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Posted Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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Wellington, NZ, Wednesday, July 21, 2004

agentsThe Israelis pleaded guilty but denied
they were Mossad agents


Mossad active in NZ

I'VE NOT known anyone in New  Zealand to be rabidly anti-Semitic Maybe I have led a sheltered life. The New Zealand Jewish population is so small that most Kiwis can probably go from cradle to grave without meeting a Jewish New Zealander face to face, never mind find a reason to hate them and bash up their graves.

As an avid follower of the news, I am aware of the Israeli Government's ongoing efforts overseas to equate even minor criticisms of its policies and actions with "anti-Semitism"

In light of the passport affair, we now know Mossad is active in New Zealand. I do not, therefore, think that it is beyond the pale to speculate as to who stood to gain from the desecration of the Jewish graves in Wellington the very day after our prime minister disapproved of illegal actions by people believed to be Israeli agents.

An organisation like Mossad, known for dirty tricks, kidnappings and murders, would no doubt have few qualms about damaging some tombstones if they thought it would be in the service of Israel's interest to do so ... and equate our Govern-ment's stance on the Israeli agent passport issue with a virulent antisemitism virtually unknown here.

Steve Withers
Foxton [New Zealand]


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