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Images from pre-War Nazi Germany

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A unique negative collection of Third Reich pre-war images:
The 1935 Nuremberg Party Rally, the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and seven informal images of the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and its commander Sepp Dietrich.

sold Purchase price US $ 750 plus shipping. Prints of individual images can be supplied for $30 plus shipping. High resolution scans of these images (10 MB to 150 MB) are available. Please assist us with identification of lesser personalities and locations portrayed:


All the negative strips are originals, and preserved in negative-album sheaths. The negatives show:-

1. 36 original 35mm negatives and some paper prints thereof: Berlin Olympics 1936 - crowds, runners, Japanese spectators, general scene (7 scanned); no notables.

2. 36 original 35mm negatives and some paper prints thereof: Workers' cheerful prewar outing in Mercedes omnibuses provided among others by firms "Christian Weber München" and "Franz Xaver"; dancing in a pub; no uniforms, all plain clothes (none scanned).

3. 36 original 35mm negatives and some paper prints thereof: "Parteitag 1935" - underexposed, grainy images of a Party dinner, officials and wives, Nazi flags, some uniforms, no notable personalities (6 scanned).

4. 36 original 35mm negatives and some paper prints thereof: "Parteitag ?1935" Parade in Nuremberg, Hitler takes the salute, Hess, Himmler, Leibstandarte, bank, veterans in wheelchairs, crowds; some blurry, some with camera-shake (all scanned).

5. 36 original 35mm negatives and some paper prints thereof: "Parteitag ?1935": SA men, Party officials,a Gebirgsjäger officer, onlookers in uniform including Japanese officers and naval officers, Göring, SS officer, Hess, Hitler, Fegelein and other notables (all scanned).

6. Seven large (6x9cm) negatives and paper prints thereof depicting a platoon of German SS soldiers loosely on a parade ground, close to a building, and their SS Lieutenant in his office with wall-maps of Africa (new), and Germany, and an officer reporting to him with one button undone or missing; all men are wearing "Adolf Hitler" cuff titles (all scanned).



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