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Posted Sunday, June 5, 2005

Never before has a corner of the curtain been lifted to give such an ugly glimpse of the way that the decent, civilized, nice-guy democratic regimes really operated in WW2.

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June 3, 2005 (Friday)
Key West (Florida)

A BRITISH researcher Steven Kippax has informed me that the Public Record Office has documents confirming beyond doubt that Heinrich Himmler was liquidated. He quotes the documents content to me, and adds diffidently, "If you would like scans of my photocopies of the documents let me know and I'll send them to you over the weekend."

I respond: "Yes please, urgently! Those documents appear to have extraordinary value. Nothing in the press about them so far as I have seen. Why not? I wonder who 'Thomas' was. I spotted that the page narrating his death had been retyped."

He replies just minutes later with images of these extraordinary documents from file FO800/868 -- Sir John Wheeler Bennett to Robert Bruce Lockhart, May 10, 1945, Himmler, deceasedsetting up the murder, and a telegram from 'Mr Thomas' from Bremen in northern Germany to Bruce Lockhart on May 24, 1945 confirming that the deed has been done:

Further to my orders we successfully intercepted H.H. last night at Lüneburg before he could be interrogated. As instructed action was taken to silence him permanently. I issued orders that my presence at Lüneburg is not to be recorded in any fashion and we may conclude the H.H. problem is ended.

A copy was sent to Winston Churchill himself the next day.

The other letter is from file HS8/944 (SOE records), a letter from Churchill's crony, Brendan Bracken, to Lord Selborne stressing the importance of having "eradicated" Himmler before he could speak with "the Americans".

Who actually carried out the hit? Steven Kippax writes later: "I will let you know when I dig up more info on Thomas or Ingrams and I will also check some of the RAF SD flight logs and SOE Air Liaison Section to see if anything comes up on movements to either ME42 or the Special Forces Detachment with 21st Army Group."

The mysteriously retyped page of the war diary entry of the British Second Army headquarters, relating the "suicide", now makes sense. I reply:

"I suspect that the retyping of the second page was done to remove the name of the killer gentleman concerned. I wonder how Himmler was killed. They just handed the capsule back to him, and said: 'You know what to do now, Heini?'

"I am puzzled however because there were so many witnesses: either (a) they did not realise what they were seeing with their own eyes -- it looked to them like a suicide or (b) they were all in on it.

"(b) is unlikely. Your proposed lines of inquiry show you are a killer-researcher."

During the day I work up the entire dossier I have collected on Himmler's death and post some of the items on the website.


June 4, 2005 (Saturday)
Key West (Florida)

REAL history websites around the world are picking up the Silencing of Himmler story. From Paris, Trystan Mordrel says he will publish a report in Aventures de l'histoire, and he inquires: "Who must we credit with this discovery, yourself or Steve Kippax ?"

I reply: "Mention the Allen book (which I have not read); Steve Kippax sent me the documents, but the article is by me."

11:46 am Jessica phones from London, very proud: her name is to be in The Times this week as having won a scholarship. She sounds very pleased, and I remind her how that phone call from L. School was one of the happiest moments she and I have ever had.

I send this email to my counsel in London:

I know you have got out of the otherwise useful habit of answering emails, but this brief extract from the New York Sun (May 26) might amuse. It seems that there was yet another contributor to Lipstadt's cash fund -- her own university.

Prof. Lipstadt recently addressed participants at an American Jewish Committee celebration held in her honour.
   Ms. Lipstadt thanked Emory University not only for granting her paid leave but also, without her asking, for its president and board allocating funds to help pay her expenses in mounting her defense. She asked the audience to note how rare this kind of university support is: "cold hard cash."
   Ms. Lipstadt thanked her current editor at HarperCollins, Julia Serebrinsky, as well as her former one, Mr. Bellow. Mr. Bellow told the Sun how gratifying it was to have worked with Ms. Lipstadt. He said hers was one of a handful of books he has worked on "that have really done good in the world. Most books don't do anything."

Was there anybody in her community who was not flinging money at her to help her silence me, one sometimes wonders?


June 5, 2005 (Sunday)
Key West (Florida)

Nice email from K. in Seattle, with pictures of her children. One of them is clutching a bottle of Dasani water. I congratulate her that they are cute but "don't say I said so." I admonish:

Dasani water: not so cute. Coca-Cola erected a huge Dasani bottling plant last year in a suburb of London, Sidcup, known for its borderline population -- but how could Yanks know that? Much panoply and fuss, huge public relations effort to correct the bad stories already in the press ("Sidcup" -- sick-up, etc), VIP tour of plant, the "benefits" of Dasani, etc. Newspapers then leaked (appropriate word) that the bottled water in question, sold at huge cost (more expensive than UK gas!) was just drawn from the Sidcup water main.

"Ah," said Coca-Cola Inc / Dasani, "but we put it through the most extensive purification, with minute additives, nature's health-givers, and the rest."

City health authorities quietly tested random samples of the first Dasani bottles to go on sale: the lab tests showed that the costly bottles of super-water contained more little wriggly things and harmful impurities, including carcinogens, than the water drawn from the city's mains water supply. They condemned the bottled water!

Result: Not just embarrassment of Dasani officials, but closure of entire plant, dismissal of all workers, promises never to market the deadly Dasani water ever again in the UK. Ho-ho. Don't say I haven't told you.


click for dossier THE Himmler Story is making great waves. Emails pour in all day. People are rubbing their eyes in disbelief. The British? Did that! A surprising number can't really accept that the three documents are actually genuine.

"The Himmler documents you have put online are quite extraordinary," writes A S Marques from Portugal. "Are you really sure they are authentic? I find it very odd that they have not been destroyed. Can you give any more data concerning their release? If they were recently declassified, as you seem to be claiming, how come not a word is getting out in the media?"

I reply:

There is no question: the three documents are absolutely 100 percent authentic. (May I make plain that I do not claim the credit for providing them, that goes to Steve Kippax in London, who rushed them across the Atlantic to me; he is a first rank researcher, drilling down deep into the British archives where the light of day -- like the conformist historian -- seldom penetrates).

I agree: The chastened dead silence in the national print and broadcast media is extraordinary.

I think the revelation opens a Pandora's Box. Never before has a corner of the curtain been lifted to give such an ugly glimpse of the way that the decent, civilized, nice-guy democratic regimes really operated in WW2.

The street lamps have suddenly switched on to illuminate avenues of history that were hitherto shrouded in a benevolent darkness.

Firstly, British assassinations: Given now that we did murder Heinrich Himmler to prevent him "talking to the Americans;" and knowing too that in 1942 Churchill ordered the assassination of Colombia's (pro-British) foreign minister (to trick them into the war against Hitler); and having established that we also Edenhad a 90 percent share in the assassination of the French statesman Admiral Darlan in December 1942 (see "Churchill's War", vol. ii: "Triumph in Adversity"); and in light of the fact that in the 1950s Prime Minister Anthony Eden (right) plotted to assassinate Egyptian leader Colonel Gamel Abdul Nasser; then, what other deaths need to be revisited?

Will the July 4, 1943 death of Polish prime minister Wladyslaw Sikorski eventually be confirmed as an SOE hit after all? Will we real historians turn out to have been right all along with our suspicions about that? Oh, woe!

We recall that SOE's top gun Bickham Sweet-Escott, who wrote the first history of the SOE, Baker Street Irregular, hotly denied having been in Gibraltar on July 4, 1943, the day the plane carrying Sikorski (below left) crashed. Yet his own book reveals that he left London on July 3, and arrived in Algiers on July 5. Where was he in the interval, just "hanging around?" In a Heathrow holding-pattern? Why the obfuscation and denial?

Si8korski, Churchill

There is no denying that a name appeared in the daybook entry for July 4, 1943 of the Governor of Gibraltar, Lieutenant-General Sir Noel Mason-Macfarlane, which his own daughter read out to me as "Sweet Escott" when I found the book in the family archives in Scotland. (Swear Escort -- that was however the favored interpretation by the conformist historians!)

Second, what was Himmler's mortal secret -- one that had to be withheld from "the Americans", Churchill's own allies?

Could it really be merely that Himmler had been debating peace terms with the British? That is unlikely. The Americans had being doing precisely the same with Himmler's chief aide Karl Wolff in Northern Italy (Operation Crossword), and keeping the British informed; and Churchill's own telephone conversation with President Harry S Truman late in April 1945 (unusually, recorded verbatim) shows quite clearly that he apprised the Americans (and Stalin too) of Himmler's offer to negotiate through Sweden.

Was it perhaps a darker, deadlier, secret that was being withheld from "the Americans"? That Britain had deliberately failed to save the Jews? The Jewish leader Moshe Shertok was finally allowed in to see Churchill at No. 10 Downing Street only late in July 1944, to put to him details of the bargain his men in Budapest had been working on ever since March 1944 with Himmler's agent, Adolf Eichmann, to save the lives of Hungary's Jews by shipping them out through Spain to Palestine, with Himmler's and even Hitler's blessing; but the British had locked up the Hungarian Jewish Agency emissary Joel Brand in Egypt for months, while his country's Jews were brutally deported, and deliberately stalled those negotiations with the Nazis through the Jewish Agency until it was too late.

In fact the British government could not have cared less, and probably even welcomed the fact that Himmler and his men were keeping the Zionist pressure off Palestine.

"What do the Nazis expect us to do with a million Jews," the British diplomats are said to have remarked. Bit embarrassing if "the Americans" ever found out about that.

Yes, like Pandora's storage compartment, all options are now open. 

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