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Posted Friday, July 23, 2004

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Auckland, New Zealand, Friday, July 23, 2004
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David Irving comments:

ONCE again the Herald has ignored a Reader's Letter sent by me yesterday, July 22, correcting misapprehensions. Here are some more observations.

It may surprise New Zealanders that Prof Bing is suddenly so well informed about individuals and events of ten or fifteen years ago in distant Europe.
   Let him deny that he has now been supplied with a smear package by his central body in New York, the Anti-Defamation League, the ADL, as predicted in our FAQ last week. Every Kiwi media outlet down to the local parish newsletter will also get the ADL dossier. Smear, and deny a chance to appear or reply: if that fails, send in the Spectres, the Apaches, and the 82nd Airborne.
   Let's get real.
   The "criminal offence" which triggered the avalanche of bans and deportations was committed when I uttered these words in 1990 in a Munich speech: "We now know that the gas chamber shown to the tourists in Auschwitz is a fabrication, built after the war." For that remark (alone) I was fined NZ$50,000, and in 1993 excluded from Germany in perpetuity.
   In 1995 the Auschwitz state museum authorities conceded that the building in question was erected in 1948.
   Free speech is not a criminal offence in New Zealand. If Dov Bing thinks that Germany somehow has the right to define what people may think and say in other countries around the world, and who may travel and who may not, may I remind him that the events of 1939-1945 put an end to that notion.
   As for the complaint that the press has not cited Judge Gray's comments, let me cite a few more here that he made -- you won't see them anywhere else, if this NZ academic has his way:

"As a military historian, Irving has much to commend him. For his works of military history Irving has undertaken thorough and painstaking research into the archives.
   He has discovered and disclosed to historians and others many documents which, but for his efforts, might have remained unnoticed for years.
   It was plain from the way in which he conducted his case and dealt with a sustained and penetrating cross-examination that his knowledge of World War 2 is unparalleled.
   His mastery of the detail of the historical documents is remarkable. He is beyond question able and intelligent.
   He was invariably quick to spot the significance of documents which he had not previously seen.
   Moreover he writes his military history in a clear and vivid style. I accept the favourable assessment by Professor Donald C Watt and Sir John Keegan of the calibre of Irving's military history."

David Irving's visit

letter I WAS asked by your reporter if David Irving had planned to visit New Zealand deliberately to make use of the passport affair. I indicated that it was clear from Mr. Irving's website that this was not the case. When asked the reasons I opposed the Irving visit, I made these points:

The Immigration Act of 1967 indicates that people who have been conducted of criminal offences or have been deported from as country will not be allowed to enter New Zealand. Mr Irving was convicted in Germany for defaming the memory of the dead (Holocaust denial) in 1990. In Germany this is a criminal offence. He was deported from Canada in November 1992 and has been refused entry into Italy, South Africa and Australia.

In April 2000 he lost a libel case against historian Deborah Lipstadt. Mr Justice Gray stated in his judgment that Mr. Irving was "anti-Semitic, racist and an active Holocaust denier and for his ideological reasons persistently and deliberately manipulated historical evidence." It would have been a more balanced article if your report had cited these statements.

Dov Bing,
president, New Zealand Jewish Association


David Irving David Irving says:

"HERE'S a thought, Dov: how long before you pull up your roots and flee to Israel along with other NZ academics who find the ground getting too hot under their feet? From what I see in the recent NZ press, there would be an almighty cheer from ordinary people if you went. Do you ever ask yourself if folks like you are to blame for all the anti-Semitism that is welling up around the world? Do you?"

letterBRAVO for the Herald supporting free speech for David Irving while denouncing his erroneous and racist views. Let him come but let us take the opportunity to correct his distortions of history. The Herald is in a unique position to do just this.

Chris Sullivan,


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