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David Irving tours Wolf's Lair and SS killing sites

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“I have just finished Goebbels,” writes Francis H of Sweden, “and it was a pure joy.”
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June 17, 2018



David Irving is back in London, writing, from Northern Scoitland

The Night they Burst the Dams

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Gerwich Bode tango lesson

Above: high jinks on our 2011 tour of Hitler's HQ - one of our esteemed guests gives our Polish guide a tango lesson. This year's tour: all four grim "Reinhardt" sites and three massive bunker-ruin sites, including the Wolf's Lair

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 -- for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

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David Irving speaking at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, and how much he actually told Hitler of what his SS was doing. $25. Special to this website's readers, $20.

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David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

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David Irving's classic history of the infighting between the top Allied generals during the 1944 invasion of Normandy, based on their unknown private letters and diaries.


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Katie Hopkins: I’m tired of hearing about the Grenfell Tower fire

Mint Press News: Whitney Webb, The Real Story Behind Making the Desert Bloom in Israel

Financial Express: US imposes sanctions on fourteen entities connected with Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler – whom [sic] the Treasury claimed had amassed his fortune through “opaque and corrupt mining and oil deals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo”

rinf: Investigative historian Eric Zuesse: Against David Irving’s View of Hitler – Zuesse repeats Jewish Liar Deborah Lipstadt’s lies and relies on books, so it is plain where he is coming from

Times of Israel: Renowned British writer G K Chesterton, an anti-Semite, being considered for sainthood – and the Jews are not pleased

Book: Ronen Bergman, “Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel” – “Since World War II, Israel has assassinated more people than any other country in the Western world” – Bergman makes it clear that both former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley under President George W. Bush approved and supported Israeli assassination policy.

Maureen Clare Murphy: “Shoot and cheer” – Video of a war crime: Israeli snipers shoot and cheer as they kill demonstrators in Gaza


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Cleveland Jewish News: Denmark is considering a ban on circumcision. That has some Jews thinking about leaving – FDR’s secretaryonce wrote shockingly in his private diary, they should keep the foreskin and throw away the rest

The Guardian: A letter gets closer to an acceptable definition: We must define “anti-Semitism” to fight it effectively | Times of Israel : Israeli lawmaker Michael bar-Zohar proclaims supremacy of Jewish race | Would Albert Einstein's diary currently qualify as “anti-Semitic”? Einstein’s Private Diaries reveal “shocking” xenophobia — he even writes unfavorably of Jews at a reception, calling them jüdische und sonstige schmalzige Spiesser, “bunches of Jews and other oily creeps”

RT: “Muslims are the vilest animals” – post shared by Jewish Board of Deputies member

Middle East Eye: The ugly truth about Britain’s special relationship with Israel – we British were never asked; that's democracy for you

Free Speech: Sentence passed on singer Alison Chabloz | Gilad Atzmon: Trouble Clef – the Punishing of Alison Chabloz | Information about the prisoner, Tommy Robinson – additions and comments invited

The Jewish Standard: Flirting with Holocaust denial in William Paterson University – A Jewish student monitor videos, reports a professor | N.Y. Post: Professor accused of making “anti-Semitic” comments in classroom
“Koval, who is Jewish, reported the professor ...? “[The professor] also claims that the Gestapo, the secret police of Nazi Germany, only engaged in torture during the ‘last part of the war.’” Fact: The “Gestapo”, unlike the CIA and Weinstein’s Hollywood, avoided using torture at all times

Times of Israel: Historic resonance as Israeli paratroopers train over Germany, Poland — they'll be doubly popular in Poland. The Poles won’t easily forget how their Jews hung out flags and cheered the Soviet “liberation” of eastern Poland on September 17, 1939. It’s in our forthcoming Himmler biography

Ha’aretz: “Anti-Semitic” cartoon removed from “far-right” Austrian vice chancellor's Facebook page

Fox News: Insular Hasidic Jews struggle to preserve customs as legal and social pressures build

See Libby Garland’s book: After They Closed the Gates: Jewish Illegal Immigration to the United States, 1921-1965, University of Chicago Press, 2014 | Hadding Scott: This Strange Hesitation about Deporting Illegal Immigrants - could it have something to do with the “Holocaust”?

Free speech dying: “The most shocking moment EVER in German Parliament” on YouTube

U.S. News: Israeli Police question Netanyahu for first time over [billion-dollar] German submarine sale

NDR Television: Erneut Gefängnis für “Holocaust”-Leugnerin Haverbeck (German justice: Fresh jail sentence for Ursula Haverbeck, 89 – Germany’s (constitutionally protected) Freedom of Speech does not apply — AWPOW*

“Operation Finale,” Official Trailer of (2018) Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley Movie – another money-making film made by the victors about the rest. But read the comments on YouTube, 100 per cent hostile, not just negative. It seems that the world can make up its own mind, without the Harvey Weinsteins

Germany: Thousands attend neo-Nazi concert – Fury because the German courts did not forbid the “neo-Nazi” rock concert, despite a petition submitted “by several organisations”

Ha’aretz: After Israeli sniper kills Palestinian nurse, Razan al-Najjar, aged 21, Israel assassinates her character | Is their control over foreign media still absolute? – The Sun: Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell is accused of “anti-Semitism” after newspaper rejects cartoon of a burning Palestinian nurse – Nurse Razan al-Najjar was killed by a Jewish sniper-shot to the chest, after she picked up an Israeli gas canister

Paul Craig Roberts: Ron Unz is a Defender of Truth | Unz recommends this book: Desperate Deception by Thomas E. Mahl — who spoke at our Real History week in Cincinnati, and suffered the consequences

Alison Chabloz: Europe’s twenty-first century witch trials| UK – First They Came for Alison Chabloz

Jerusalem Post: Second German intelligence report – by a local branch of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution,whose loyalty has been suspect ever since the Otto John affair – believes anti-Israel boycott is “antisemitic”

YouTube record of a David Irving talk from the 1980s – questions the usefulness of journalists and the CIA

TomatoBubble: Media Ignores Anniversary of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty | Union Leader: New book says Israeli attack on USS Liberty in 1967 was ordered by LBJ

Daily Mail: Austria’s right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel imams in crackdown against Islamist ideology – it shows what can be done. Is HM the Queen still Fid. Def. or not? It seems like Ind. Imp. to have quietly vanished from Britain’s coinage

Russia Insider: Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered the Tsar’s family in Cold Blood 100 years ago

PNN: Board of Deputies of “British” Jews calls Jeremy Corbyn’s support for Palestine “Anti-semitic”

British historian Sir Ian Kershaw, “internationally renowned for his research on Adolf Hitler,” will be one of the participants of festival Crossing Border in The Hague this autumn, Dutch media report: guess whose book on Hitler he admits he used, not speaking German

Daily Mail: UK will have Extra powers to detain “spies” at our airports – Police will receive powers to combat “terror”: to be introduced by PM Thatcher’s new, fashionably coloured, Muslim Home Secretary Sajid (“Windrush”) Javid – Bill gives 15-year jail sentence for viewing “terror videos”, oh, and “far-Right content” online. Read the comments, what the non-Windrush generation thinks about that

Independent: Britain tried to kill Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918 with RAF bombing raid, reveal archives – Meanwhile in WWII Adolf Hitler forbade Abwehr (Admiral Canaris) to stage assassinations of any foreign leaders, as its diary reveals

Ugly Truth: “Is Arkady Babchenko an Israeli Secret Asset?” — a disturbing piece: Has The Mossad taken in British Intelligence and other agencies; we watched Babchenko perform on a BBC television channel, where this spineless individual was fêted as a hero

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says NATO isn’t obliged to help Israel in attack on Iran – “the security guarantee [of NATO] does not apply to Israel”. That’s a smack in the eye for Israel – and one thumbs-up for world peace, and for Mel Gibson | Global Research: Philip Giraldi writes Hating Russia Is a Full-Time Job. “Who is Driving the Hostility towards Russia?” – it investigates the unseemly rôle of the US “Neo-Cons”

National Post: German prosecutors hope to turn focus onto mobile killing squads responsible for one million murders – “Frantic Ephraim” Zuroff's latest investigation centres on a 95-year-old foe, Wilhelm Hoffmeister, who was a corporal at the time. Where there’s hope, there’s hate

What goes around: Ukraine opens criminal probe against a 94-year-old Jewish WWII “hero” Boris Steckler, who killed a nationalist Neil Hasiewicz in 1952. Ouch. Ow. — Colonel Boris Steckler, Soviet Army, was a KGB officer in western Ukraine

The Forward: Hollywood, Where Jews Don’t Get To Play Jews

Jewish Chronicle: Alison Chabloz should not have been prosecuted, says journalist Oliver Kamm in published letter, adding: “I’ll defend Chabloz’s liberty to lie and defame.” — Did he defend Liar Lipstadt’s liberty to lie and defame too? | BBC reports Alison Chabloz guilty of singing “anti-Semitic” songs | Alison Chabloz convicted for singing three satirical songs, at Westminster magistrates court, faces prison ordeal. Prosecution brought privately by a wealthy “charity,” the Campaign Against “Antisemitism”. The judge, John Zany, said the material was grossly offensive to Jewish people

Foreign Policy: Paula Hitler – What she said about her brother Adolf Hitler, by Knjaz Milos

Israel National News: Geman study: No link between Muslim immigration and anti-Semitism – but study is “flawed,” says British institute. Written by the same kind of hired German government experts who claim that the 1945 Dresden deathroll was “only” 25,000. (Then we found a secret decoded 1945 intercept, revealing that 100,000 Dresdners were still registered as “missing” i.e. dead — six weeks after the “terror” raid)

Washington Post: Ex-Israeli spy chief: Netanyahu planned Iran strike in 2011 - as Mel Gibson said, they are behind most wars this century | American Legion denies 2018 National Convention booth to USS Liberty survivors | What: Likely, you recall the background

Times of Israel: exposes more fake news: Jewish journalist [Arkaday Babchenko] joins ranks of stranger-than-fiction faked deaths – he faked his own death, fearing assassination | which did not stop the BBC from spreading that story

RFERL: Russian “Oligarch” Roman Abramovich becomes Israeli citizen, arrives by private plane in Israel – wealth: from nothing to $11.5 billion when the Soviet Union collapsed; just as Hitler predicted in Mein Kampf. He got his “get out of Jail free” card already. Will his money stay in the UK?

telesurtv: After Gaza massacre Israeli Parliament proposes Bill to ban photographing soldiers | The Guardian: British arms exports to Israel reach record level

YNet: New book suggests that Anne Frank was betrayed by a Jewish collaborator, who was shot by firing squad in 1948

BBC: Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein arrested | Ha'aretz: That Roaring Sound? It’s Palestine unleashing a legal tsunami against Israel for War Crimes: Palestine is bringing the full weight of international law down on Israel; it’s starting now

Proof that you can’t fool everybody all the time. Polls finds, “Zionism is a Jewish conspiracy meant to manipulate Western society to benefit Jews” — that’s what most respondents to a poll conducted by UEJF, the Union of Jewish Students in France, believe

Memorial Day, we remember what our friend Willis Carto once wrote: “For Whom did the Bell Toll?” – Carto fought in WW2, was wounded, and received the Purple Heart

Free speech in Britain: Ha’aretz: The countless Israeli connections to Robert Mueller’s probe of Trump and Russia

New York Times: Death at 85 of Philip Roth, “towering” author who explored lust, Jewish life and America – we would like offer a prize to anybody who can find a non-Jewish name in this lengthy article, this panegyric to a vile, disgusting novelist

“Rabbi” Abraham Cooper (Simon Wiesenthal Center) says Palestinian Authority incites anti-Semitism with a cartoon depicting Jewish soldiers as “Nazis” – cartoon suggests that the IDF snipers are baby killers; truly a wicked libel on an honorable profession

Steve Ross, 89 [born Szmulek Rozental] spent six years struggling in concentration camps during World War II – Try not to smirk as you buy his book – Broken Glass: My Story of Finding Hope in Hitler’s Death Camps – written for gullible Jews, and as authentic as the memoirs of Lipstadt’s court author, Benjamin Wilkomirski: remember him? Put this journalist, Caroline Howe, for DailyMail.com, on a watch list

Ha’aretz: The international Jewish community hounded Kurt Waldheim because he presided over the United Nations at a time when it adopted anti-Israel resolutions – including the “Zionism is racism” resolution in 1975

Cleveland Jewish News: Know your oligarch: A guide to the Jewish machers in the Russia probe

Lipstadt, center, outside the London High Court in April 2000 with her Jewish lawyers.
Tablet Magazine says The Forward owes Deborah Lipstadt and Jordan Peterson an apology. It actually describes Liar Lipstadt, a wealthy teacher of the Jewish “religion,” as a “world-class Holocaust historian.” She speaks only Yiddish, Hebrew, and Brooklyn American, which clearly puts her in a class by herself

JNS: Egyptian professor: “Israeli violence is in Jewish genes”

The Real News: Arms Manufacturers use Israel’s Massacres in Gaza to test new technology

(Russian Government) RT Business News: White South African farmers claiming persecution at home seek refuge in Australia

Ha’aretz: Who is Joel Zamel, the “Australian–Israeli” linked to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into President Donald Trump ?

U.S. Jewish newspaper The Forward asks the awkward question about her dad: Is “Meghan” Markle Prince Harry’s Jewish princess? – Was this the reason he was pushed out of sight? |“Rachel’s” White father decides not to come to London (from Mexico): Markle, 73, backs out after claiming a “heart attack” | Our new Princess (left), her real first name is “Rachel” | Daily Mail has long been unkind to famous women, but their online history of “Meghan” Markle reaches a new depth

Germany’s “Nazi” hunters enter final straight, of race against time – as aged Shylock victims die

They don’t stop: Australia Day honours recipient [Aaron Kleinlehrer], aged 96, accused of indecently assaulting two female carers [aged 21 and 32] -- yes, what goes around. No doubt he too will plead he is too old to stand trial

Times of Israel: Congressman seeks U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty in Syria’s Golan Heights | (Permanent link from Occupied Palestine): After the Gaza massacre, how can Jews sleep well at night?

The New Observer: “New Pages” of Anne Frank diary prove that her father [Otto Frank] wrote most of the book | | Hidden pages of Anne Frank’s Diary reveal smutty, adult jokes – these and mentions of sex, prostitution and contraception were recently deciphered in the “diary” covered in gummed tape

Can’t take humour: The Forward - German Cartoonist fired for “Anti-Semitic” Netanyahu caricature

Examining – the mystery of the identity of Wikipedia’s unknown little helper, “Philip Cross”

Counterpunch: Brett Wilkins is editor-at-large for U.S. news at Digital Journal: “The Dark Side of Israeli Independence” | Bloomberg: Victor Orban Accuses György Soros of fueling “anti-Semitism” | Ha’aretz: Israeli lawmakers, stung by Turkey’s expulson of their ambassador, push to recognize Armenian genocide, as diplomatic revenge | Netanyahu support of Trump’s sanctions could spark a global wave of anti-Semitism | Jerusalem Post: Bloodbath at Gaza “Strip’s” border – over ninety Palestinians killed by Israel’s gunfire | Normal Finkelstein, author, The Holocaust Industry: Slowly but surely, it’s beginning to sink in: A clinical lunatic is at the helm of the Jewish state | Ha’aretz lead editorial – as published in the Hebrew and English editions in Israel

Royal Wedding history: Why Prince Philip’s sisters had to listen to it all [in Germany] on the radio – they were married to top “Nazis”

This new England: Jeremy Bedford-Turner convicted of incitement to racial hatred over “let’s free England from Jewish control” speech, – landmark legal victory by CAA | After a three-day trial, London Forum founder Jez Turner sentenced today to 12 months imprisonment for offences against Britain’s race laws | British White Nationalist leader Jez Turner jailed for criticizing growing Jewish power in Britain since 1938. It’s a blow against our traditional English rights

Mirror: Austrian man jailed up for glorifying Nazism after cops found "joke" Hitler-branded wine in his home

Jewish Telegraph Agency: Buenos Aires teacher caught defending Hitler and justifying anti-Semitism – Teachers, watch out, they’re “monitoring" you

The Saker: Is Israel a psychopath? Sweden urges Holocaust memorial visits to tackle anti-Semitism — remember, as Ariel Sharon famously said one month after 9/11: “We, the Jews, control America, and the Americans know it.” The fact that this statement was quickly buried makes its point self-evident: for, as Gilad Atzmon famously said, “Jewish power is the ability to get non-Jews to stop talking about Jewish power.”

Who are the editors of Deutsche Welle, (German government propaganda): Far-right protest for release of “Nazi Grandma”

Sheldon Adelson donates $30 million to GOP congressional bids

RT: Like “Nazis who died in WWII”: thus Israeli minister dismisses victims of Gaza protests

Hooray, Hitler was right: DNA links prove Jews are a “race,” says genetics expert

Jerusalem Post: German bank executives may be included on Top 10 list of anti-Israel cases

Unarmed demonstrators in Gaza flee Israeli sniper fire and “harmless’ tear-gas grenades; deathroll so far, eighty-eight Palestinians

George Osborne, Britain’s former “chancellor of the Exchequer”, speaks of his delight after discovering recently that he is Jewish – just like Madeleine | In the 1980s Osborne’s grandmother Clarisse Loxton-Peacock, who like many fine Hungarian women of her class spoke exquisite English, befriended well-known historian David Irving, a member of the pre-Windrush generations; she never mentioned that she was Jewish. Her late husband was a “name” at Lloyds, and very rich. Lady Grover, as she had become, prepared several dinners for Irving including one with her future husband Sir James “Ned” Dunnett, a former chief of M.I.6. She invited Mr Irving to their wedding. That was shortly after Dunnett figured in the trial of a notorious Mayfair hooker, whom he had paid by cheque; “she” was secretly a man. Puzzled, Clarisse telephoned to Mr Irving – prompted by her daughter Felicity, George’s mother – to ask how how such things were possible. Irving replied that remained a mystery. As did the wedding: Mr Irving’s invitation arrived in the Mayfair post two days after the nuptials, too late

They act the same everywhere. Sex scandal reaches Israel: Ha’aretz:Iconic actor” Moshe-Ivgy charged with sexual assault | and Argentina: The president of DAIA is accused: Esmeralda Mitre [daughter of La Nación director] denunció a Ariel Cohen Sabban [presidente de la DAIA (Delegación de asociaciones israelitas argentinas)]  – Mitre contó en detalle el acoso que sufrió del ex titular de la DAIA: “Me tocó un pecho y quiso besarme” she tells La Nación.

“Nazi grandma” [Urlula Haverbeck] 89, fails to show up for prison sentence – Like Shakespeare’s Shylock, the “International Auschwitz Committee” is furious, and hopes that Haverbeck, 89, sentenced to two years for incitement, “will soon be found” | Deutsche Welle (German Government propaganda): [Haverbeck] under lock & key, according to latest reports | German police hunting 89-year-old who skipped jail | Focus: “Holocaustleugnerin” Haverbeck verhaftet | Fox News: Shoah [“Holocaust”] group urges German police to find fugitive neo-Nazi | Who is “Nazi” Grandma? Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck goes to prison after absconding | Australian TV: “Nazi” grandma finally jailed for “Holocaust denial

The Australian: Jewish genius abounds, but why? The film Australia may never air

Times of Israel: “White supremacist” tells London court that DNA evidence showed [famed murderer] Jack the Ripper was a Polish Jew

The Forward: Poles helped “Nazis” kill most of the Jews in hiding during “Holocaust” – says convenient new research. Will Poles now pay, and will Germany get a refund? — According to new research done in Poland, two thirds of the local Jews who hid there from the “Nazis” did not survive the war, mostly because of the actions of their non-Jewish neighbors.

Honouring Second World War victims, UN chief calls neo-Nazism “a spreading cancer” – Now spread the true word about the 1941 Soviet Russian plan against western Europe, Operation Thunderstorm. The truth is coming out

Israel lobby calling the shots in Trump’s rollback policy on Iran – says U.S. (Jewish) journalist Max Blumenthal |Lobelog: Three Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal – Trump has just gone against the advice of, among many others, his secretary of defense, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA), Washington’s three most important European allies, and almost two-thirds of Americans who believe that the U.S. should not withdraw from the Iran deal, according to a CNN poll

The Guardian: Reader’s letter: Israel is using culture to mask brutality, say film-makers, journalists, and artists | Secret SHAEF document reveals Allied phosphorus war crimes were hushed up two days after a hundred thousand were killed in Dresden

Eric Margolis: “Chutzpah” is a wonderful Yiddish word that means outrageous nerve, or unmitigated gall

National Public Radio: New Yorker report details how Israeli spies tried to discredit Iran Deal – Heard on All Things Considered

Süddeutsche Zeitung: An der Wittenberger Stadtkirche gibt es ein antisemitisches Sandsteinrelief. The German town church has scandalous 1305 sculpture: a rabbi peers under a pig’s tail while his congregation suck the sow’s udders. Jewish community now pleads libel, demands its removal. Seven hundred years of defamation in sandstone, how we have suffered | Art appreciation by ZDF: The Wittenburg Sow (ZDF German national TV report)

“Comrade Jew” - Vienna Jewish Museum Highlights Jewish Role in Soviet Communism | New York Times report. The Vienna Jewish Museum highlights the Jewish role in the creation of the Soviet Union and Communism, titled “Comrade Jew: We Only Wanted Paradise on Earth” using a Soviet era cartoon of Karl Marx holding tablets inscribed “Das Kapital” and the “Communist Manifesto.” “Jews did make up a disproportionate percentage of leftist utopians.” To this show's list, not just Marx, but also Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein), Rosa Luxemburg, Lissitzky, we could add Karl Kautsky, Gyorgy Lukacs, Walter Benjamin, Isaac Deutscher, and many Americans

Poland’s Holocaust law triggers tide of abuse against Auschwitz museum

Amazon uses the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing, money raising slander machine, to decide which non-profits can take part in its charity programUniversity Press blog: The Truth about Oil and the Iraq War, fifteen years later – “The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel” – The lowdown, from  a senior oil consultant for US Forces in Iraq

The Independent: The “Hitler Diaries”: How hoax documents became the most infamous fake news ever
Thirty-five years after forensic tests showed the diaries to have been forged, Adam Lusher recalls the deception, delusion and incredulity. — Yes it’s a good story, and there’s more to come out still. Thirty-five years – how time flies. I call in on Gerd Heidemann whenever I am in Hamburg: a fine Stern reporter, too honest to survive

Ha’aretz: Netanyahu claims “Iran Lied” about its nuclear program, but Israel has been lying for decades, says Gideon Levy, Ha’aretz special correspoondent | Defense News: Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu can now declare war – New law approved a day after Israeli warplanes executed strike in Syria, killing twenty-six, mostly Iranians

 Picture: Israel army fires gas-canisters at Palestinians in Gaza

RT (a Russian government source): Whatever happened to the Skripals? UK media and authorities fall silent on Salisbury poisoning – rare D-notices deployed

The Guardian: Alleged “Nazi” war criminal, Einsatzkommando member, 94, fights deportation from Canada for fourth time

Times of Islamabad: Israeli “Mossad” agents arrested in Riyadh for planning to sabotage Hajj 2018

The hazards of borrowing big: Times of Israel: Some Rabbis say it isn’t kosher to borrow from Quicken Loans — because it’s run by Jews

The silent majority shows itself: Israeli flags hung in major German cities are taken down within minutes, spat on, and thrown away – catastrophic experiment by BILD Zeitung, a major Axel-Springer [i.e. pro-Israel] newspaper, fails

Seeing the light: Starbucks excludes Jewish group (ADL) from anti-bias training after pressures | Anti-Defamation League (ADL) excluded. Now they know what it feels like. Starbucks will shut outlets on May 29 and employees will be forced to attend anti-bias workshops. The ADL was invited, but after complaints from Black activists Starbucks decided to ban the ADL

George Galloway interviews Martin Webster on RT, the Russian TV channel: Ex-National Front leader: Why can’t Britain speak up? – In which Scotsman Galloway admits he has four sired “mixed-race” children. Hear Martin, an Englishman, defend himself and us –the original English, the “pre-Windrush generation”. Are the Clever Russians stirring the pot?

Slate: The bizarre decades-old mystery over Hitler’s (possible) skull – A new book reopens ... etc [yawn] | Ha’aretz: Why did Adolf Hitler hate the Jews? – except, he didn’t

i24 News: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says Jews’ behavior led to Holocaust, not anti-Semitism– he blames their social behavior and charging interest and makes the point that “such pogroms did not take place in Arab nations, which had Jewish communities” | Times of Israel: Lipstadt: With “classic anti-Semitism,” Abbas ending career the way he started – “Historian”  Deborah Lipstadt branded it “classic anti-Semitism” and a “rewriting of history” aimed at ... etc [yawn] | Britain “deeply concerned” by Palestinian president’s Holocaust remarks | The Guardian: Mahmoud Abbas apologises for speech

Spielberg urges mandatory “Holocaust” education – he looks more like Baddiel every day than Baddiel [see below]

First Post: Facebook ordered to block commentary smearing [German] AfD leader as a “Nazi swine”

VDare: John Derbyshire: Negrolatry — The weird case of ‘Saint’ Stephen Lawrence”. “Britain’s clueless, worthless prime minister Theresa May told a hushed congregation that April 22nd would henceforth be known as Stephen Lawrence Day.” They thought perhaps she was joking. She wasn’t. Pandering to Blacks is now de rigueur for vote-hungry politicians in Britain. The British media are silent. An American reader points out: “[Murder victim] Lawrence is buried in Jamaica. So much for them trying to claim he’s British. Too many rumours .  .  . that he was a drug dealer who encroached on someone else’s patch.”

Israel National News: Facebook removes Polish nationalist pages over “anti-Semitism” | Times of Israel: Belgium’s ex-prime minister accused of “anti-Semitism” for joking about the “Antwerp diamond dealers” – as though they don’t exist? The Guardian: Ken Loach should be denied doctorate, says Belgian prime minister in “anti-Semitism” row | Pro-Palestinian group in Canada accused of promoting “anti-Semitic” book – The author of the book is scheduled to travel this week to British Columbia, and is scheduled to visit St. John’s, Halifax, Hamilton, Waterloo, and Toronto in the coming week. St. Michael’s College in Toronto has already canceled his lecture there. B’nai Brith is contacting the remaining venues to “encourage” them to cancel. Why are the Jews always against Free Speech?

Historical Tribune: The Scape-Goating of Josef Kramer – “The beast of Belsen” A thought provoking article, and largely true

Time: Israeli PM boasts he has evidence of Iranian nuclear program – He thinks he is the new Dr Goebbels. Boasts that the material was stolen a few weeks ago “in a great intelligence achievement.” But Time points out: Netanyahu provided no [new] evidence that Iran has violated the 2015 deal. The deal does not ban Iran from keeping its old records

Ha’aretz: Are we waiting until America becomes as uninhabitable for Jews as France?

The Forward: Moshe Schulman writes, “Growing up Orthodox [Jewish], I was taught to fear Black people” – “Raised in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Monsey, New York, I was trained to distrust anyone who wasn’t ‘chosen.’ Even though I was a good boy, who studied lots of Torah and kept the Sabbath, I was frightened of anyone who didn’t have the same skin color, didn’t dress like me or didn’t believe in Judaism.” — A good, honest approach, and worth reading.

The Guardian: Merkel’s anti-Semitism envoy “not surprised” Jews want to leave Germany – she’s mostly the cause

David Irving: Hitler’s War, Chapter 1 (full audio) was available on YouTube... but has now vanished

Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman now rumored to be leading sex cult within Nxivm, after Allison Mack’s arrest

Eurasia Future: Romanian President demands Prime Minister’s resignation over betrayal of Palestine | Al-Jazeera: How Britain destroyed the Palestinian homeland | al-Jazeera: Israeli forces kill four Palestinians, wound 955 at Gaza protest – There have been no Israeli casualties.

National Public Radio: “Mel Brooks says it’s his job to make terrible things entertaining”

The Guardian: Ken Loach should be denied doctorate, says Belgian prime minister in anti-Semitism row

Irish Independent: Man fined £800 for training pug to give “Nazi” salute raises £100,000 online to fund appeal

Electronic Intifada: Al-Jazeera denies it canceled U.S. Israel lobby film

Neonnettle: French president Macron – “We must remove Assad and rebuild Syria” | Police, arrest this man: SAS Chief: Nobody believes [Syrian president] Assad used chemical weapons – Major General Jonathan Shaw made the remarks to Mail on Sunday. His views were echoed by Admiral Lord West

Times of Israel: Major Dutch newspaper [Volkskrant] criticised for “anti-Semitic” cartoon on Gaza protests

Royal Malaysian Police releases photos of Mossad suspect in shooting death of Hamas engineer: murderer is “still in the country” | The Mossad has begun a war of assassination on scientists and academics

The Local: Austria says it can’t stop “far-right” event, commemorating a 1945 massacre – massacred by Communist partisans

Ha’aretz: Anti-Semitic fire-fighter assigned to Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood in New York – “For him to be assigned to Borough Park, where you have an incredible number of ‘Holocaust’ survivors, is an insult to our community,” Orthodox Jewish Assemblyman Dov Hikind said. “Put him somewhere else.” Remember Dov Hikind? And he also says the Numbers are “incredible” and an insult to intelligence | Times of Israel: German Jewish leader advises against wearing [Jewish] yarmulkes in cities | New York Times: Israeli who shot Palestinian teenager dead is sentenced to nine months in prison

Nice-guys: Israeli lawmaker sarcastically thanks Twitter for freezing his account following a post he wrote about wishing a teenaged female Palestinian protester had been shot. Smotrich twittered that instead of arresting her, “the soldiers should have shot her in the knee to put her in ‘home arrest for life’” | Electronic Intifada: Snipers are ordered to shoot children, Israeli general confirms — does he wonder at “the Holocaust”? | United Nations releases figures on Gaza mass protests: 40 dead, 5,511 wounded so far | Middle East Eye: UK sells $445m of arms to Israel, including sniper rifles

Times of Israel: Two Polish men detained for Hitler birthday concert

Inquisitr: Donald Trump slams “sleepy eyes” Chuck [Charles] Todd, NBC news anchor. He “perhaps inadvertently” uses an anti–Semitic slur for Todd , who is Jewish. Super-sensitive, or whatever, they just don’t like being outed

i24news.tv: Richard Wagner letter offered for sale in Jerusalem – “his [elsewhere, much-loved] work is infused with anti-Semitism, misogyny and proto-Nazi ideas of racial purity.” In the letter Wagner warns of the Jews’ influence in culture, says their assimilation into French society prevents the observation of “the corroding influence of the Jewish spirit on modern culture”; he adds that the French know “very little” about the Jews. In 1850, Wagner published a pamphlet, “Judaism in Music”.Corrosive: for instance, the brilliant English pianist John Ogdon, Mr Irving’s lifelong friend, and Vladimir Ashkenazi were equal winners of the Tchaikovsky Prize in Moscow in the 1960s. As John Ogdon commented without rancour: Equals, but which one scored most concert performances. (Another unanswered question: how did the Israeli auctioneer obtain this letter; from Moscow archives, where Mr Irving saw it?) “Richard Wagner has become a symbol of the ‘Holocaust’.”

Old news: How Adolf Hitler’s teeth provided grisly proof that the Nazi leader had died — as said, old news. David Irving first published comparison photos in Die Zeit (German) twenty years ago.

Winston Churchill: Dr Mark Weber (IHR) gives us his well-founded view on the Hollywood film Darkest Hour: Great Movie, Defective History

Vice News: “Neo-Nazis” are descending on a German town for Hitler’s birthday

– and why not?

The Tablet (Jewish newspaper): How Jewish mobsters helped Israel gain its independence | The Forward: Jewish, wealthy, Hebrew-speaking actress Natalie Portman speaks for young Jews with Israel snub – “has the BDS movement claimed a new celebrity victim?”

Ha’aretz: When Jews are outsiders in their own home – Somehow an article about Empire Windrush [“a ship bringing 500 Jamaicans to the port of Tilbury on June 22, 1948”] which affects all the English, becomes all about Jews like former British minister Margaret Hodge (née Oppenheimer, Sept.1944): Many British Jews are no more than vaguely aware, if at all, that Hodge is Jewish. Unlike other Jewish MPs, she has not been a fixture in communal events”. Many Jews born after 1945 heard from their parents versions of the ‘remember, we are just guests here,’ speech.” (That still applies).

JNS: Congress considers “Holocaust Education” funding Bill for U.S. Schools – vote against it, if you dare

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Wiesenthal Centre, L.A., to the President of Colombia: “We commend suspension of Hitler Birthday rally in Medellin” | Carolyn Yeager | Diane King | German “neo-Nazis” mass for festival on Hitler’s birthday | Deutsche Welle (German government outlet): Neo-Nazi “SS Festival” countered by peace rally on Hitler′s birthday

Electronic Intifada: Boycotting Israel to become a crime in Germany?

“Alt right”? Not me, says anti-political correctness warrior – that’s Jordan Peterson

Ha’aretz: “We really nailed the Holocaust”. Israeli minister adds sound effects of the “Holocaust” – trains, barking dogs – to Independence Day ceremony, says, “I am very pleased with the way we managed to nail the Holocaust during this entire performance. It’s the right dosage.” (What does that language tell us?)

Enoch Powell, MP. “Rivers of Blood” – The Great Betrayal. Full speech.

Alan Dershowitz: Thinks Jews in the USA do not have to “behave like guests in an alien country”

Anti-Defamation League — which condemns “white racists” but defends racially-based Israel — has been selected to run training day, which Starbucks will hold on May 29

Evolve Politics: Theresa May’s husband Philip May is senior executive of the $1.7 trillion investment firm Capital Group. A vested interest in wars? See how morally bankrupt the British Establishment is: In March 2018 Capital owned more than seven percent of Lockheed Martin, the world’s biggest Defence Firm and exclusive producer of the new $1millon Cruise Missile JASSM, used profligately in the bombing attack on Syria; Lockheed Martin’s share price surged on the day after the attack.

al-Jazeera: a press-freedom group, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, is slammed after decrying Israel’s “extrajudicial killings” of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators

The Sun: Wreck of missing German [Type XXI] submarine discovered after 73 years; it was sunk May 6, 1945. Story is that “transported top ‘Nazis’ to South America after WW2” so what secrets will it reveal?

Sputnik News: 94-year-old Auschwitz guard charged as “juvenile” | i24news: Israeli far-right activist awarded $56,000 after being called “Nazi”

Israel National News: French mayor refused entry into Israel – he planned to visit detailed jailed “terrorist”

NPR: “Holocaust” is fading from American memory: US radio channel NPR interviews a “noted historian” – White Jewess Deborah Lipstadt speaks again, attacks “White supremacists.” (Is she running for president?)

YouTube – Russian foreign minister reports: “Swiss Lab confirmed that the Skripals were exposed to BZ, a nerve agent used by the UK and U.S.”

Bravo, Daily Mail, London: Peter Oborne: Calling for war again, the Neo-cons who drowned the Middle East in blood | Wearing of Jewish yarmulke forbidden at Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. — But we will still know what you are| Reuters: Netanyahu uses “Holocaust” event to urge action against Syria, Iran

RT (Russian Government source): Western leaders who attacked Syria are “criminals” – says Iran’s Supreme Leader | Ha’aretz: “White Supremacists” defend Assad, warn [President] Trump: Don’t let Israel force you into war with Syria

US-led strikes in Syria without UN Security Council mandate are a violation of international law, says [President] Putin

October 1992: “David Irving GETS ARRESTED!” on YouTube, just posted. Doug Christie, the late Canadian barrister, speaks at a dinner in Victoria, Vancouver, before presenting the “George Orwell” Award for Freedom of Speech to David Irving. Canadian Mounted Police raided moments later and arrested Mr Irving, at the request of the Canadian Jewish Congress and its chief, the confessed homosexual “Bernie” Farber. It recalls the Mounties’ Chorus in the Monty Python “Lumberjack Song,” but it began the prison ordeals of the historian

The Nation: John Bolton’s extremism is perfectly aligned with the most bellicose Israeli policies – Whether he consciously puts Israel’s interests first or whether he believes they are identical to U.S. interests doesn’t really matter; the outcome is the same

Joyous news from LA. Daily News, it's now six-million-minus-two: Childhood Holocaust survivors reunited in LA after 76 years – Another “amazing” story for Spielberg to make into a film. “I thought the entire family was murdered. I had no idea,” Gerstel said

Times of Israel: Polish journalist calls Jewish NGO a “gang of international blackmailers”

Skripal: The UK’s National Health Service has finally issued a single bulletin

DPA (German government press agency): German mayors protest “neo-Nazi” festival celebrating Hitler’s birthday

Times of Israel: [president of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald] Lauder, gave $1.1m to group producing anti-Muslim ads in 2016

Information Clearing House: How Israel works to censor the Internet (and infiltrate Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Gilad Atzmon writes: Jeremy “Jesus-Christ” Corbyn and Britain’s Zionist lobby

The Sun: If only: Jews will flee Britain if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, warns Chief Rabbit

Newly released videos on YouTube: “David Irving – The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History” | and “The late Ernst Zündel in conversation with David Irving (1994)”

Deutsche Welle (German Government source): Anti-Semitic migrants could be denied right to stay in Germany

Times of Israel: As Holocaust Denial Becomes More Mainstream, 'Never Again' Must Begin In The Classroom

Foreign Policy: German TV is sanitizing history

The Occidental Observer: Semites, Self-Pity, Aggressiveness, and Censorship, Part 2: Freedom of Meech

Washington Post: Holocaust Museum surpasses fundraising goal, now aims for $1 billion — money is everything?

BBC: Israeli minister praises viral video sniper

E J Press: The police terror continues: Belgian “Holocaust denier” [Siegfried Verbeke] sentenced in Brussels to six months and 8,000 euros fine – said story of gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau was “unbelievable”

New York Times : Maggie Astor: “Holocaust” is fading from memory, survey finds – all the usual lies, incuding that famous photo of prisoners at Buchenwald – “Elie Wiesel, who would receive the Nobel Peace Prize, is seventh from the left in the middle bunk”. Except he wasn’t: The staged U.S. Signals Corps photo is dated on an April 1945 day when the famous liar Wiesel was elsewhere

Independent Australia: ADF conceals dark truth about Australia's involvement in Middle East – Australia is Israel’s shabbazgoy.

Times of Israel: Zionist Organisation of America says it stopped “viciously anti-Semitic” Al-Jazeera television docuseries on US Jewish lobby – but it is still a stinking “anti-Semitic lie” to suggest that Israel can control a country’s media

Most Outrageous Tales of the Holocaust — A compendium of stories about the “Holocaust”. The author concludes that the number and variation of these tales surpasses those about any other historical account: “Jews are generally gifted people”

Electronic Intifada: Jewish Labour Movement worked with Israeli embassy spy – Shai Masot, the Israeli spy thrown out of the UK after he was shown on hidden camera last year promising verbatim to “take down” a senior UK government minister and admitting “operating” British Jewish organizations, the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel; UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that Masot’s “cover” had been “well and truly blown.”

New Statesman: What happened at the rally against anti-Semitism? – “Never did I expect this, in living memory of the Holocaust”, says an 18-year-old Jew. Others British citizens quoted have names like Berger, Ellmann, Rosenfelder, Mandelsohn, or just Mann. — Grrr | 9news.com.au: Australian govt worsened Holocaust effects – So Australia is also being held to blame for their tragedy: invoice to follow

True story: Former prisoner of war, 96, remembers playing in Auschwitz football league during return to Nazi death camp – “The Germans, contrary to what a lot of people think, were pretty good to us on the whole” — Officer, arrest that man!

Jeremy Corbyn is “sincerely sorry”, as mural row escalates. The Daily Mail is sincerely sorry for reproducing again the brilliant mural, which appears to have been painted by a Los Angeles Jew. – Since 1938 Britain has chivalrously put up with these “refugee” guests, who now deny even that they are bankers, let alone responsible for the 2008 International banking collapse, and who never stop whining and interfering | U.K. Jewish body now agitates for major bookshops to remove certain titles.– Thus Britain learns the hidden cost of inviting humble Jewish “refugees” into England in 1938 – David Irving (b. March 1938) books all figure on the “burn” list of these “ex-Germans’” (as Anthony Eden called them) , but mysteriously they have missed one: Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf !

Jewish Telegraph Agency: President Trump names John Bolton as national security adviser– Morton Klein, chief of the Zionist Organization of America, calls Bolton a “spectacular choice”. Hmmm.


Video of Tinley Park (Chicago) terrorist attack on Whites by left-wing gang



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