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WARNINGS: The "Gregory Douglas" website is loaded with web-bugs which track all visitors and place programming on your computer (JavaScript and Active X programs). Web-bugs are minute one-pixel image files which in his case link to the Monte Sano media web site; the bugs allow the user to be identified and tracked even if he has "cookies" disabled. It's best to have a firewall in place if you visit the site and to clear your browser cache after you are done.
The other "Gregory Douglas" website at: will leave a cookie on your website - which will also allow visitors to be tracked.
If you attempt to view [a URL which now appears to be defunct: Thursday, July 7, 2005] with Java / Active X disabled you are not able to do so and will receive an "authentication error" -- meaning that information about visitors to his web site is being compiled - these can be routine traffic statistics or more and is often done with shopping and business-related web sites; but we don't trust anything "Douglas" is involved with.
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