United States, dies at 74NewYorkTimes      Note: in 2002 it was disclosed that Sher had submitted $100,000 in false claims for reimbursement of travel expenses. The New York bar then suspended his license, and the Washington bar disbarred him

Now that’s cruelty        100-year-old [cadaver] denies being accessory to murder at “Nazi” campAssociated Press | “No expiry date” for justice, says key lawyer on twilight “Nazi” trialsFrance24          Does that go for Mossad murderers too? | Spotify criticized for promoting podcast by “far-right” comedianforward | Human rights groups urge PayPal to end discriminatory policy against Palestinians

We preferred Andrew Cuomo        New York State adds $25 million to fight “anti-Semitic” and other hate crimesforward   |  [Puppet] Germany Sets Aside an Additional $767 Million for “Holocaust Survivors”, Officials Say        i.e., for Russian Jews who survived the “Nazi” siege of Leningrad. They will receive annual pensions of about $5,200, or 4,500 euros

Liar’s reward        The Alumni Association of CCNY awards Dr. Deborah (“Loathsome Liar”) Lipstadt their 2021 Finley Prizeharlemworldmagazine

His real name is Schwartz        Andrew Lawrence on Twitter: "Fox’s Tucker Carlson announces he has an hour long special coming in December on how George Soros is “harming civilizations around the world” | Fidelity targeted over donations to group funding Israeli settlementsforward

More crooks (yawn)          After FBI Tip-off, Israel detains 26 [Israeli citizens] suspected of defrauding U.S. Citizenshaaretz | Editorial: The “Pandora Papers” investigative project finds that Israeli lawmaker Nir Barkat holds stock in a tax haven and has transferred his businesses to a blind trust run by his brother

Better still        In L.A., a better political map for Jewish voters forward

Been there, done that    Taking a stand against chaos: Hungary’s veto against blackmailrmx     they’ve been there before

Dual loyalty          A Manhattan Project scientist [George Koval, another Jew] quietly helped the Soviets get the bombtimesofisrael

DL tribalism        Matt Gaetz calls the ADL “racist” after it demands Tucker Carlson step down for promoting White supremacist conspiracy theory - Jewish Telegraphic Agency | “That’s just insane”: Tucker Carlson resents ADL‘s response to “Great Replacement” theory remarksusatoday

Nine lives: how many left?        The CIA, enraged by the “Vault 7” leak, in 2017 pitched plans to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a Yahoo News investigation found

That’s how they get in     Last Jew out of Afghanistan warns Israel: “Don’t rely on the United States”– timesofisrael.com   Simantov, 62, who left Afghanistan by trekking across the border ...

We can’t help it, it’s in our blood        Israeli actor Moshe Ivgy begins [tiny] 11-month prison sentence for sex crimes– haaretz        “Ivgy has dominated Israeli movies and television for decades .... On one occasion, he stroked the exposed back of an actress during a movie shoot and inserted his hand into her tank top. When she complained about his behavior, Ivgy used a phrase suggesting that she was inviting such behavior”

Damn those dog whistles          Lawyers claim Amazon attorneys swayed Texas jury against Israeli startup with anti-Semitic “dog whistles”– forward

’cos we can’t nuke Palestinians        Israeli PM denounces Iran, ignores Palestinians in UN speechAP

The Dancing Israelis        FBI Docs [and captured photos] shed light on Mossad foreknowledge of 9/11 attacks– mintpressnews.com       

Bad news        Twenty-two percent of adult Jewish gamers faced “anti-Semitic” harassment while playing, survey findsforward         so seventy-eight percent don’t. “Anti-Semitism” is like the scarlet pimpernel: they seek it here, there, and everywhere

Slow to learn, penalty        Minister calls on Australian federal government to support [Zionist] international “anti-Semitism” definitionbrisbanetimes.com.au          warning: the U.K. Education Minister made the same mistake, and is now out

Wonder what his religion is        Yoel Roth, head of Twitter Site Integrity, told the Federal Election Commission why Twitter blocked Hunter Biden laptop storyfreebeacon

Smirk and smear        Jeremy Jones: The Last Word: Landscape of Terroraijac        So, Jones, the libeller of the 1980s, is still at it in Australia

Easily horrified        Horror rise in “anti-Semitism” among young Britons – terrifying statistics exposed by ADLexpress.co.uk | Governments must step up the fight against “anti-Semitism” in all its forms, says “anti-racism” commissioncoe

We hate Catholics       “Anti-Semitic” Books Sold Outside Warsaw Church, as Top Polish Leaders Attend Beatification Ceremony of Revered Catholic Figures– algemeiner        “He also shared a photograph of one of the book stalls on Twitter, causing an angry reaction among several Polish readers. ‘You are awarded three rainbow badges and two medals of merit from the “chosen people“ for this propaganda,’ one responded sarcastically |   Mel Gibson: Targeting of Pious Catholic Priests by Church Establishment is a “Very Deep Sickness”infowars

Wikihater        One Woman’s Mission to Rewrite the “Nazi” History on Wikipedia        “Ksenia Coffman’s fellow editors have called her a vandal and a McCarthyist. She just wants them to stop glorifying fascists – and start citing better sources.” Born in Soviet Russia, Ksenia Coffman now infests San Jose, California. A Deborah Lipstadt lookalike, her religion is not mentioned, but we can guess it, from the piece’s author Noam Cohen, and photographer, as much as from her hates and, um, “editing”

Mustn’t hate us        U.K. Aristocrat convicted of hate crime for “Jewish scum” jibe at “activist”standard.co.uk        “Anti-Semitism has no place in our society and will not be tolerated”, said Sati Dhadda, from the Crown Prosecution Service. (The English did not have names like that when we were born)

More Jews make the grade        Britains Jewish fighters for justice, against “anti-Semitism”– jpost        Besides being Jewish, [new U.K. Attorney General] is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel group, and previously participated in meetings with top Israeli officials to raise concerns about the JCPOA Iran nuclear agreement and the Islamic Republic’s nuclear capabilities in general

Yes, start with Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice        UK anti-racism group [Hope Not Hate] demands harsher sentence for “neo-Nazi” told to read classicstimesofisrael        Demands?  “After the sentence was handed down, the UK-based anti-racism campaign group filed a request with Attorney General Suella Braverman asking her to order a new sentencing” | Attorney General urged to review sentence of “Neo-Nazi” ordered to read Charles Dickens and Jane Austendaily mail

Speed the Proven Liar, please        President Biden calls for “swift confirmation” of Deborah Lipstadt to be “anti-Semitism” monitorJewish Telegraphic Agency | AJC says Biden “has chosen wisely,” after appointment of “anti-Semitism” envoyisraelhayom        “After months of pressure from Jewish organizations, the Biden administration on Friday announced its nomination for U.S. special envoy to monitor anti-Semitism” | a modern heroine fights antisemitismreligionnews

True HimmlerWe’ve got the money        Australian Police conclude investigation into Jews’ illegal Caulfield North engagement party, issue fines of A$5452 [each] to 56 people– news.com.au       Arrogant merrymakers thought the pandemic can’t touch them

(Photo ) The same everywhere. Hasidic Jews in Stamford Hill, U.K., a Jewish area, block the street as they dance to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. Richard Ferrer, the editor of Jewish News, told The Sunday Times: “These things are ordained by God and the very essence of life itself”


Alternative: just ask the Jews to behave?        New Austrian national “anti-Semitism” strategy presented to ministers, EUjpost “Austria’s denazification and ‘Holocaust denial’ law of 1947 will be evaluated, and if necessary, amended” Virus won’t touch us, we’re chosen      Jewish News: London Police break up 400-person wedding party at Stamford Hill Charedi school. "Police reported that the group had gathered with the building’s windows covered to stop people seeing inside. Police call it “completely unacceptable breach of the law”– Jewish News. U.K. Government does not condemn as the Jews, like Blacks, routinely thumb their noses at U.K. lockdown regulations, just as in Brooklyn; they will pay the price – and then whine. Party Organiser fined £10,000.

David Frost returns        The original archive tapes of the BBC’s David Frost Programme, in which Frost attempts before an invited audience on June 9, 1977 to destroy Mr Irving’s just-published book Hitler’s War – and fails, as the U.K. Press admits next day: Thankyou, YouTube

videoLesson in pariotism       How David Irving defined Patriotism for Richard Rampton, QC, the very capable defence counsel of Deborah “Liar" Lipstadt (15 secs.)

Hitler’s War by David Irving, is available. Photo, right, from the book’s picture section, one of Walter Frentz’s fine photographs, Hitler addressing Luftwaffe fighter aces at the Berghof, spring 1944

The Biter Bit       Protesters Disrupt Talk by “Renowned Holocaust Scholar” Deborah Lipstadt at UC Berkeleyalgemeiner | Richard Evans on Lipstadt trial– historyextra. Lipstadt described to Evans in lying detail the experience of an author “with little or no means”, being sued “for a large sum of money”. Evans: “I felt by this time that it was an action that should never have been brought”. So much for the “neutral” expert                 


* ASSHOL: “Association of Spurious Survivors of the “Holocaust” and Other Liars” | * AWPOW: Are we powerful or what | * HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR: somebody to whom nothing happened on the way the bank, like Hadassah Liebermann etc.


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Customer feedback from David B in Decatur, Georgia:  "A while ago, I ordered "Hitler's War", and to my surprise, you signed it. Thanks!."

David Irving Books


David Irving has left London for North Florida, USA, where he is autographing customers’ books for the next weeks


The controversial
David Irving biography,
752 pages plus 40 pages of photos

David Irving flagship biography,
985 pages plus many pages of photos
in colour, based on tiousands of
unknown wartime documents


"THE TRAILof the Fox, the search for the true Field Marshal Rommel. Based on his diaries and wartime paper.


Focal Point reprint
of a David Irving classic, with 27 pages of unknown photos
[Click here to see jacket]

2022 tour: all four “Reinhardt” sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites, including Hitler’s HQ, the Wolf’s Lair


How the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 – for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier


- a thrilling war story of
British genius and heroism.

The Night they Burst the Dams

Now also in Polish bookstores: The Night the Dams Burst

and English edition


enlarge. Video DVD: THEY DON'T HANG WARS CRIMINALS ANY MORE - DO THEY? David Irving at Alvin, Texas: "Hitler, Churchill, and Iraq - war crimes of the modern world." $25

DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

David Irving speaking at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's murder in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what his SS was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

Video DVD: Now available.
David Irving speaks on THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

Ich komme wieder

Video DVD: David Irving's message to the Germans: $30: click for details
(will not be shipped to Germany)

David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

Video DVD: DAVID IRVING talking about Churchill's War



David Irving's classic history of the infighting between the top Allied generals during the 1944 invasion of Normandy, based on their unknown private letters and diaries.





David Irving's 1967 pioneering account of Hitler's atomic bomb project

First published in 1967, and serialised by The Sunday Telegraph, Der Spiegel, and newspapers around the world. Said Nobel prize winner Professor Werner Heisenberg: "Irving's book is very good - it gives all the facts."

Throughout 2021:
Remember the writers and historians jailed in Germany, Austria, and elsewhere and banned from visiting many countries in the British Commonwealth and
free world"



Hitler's War: $25
Triumph of the Will: $25
Victory of Faith: $25
Talking Frankly, Uncut: $30

FOR SALE: David Irving has a very few old but rare first editions of his original books, in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and other languages, most of which are currently out of print

David Irving finds
a crucial decoded document on Dresden's huge 1945 death toll

NOW AVAILABLE:The Memoirs of the Chief of Hitler's High Command


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