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The Berghof of Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler


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  WATCH THIS WEBSITE FOR DETAILS OF AN AMAZING UNKNOWN ADOLF HITLER / BERGHOF COLLECTION HIDDEN AWAY IN LONDON - VIEWED BY MR IRVING OVER THE WEEKEND. Just a taste: The Berghof copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf weighs forty pounds and could stop a London bus -----------

Eva BraunThe foundation stone of the Berghof, hidden in London

Eva Braun photos and postcards


on this website

Erster Atombunker oder unterirdisches Archiv: Neue Funde in Hitlers Obersalzberg
Nazis' Alpine retreat to be converted into luxury hotel
The Berghof. Hitler's Mountain home, in the Bavarian Alps, profiled by Homes & Gardens, Nov 1938
For sale: Hitler's Berlin bunker (June 2001) | Jewish Claims Conference may get Hitler bunker
 Excellent photographs of Hitler's Obersalzberg home and headquarters the Berghof from start to finish 
Jason Bulkeley has acquired valuable relics of Adolf Hitler's uncomplicated long time friend, and ultimately wife, Eva Braun | and more


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