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Website note: Abraham Foxman, wealthy and controversial chief of the Anti Defamation League, likes to refer to himself as a "Holocaust survivor." As a biography on this website shows, he was not even born when Hitler invaded his native Poland, and he was looked after by Polish Catholics throughout the war; his parents also "survived".

Author, "Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism," foreword by Elie Wiesel ($24.95, 304 pages).

... on Abraham Foxman

The boss of crusade against anti-semitism confesses to press that his organisation took huge bribe to influence US President to pardon billionaire Jewish fraudster | -- says "The guy who gives you $100 doesn't get as much attention as the guy who gives you $10,000" | -- admits ADL took Marc Rich's $100G before pushing pardon: sees "no connection" | ADL's Foxman grovels, March, 2001 |--New York Daily News assails ADL, "Jewish Leaders' Unpardonable Role" in Jan. 2001 Marc Rich corruption scandal | Elie Wiesel denies he Threw Weight into Campaign to Secure Pardon for Mega-Fraudster Rich (but he did) | Marc Rich Linked To $9 Billion Russian Jewish mafia Money Laundering Investigation | Walter Reich and Charles Krauthammer on Bill Clinton's pardoning of tax-fraudster Marc Rich

ADL Press Release

Friday, December 12, 2003

Contact: Myrna Shinbaum, 212-885-7747, Todd Gutnick, 212-885-7755, [Website note: previous release also listed Peter Hoffman, 212-885-7715, but this one does not] all of the Anti-Defamation League

ADL Praises Microsoft for Efforts to Remove Nazi Symbols from Office Software

THE Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today praised Microsoft Corp. for its detection and removal of two Nazi symbols inadvertently included in Microsoft Office System applications.

David Irving comments:

YES, the ADL is also to be praised for its unremitting effort to monitor, police, and improve the English language too.
   The Foxcubs have campaigned valiantly to have the word jewfish removed from the vocabulary (and have badgered the US Corps of Engineers to have Jewfish Creek in the Florida Keys renamed); they succeeded in having the verb "to jew" removed from the main dictionaries of the day. (It meant to deceive or cheat, as in: "Marc Rich jewed American taxpayers out of a billion bucks" -- but bribed the ADL to put in a kind word for him with Bill Clinton). And there have been other heroic semantic exploits.
   Who can forget the ADL's last foray into the underworld that is the Microsoft corporation? For that matter who knew about it either? Here it is: Users were complaining about nine years ago that their computer spellcheckers did not recognize the word "Jew" at all, and offered "gas" as an alternative. (Peinlich, aber wahr. I.e., this is a true story).

Fish News: Outrage as Washington is asked to rename Jewfish Creek in Florida Keys, waterway is called Anti-Semitic

Dan McGuire tells us that the Jewfish and Squawfish are of poor taste

Immediately after identifying the problem, Microsoft apologized for the oversight and assured ADL that the company is taking actions to remove the offensive symbols, including making available to Microsoft users a utility that will remove the images from versions of the product that have already been sold to consumers.

"We welcome Microsoft's efforts deal with this issue in a forthright and responsible manner," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "Once the problem had been identified, Microsoft notified us immediately and apologized. We appreciate their sensitivity to our concern about the potentially offensive nature of Nazi symbols. We are working closely with Microsoft to resolve this issue and to ensure that the public is not misinformed about this mistake, which was unintentional on the part of the company."

In a letter to ADL, Microsoft notified the League of the presence of two Nazi symbols in the Bookshelf 7 Font in new Microsoft Office System applications, indicating that their inclusion was inadvertent. "We regret the inclusion of these symbols in the product and want to apologize for any offense this action may have caused," the company said.

Microsoft plans to take a series of steps to remedy the problem, including the release this week of a downloadable utility to remove the symbols from the font, and the release of a patch to the product in January that will remove the offensive symbols.

The company is also planning to re-release the affected Office System products with a revised font that does not include the symbols. ADL has previously worked with Microsoft to dispel myths about the Windows operating system, including unfounded speculation, dating to 1992, that the Wingdings character font contains hidden anti-Semitic messages and codes.

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