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On May 10, 1941 Rudolf Hess made his brave solo flight from Ausburg to Scotland, on a doomed peace-mission, in a specially adapted Me 110 fighter plane, and parachuted out near the estate of the Duke of Hamilton. He was held as a prisoner by the British secret service MI6 in a house in southern England, then in Wales until November 1945.

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Deputy Führer
David Irving: Hess: The Missing Years (free download)
  Did Duke of Hamilton have a secret meeting with Hess before the one recorded in the archives?
  British attempts to free Hess from Spandau were thwarted by Russians
  Sept 2007: documents reveal Moscow allegedly blocked plans to free Rudolf Hess | persecuted Hess 'because he plotted against them'
  Alfred Hess writes to his brother Rudolf, Feb 12, 1942
  Die Welt, Germany's biggest newspaper, asked David Irving, praised as an "expert on the Third Reich," to write his obituary
  In Dec 1955 Karl Heinz Pintsch, Hess's adjutant, said that the flight was "Hitler's unspoken wish"HESS book
 28 page account in Russian archives by Pintsch, Rudolf Hess's adjutant, in 1948 suggests that Hitler was behind the 1941 peace mission | Der Spiegel: Wusste Hitler? Germany's conformist historians doubt it - no surprises there
The latest edition of our Rudolf Hess biography (right) has exclusively the Gestapo interrogation of this adjutant, which already revealed this fact in 1941
Our dossier on Hitler
 The secret Rudolf Hess files hoarded by his widow, listed by David Irving in 1990
Download Mr Irving's inventory of these files, and excerpts from them - mostly in German (pdf 400k)
  David Irving: a Radical's Diary, 1990: searching the secret files of Rudolf Hess
  BAOR Royal Military POlice investigation report on the death of Rudolf Hess in 1987, heavily redacted by the authorities (6MB, pdf)
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