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IN SUPPORT of his application to the High Court, British attorney Anthony Julius, representing Deborah Lipstadt in the libel action brought against her by David Irving, introduced an affidavit attacking Mr Irving’s character, sworn for him by one Jonathan Gary Mozzochi, of Portland, Oregon -- a sick-bunny of the American far left. We invited pertinent comments from fpp-Website visitors by e-mail to Mr Irving and these turned up some little-known facts about Mr Julius’ gang-member pal.

Jonathan Gary Mozzochi

Date of Intelligence: May 16, 1998 (PDT); updated September 2, 13, 1998

Before he found his calling as an "Anti-Racist" activist, Jonathan Mozzochi associated with some of the lower elements of society. Becoming notorious to the police at Portland, Oregon, he moved north recently to the neighbouring Pacific state of Washington.

Personalia Jonathan Mozzochi,

  • Social Security Account Number: 545-49-0872;
  • Date of Birth: February 1, 1966.

1989 After investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Mozzochi was linked with the firebombing of a residential building at Thurman St. in North-West Portland, Oregon.

1990 on August 26, two of his close associates, Mark Newman and Tom Tegner, were convicted of felony assault on a young woman. They had beaten her with a hammer.

1991 Mozzochi was arrested in Eugene, Oregon, on theft charges and convicted of 3rd degree theft.


  • In February, Mozzochi's close associate Pan Nesbit assaulted a 16-year old boy and beat him into a coma, because of alleged ties to "neo-Nazis". The boy suffered brain-damage.
  • In May, Mozzochi organized and participated in a Coalition for Human Dignity rally in downtown Portland which turned into a riot. Mozzochi and his gang smashed windows, damaged property and assaulted police.
  • Rene Denfeld highlighted Mozzochi's role in an article entitled "Portland's Pointless..." in a small, local Portland (Oregon) newspaper PDXS, dated May 11-24, 1992.
  • A Portland police report dated May 24, 1992, cited Mozzochi as a member of the Sharp Skinhead Gang. Under pressure from an attorney, as he himself states, this unhelpful listing was later removed by the Portland Police Bureau (who still issue it however to inquirers).
  • In October, Mozzochi's Campaign for Human Dignity organized a protest against Mr. David Irving. M's associates threw rocks, bottles, and bottled human excrements at police.


  • January 1, a gang of Coalition for Human Dignity members, among them Mozzochi's close associates Pan Nesbit and Tom Tegner, shot 21-year old Eric Banks to death.
  • In this year the Campaign for Human Dignity reported an income of $38,580 from donations, $16,850 went into Mozzochi's pockets. For each forty-hour week, Mozzochi paid himself $4,429 in compensation. The Campaign for Human Dignity is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization which has been warned by the state attorney general for improper tax filings.


  • February 12, Mozzochi and Matthew Halpern took photos of those attending a private meeting in Beaverton, Oregon. Halpern pulled a gun on one attendant. Police Officer Steve Silvers arrested Halpern.
  • In October, a Coalition for Human Dignity member, Alaric B [name known to this website] 21, of Southeast Portland, was arrested after spitting into Mr. David Irving's face as Mr. Irving entered the church building before his scheduled lecture. Other Campaign for Human Dignity members intimidated and attempted to prevent people from entering.

SINCE HAVING been hired by the Anti-Defamation League to front their "Coalition for Human Dignity" in Oregon and Washington states, Mazzochi has established a murky relationship with lay priest Bill Wassmuth, a Seattle-based activist who has been involved in slandering revisionists and attempting to interfere with their First Amendment rights in the Seattle area. Wassmuth heads the fragrantly-named "Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment," a body known to enjoy ties to violent communist and Anarchist thugs who smash up meetings in the best pre-1933 Nazi style.


Mozzochi address neo-Marxist body in Germany.


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