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Posted Thursday, July 22, 2004

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Even Irving has right of free speech

DAVID Irving has been in this country twice before, seeking adherents to his utterly discredited views on Hitler and the Holocaust. On both occasions the results must have disappointed him. For most he was nothing more than an oddity.

Indeed, the only people who appeared to take him seriously were those who zealously opposed his very appearance here -- The likes of the students who succeeded in having a lecture by him at Auckland University called off.
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David Irving comments:

IT MIGHT seem to be an impertinence for me to write an editorial on an Editorial, but this one wishes to have it both ways -- to appear brave and liberal, while giving the victim a flying kick or two in the goolies to satisfy the lower breeds of his readership.
   This is a fight for free speech, gentlemen, not Rugby football. You can't come down squarely on the fence from an Olympian height, and preserve your dignity.
   It would have been more courageous if the New Zealand Herald had published my letter commenting on the attempted ban; or those of the many other Kiwis who have written to me in the last few days, protesting that the newspaper has suppressed their letters too.
   As for the newspaper's views on my worth: I wonder if Professor Dov Bing, or the editor for that matter, has ever read a book I wrote? Or the glowing reviews that accompanied the publication of each one, until the word got out that I had upset certain, ahem, folks -- lets call them the Oligarchs for the time being.
   In citing Mr Justice Gray's opinions and judgment, it might have been pertinent for the editor to recall that I was fighting single-handed in that London courtroom, impove- rished and outnumbered forty to one by the clever lawyers, counsel, barristers, historians, solicitors, assistants and PhD students hired for the Defence by the Oligarchs, who poured some Six Million Pounds into the historic battle (which has already been the subject of six books and two TV dramas).
   If the truth of their defence was self evident, it would not have needed that kind of money, or a three-month court battle, to establish it.
   As for the Defence's allegation that I am racist, which not even Deborah Lipstadt's book had claimed, I (wholly improperly) drew attention to the fact that in recent years I have myself hired a dozen personal assistants from the Third World and never regretted it, while the bewigged White Anglo-Saxon Counsel defending her in that courtroom month after month, and his entire staff of forty, were all a perfect white -- as was the face of His Lordship as he angrily squelched that observation.
   Had Lipstadt taken the witness stand, I would have felt obliged to cross-examine her on her own racist beliefs too. But like many a malfeasor before her, she "took The Fifth" and avoided testifying.

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Rest deleted

WE regret to say that the online staff of the New Zealand Herald have required us on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 to remove the remainder of this article from the website. It may be that they themselves had come under pressure. We consider their attitude to be at variance with the spirit of the Internet, but have little choice in the matter.

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Dossier: attempts by New Zealand Jews to stop David Irving's 2004 visit

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