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Documents on the Liquidation of Heinrich Himmler

The three-page War Diary, Second Army Defence Company, BAOR, for May 1945

It covers the arrest and "suicide" of Himmler, Prützmann and other top Nazis (PRO file WO.171/3969). (It has been tampered with.)

Unlike the rest of the 1945 months, which are ribbon-copies, the three pages for May 1945 are carbon copies, and have always been filed in this folder the wrong way round (with foot of page toward spine); as the other corner is not hole-punched, the anomaly occurred while the folder was still in War Office custody, before its transfer to the PRO.

The whole second page, above, covering Himmler's arrest and death, has been retyped on the same typewriter as the other pages but by a different, less practiced typist, as evidenced by various clues: the typist of page 2 uses the figure 1 instead of l (el) in numbers, puts no full-stop after initials, capitalizes the unit name, and incorrectly writes 'HIMMLER'S' on page 2 instead of 'HIMMLER's' as, correctly, on page 3, and does not striking out the second and third lines of the printed title ('or INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY') at the head of page 2. So page 2 was removed and retyped.

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