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posted Saturday, June 11, 2005

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NOTE: About the authenticity of these new Himmler Documents

John Ball, of Canada, has a pertinent question about how Himmler died, Saturday, June 11, 2005 .


How did Himmler actually die?

Himmler, deceasedDO you think that Heinrich Himmler may have died from a lethal dose of an injected poison from the physician contacted by Colonel Michael Murphy and taken to the "house I had had prepared for such men as Himmler"?

John Ball



Index to documents on the murder of Heinrich Himmler
General Dempsey, commanding British Second Army, war diary Apr 30-May 23, 1945: Extracts concerning Heinrich Himmler, Public Record Office, WO.285/12
The retyped diary pages of Second Army Defence Company (Major Norman Whittaker)
David Irving's discovery that they had been tampered with
Thomas Blenk recalls that the British used (illegal) bio-weapon devised by Paul Fildes to kill Reinhard Heydrich (letter in German)

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David IrvingDavid Irving replies:

IT is an intriguing question. There were up to ten men in that room at the moment of Himmler's death, all most suspiciously listed by name, full rank, and initials, in the Second Army's report. It has been retyped . That looks to me like stage-setting: they were the unwilling witnesses of something they did not know they were actually witnessing -- a high-level murder. Very clever.

How many officers, if any, were actually privy to the plot in that house? A key question.

The actual killing method needs some common-sense examination. Note that the autopsy report omits the cause of death. Can we really believe that a doctor -- fake or otherwise -- would take the risk of pushing a fragile glass phial of cyanide into a Nazi's mouth? It was big, and Himmler would have seen it coming a second or two ahead of the insertion. You don't fool around with potassium cyanide. Suppose Himmler had spat it out into the "doctor's" face, held only inches away for the "mouth examination". But a syringe? Unlikely, the witnesses would have seen it.

Perhaps we need more information on the killing methods available to the British Special Forces in May 1945: exotic poisons, nerve gases, and the like.

I have today posted the war diary of the British Second Army commander (General Dempsey) covering the period. Note the visits to Westertimke (where Himmler and his adjutants were identified) and Bremervörde (where he was captured).

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