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Posted Sunday, September 2, 2007

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[NOW here's an interesting comment found in article in The Economist, "The making of a neo-KGB state"]:


The Economist

August 25th-31st 2007, page 26

THE KGB was cut off from the post-Soviet redistribution of assets. Worse still, it was upstaged and outwitted by a tiny group of opportunists, many of them Jews (not a people beloved by the KGB), who became known as the oligarchs. Between them, they grabbed most of the country's natural resources and other privatised assets. KGB officers watched the oligarchs get super-rich while they stayed cash-strapped and sometimes even unpaid.



 ... on the, ahem, oligarchs
Our dossier on the life and troubled times of the Russian "oligarchs"
Our dossier on the origins of anti-Semitism
A criminal will never feel at ease in the Promised Land: except Leonid Nevzlin who ordered 10 murders
Interesting coincidence Hitler predicted in Mein Kampf, written in 1924, that if Zionists ever managed to establish their state in Palestine then Jewish criminals would use it as a save haven from which they could not be extradited
April 2005: Putin visits Israel, but will not be discussing the criminal Russian oligarchs whom Israel is sheltering although they stole billions from the Russian people before fleeing
Jerusalem Post: Russian Jewish Oligarchs Under Siege: The rise and fall of Russia's Jewish tycoons - Nov 6, 2005: one of the last items we posted before Mr Irving's arrest

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