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Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2004

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Quadriplegics, epileptics and incontinents on all continents -- watch out. Guard your credit cards!

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From jail to the executive suite

A suspected Mossad spy who had been jailed for passport fraud in New Zealand became a credit-card executive.

Israel's VISA CAL company told Yediot Achronot on Wednesday that it had made agentsEli Cara its deputy general manager, two months after he completed a three-month prison term in Auckland for trying to obtain a passport by assuming the identity of a bedridden New Zealander. The company had no comment on Wellington's allegations that Cara and two Israeli accomplices were Mossad agents."


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Our dossier on the Mossad
Secrecy surrounds two Mossad agents when they reappear in Auckland court on NZ passport forgery charges | Police fear al Qaeda terrorists using NZ passports following arrest of 2 men in Thailand and seizure of fake NZ passports | The two Mossad agents charged with NZ passport offences photographed in Auckland reporting to police as part of bail conditions |   Two men believed by senior Government figures to be Israeli secret service agents have been arrested in Auckland trying to obtain a false New Zealand passport | One Mossad agent entered NZ on a fake Canadian passport | Mossad sending hostile New Zealand Message Via Asian-Based organisations after arrest of two agents | NZ government keeps up expensive surveillance of two Israeli agents | New Zealand jails two Mossad spies, prime minister Helen Clark (right) punishes Israel | Jewish pain in NZ, Australia | outrage at immediate mystery attack on Jewish gravestones in NZ | Govt fury at claims of bias from NZ Jewish Council | Israel's Knesset urged to probe bungled Mossad operation | Suspicions voiced that New Zealand Jews smashed up their own cemetery | Kiwi caper is worst of many Mossad blunders | Jailed gang leaders defer to Israelis jailed by NZ | Israeli autopsy on bungled Mossad operations in NZ: graves desecration was unplanned | NZ Foreign Minister Phil Goff likely to face Israel at UN debate | Uh-oh Jewish spies leave NZ after serving half their prison term; but their $100,000 donation to Cerebral Palsy Society (ordered by court) has not yet been paid | At home with the family of NZ Mossad agent Ze'ev Barkan

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