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Supporters of Deborah Lipstadt harass Mr Irving as he enters the appeal court for the hearing in June 2001 (Photo: The Guardian)

David Irving vs Penguin Books & Lipstadt

The draft document book

is now available as a Free Download (fully illustrated .pdf)
In June 2001 David Irving went to the Court of Appeal against Gray J's perverse Judgment in the libel action. First he had to ask the court's permission to appeal, as Gray J had refused permission.
   For the first months of 2001 Mr Irving prepared a document book which would assist counsel and the new solicitors, Amhurst, Brown, Colombotti, in the event that the appeal was allowed (it was not). The document book was never finished, but it goes some way toward answering the allegation raised by Penguin's defence team and their highly paid experts that Mr Irving had distorted or manipulated historical evidence.

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