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Posted Thursday, October 21, 2004

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The Star

Johannesburg, South Africa, October 21, 2004


Holocaust-denier is denied entry

Wellington - THE New Zealand government yesterday confirmed it would not allow British historian David Irving, infamous for denying that the Holocaust occurred, to enter the country.

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David Irving comments:

A GREAT example of how the international press, with just a little help from our friends, can get things wrong.
   It again shows the New Zealand regime's bad faith, in law: mala fides: insisting that I must make an application, but deciding it already without considering its merits, even before it is lodged.
   The remark about community relations is also revealing. My last two visits to NZ caused no harm to such relations whatever. The harm to relations is being caused by the activities of the tiny NZ minority, less than one-tenth of one percent of the country's population, which is once again dictating terms to Helen Clark. What is the hold they have over her? Silly me, I forgot.

Note to the lying statement: "Irving . . . was deported from a fellow Commonwealth country, Canada, in November 1992, after refusing to leave the country when directed."
   This is a travesty.
(a) I did leave Canada on 0ctober 29/30, 1992, before the date agreed (November 1) as our witnesses and official records proved; and I then returned lawfully (b) when I nevertheless again attempted to leave Canada two hours before the due hour, midnight on November 1/2, 1992, the Canadian immigration officials asked the US to return me to the Canadian end of the bridge on a pretext, and thus claimed that technically I had not left.
   That is how these traditional enemies of historical truth operate: friends in high places; a lot of money, as witness the Six Million Dollar Smear (the Lipstadt Trial); fake passports; assassinations; camouflage attacks on their own graveyards to whip up sympathy and rage; and a worldwide network of accomplices, ready to act at the drop of a hat -- and then to drop hats and everything else, and to flee mit Sack und Pack to "that sh*tty little country in the Middle East" when the host country gets too hot for them (like David Zwartz's buddy Peter Resnick, in the appalling passports case).

Irving, stopped from boarding a flight to Auckland from Los Angeles last month, was reported as threatening legal action to overturn the ban, which prevents him from accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement in Wellington.

New Zealand laws deny Irving the six-month visa granted to most British people because he was deported from a fellow Commonwealth country, Canada, in November 1992, after refusing to leave the country when directed.

Helen Clark

He could be given a special dispensation to enter New Zealand, but a spokesperson for Prime Minister Helen Clark (above) said it would not be granted. Clark said last month there would be no exception for "someone whose views are damaging good relationships in the community" and the spokesperson said the government's position had not changed.

Irving's plan to visit New Zealand caused an outcry in July [2004] when Jewish graves were desecrated in two Wellington cemeteries, prompting the parliament to pass a resolution deploring anti-Semitism and all forms of racism.

The graveyard attacks followed the jailing of two suspected Israeli secret service spies in Auckland for trying to obtain false New Zealand passports.

Irving has also been refused entry to Germany and Australia. - Sapa-DPA


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