Posted Saturday, July 17, 2004
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Posted Thursday, July 23, 1998; updated Friday, April 2, 2004

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BBC Television Banned from Bringing David Irving to Nazi Site at Auschwitz

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October 20, 1997: The BBC invited David Irving to assist with a television documentary on the suppression of free speech in Europe
October 22 and November 1, 1997: Mr Irving agrees to assist
January 2, 31, 1998: Mr Irving asks BBC for Progress Report, suggests other names
February 1998: more preparations. Arrest of a German Latin professor
June 18: BBC suggests filming mid August; Mr Irving will stay on in archives
June 20, 1998: Mr Irving writes to the Auschwitz archives [German | and English]
July 15, 1998: Auschwitz State Museum writes to Mr Irving they will not Allow any Visit by them to the site
July 20, 1998: Auschwitz State Museum informs BBC and Mr Irving they will not Allow any Visit by them to the site


BBC TV announces it is making "the definitive television history of Auschwitz" | Mr Irving wrtes to the producer

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